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Best Door Designs For Your Anaheim Hills, CA Home

Not all of Anaheim is Disneyland. To the east is the beautiful, planned residential community of Anaheim Hills. Here, you’ll find a lush golf club, terrific schools, and plenty of hiking trails within the Cleveland National Forest or Santa Ana Foothills. This is a wonderful place for anyone to make their home, which is why many of our entry door customers hail from Anaheim Hills.

When you want to design your home to look like you, your choice in front door is a big part of that. At Today’s Entry Doors, we have a number of different door styles so you can choose the right door for you. Here are some of our favorite door styles for Anaheim Hills homes. 

Contemporary Entry Doors in Anaheim Hills

Southern Californians are expressive and artistic. They like color and flair. That’s why contemporary doors tend to suit Anaheim Hills homes so much. These doors don’t look like every other front door you might find. These are front doors that dare with bold colors, sleek styles, and light designs rather than bulky. These doors often had wide glass panels and mid-century modern designs that stand apart from the crowd…just as you might want your Anaheim Hills door to do.

Doors With Sidelights in Anaheim Hills

Like much of California, Anaheim Hills is known for its sunny summers. Why not let some of that beautiful sunshine into your entryway? Sidelights are a versatile option because any style of doors can have sidelights.They are vertical glass panels that span the height of the door. Some sidelights can be opened while some are fixed and designed only to let light in. Regardless, they look great with any Anaheim Hills door and are quickly growing in popularity.

Dutch Doors in Anaheim Hills

Dutch doors are a quirky option that’s excellent for Anaheim Hills homeowners. These doors are characterized by a horizontal split in the center of the door which allows for two movable door panels. It’s a unique look that can also be practical if you have pets or small children. On a nice, breezy day, open the top half of the door to let in some fresh air while the bottom half of the door stays closed to keep your family safely inside…and any pests outside. On the other hand, opening the bottom half of the door can serve as a doggie door so that your dog can come and go from their backyard space on a nice day.

Rustic Doors in Anaheim Hills

Anaheim Hills isn’t all fresh and modern. It also has a history, along with the rest of Anaheim, going back to the 19th century. You might want to draw inspiration on that Spanish history with a rustic entry door. These doors keep a woodgrain appearance (that’s quite convincing on their durable fiberglass surface) with a natural wood stain, often with large iron pieces such as wrought iron window designs or wrought iron nails hammered into the wood panels. These doors have a classic, natural style that is hard not to fall in love with…and might just be the perfect choice for your Anaheim Hills home.

Side Entry Doors in Anaheim Hills

We don’t just offer front doors to Anaheim Hills. The outdoors are beautiful here, and you may want to experience them from multiple angles. A side entry door can offer great access to an herb garden or flower bed, a side patio. It also makes your home more convenient the more entry doors you have. And since we apply the same level of quality, durability, and security to each door we sell and install, you aren’t losing out on any privacy or security.

Fiberglass Doors in Anaheim Hills

Whatever style of entry door you choose, make sure that you choose fiberglass for the door material. Fiberglass doors have all the durability and security of steel doors combined with the classic beauty of wood doors. That means they can look and even feel like real wood, while resisting rot, warping, and swelling. They’re solid and durable, resisting impact and possible home intruders, but they hold paint more resiliently than steel doors. These are truly the best of the best in the industry, especially premium fiberglass doors from brands like JELD-WEN, Therma-Tru, or Masonite.

Today’s Entry Doors is committed to offering premium fiberglass doors throughout Anaheim Hills and beyond. We offer entry doors in a number of styles, including all of the styles listed above; and we install every door we sell. Interested in ordering a fiberglass entry door for your own Anaheim Hills home? Contact us today to learn more or to get started with a free door estimate.

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The Cost Of A Custom Dutch Door In Orange County (2022)

Welcome Orange County, CA homeowners! Are you in search of a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, custom dutch entry door for your special entryway?

We’re Today’s Entry Doors — with over thirty years of direct industry experience.

We’re basically the ONLY game in town….if you’re the type to settle for nothing less than a full-service custom dutch door and professional installation.

The one downside is, well, we ONLY service Orange County directly and immediately surrounding areas.

That said, you’re here to learn about costs.

Let’s look at the basics and where the numbers sit right now in late 2021. Of course, these are subject to change over time, but it’s a starting point.

  • Standard Dutch Door $6,000-$9,000: For what we’ll call a standard-size dutch door that includes everything: install, the replacement door unit, the frame, the threshold elements like trim and molding, casing, and hardware, plus the factory finish and design options.
  • Standard W/O Glass $6,000-$8,000: Without glass options, you can trim the price down a bit, especially when you look at the costs of complex, artistic textured glass.
  • Standard With Glass $7,000-$9,000: Once you begin adding different glass options and packages to a dutch door and frame, costs rise. It’s the same with most any door style.
  • Premium Dutch Doors $9,000+: If we start talking about double dutch or premium manufacturer options, the prices continue scaling upwards as the overall value does.

Are There Cheaper Options?

Sure. You could just order any cookie-cutter dutch door unit from any number of big-box home improvement stores or online marketplaces, then try and DIY the project (NOT recommended).

Keep in mind our prices are for the whole experience of measuring your entryway, custom designing a High-Quality Dutch Door with you, having it built by one of our select manufacturers, and then professionally installing it with absolute precision. Afterward, we’re basically your entry door partner for as long as you live in the home.

Let’s Look At Some Examples!

Absolutely. If you head on over to our Entry Door Galleries, you’ll see plenty of dutch doors we’ve installed across Orange County, CA. They’re quite popular for various reasons, but arguably above all because of their functionality and style.

Here’s a great example to start with.

That’s a custom model from Jeld-Wen’s Aurora line. Not only is something of this caliber warrantied for life, but it’s also designed to be super-heavy like an actual solid wooden door would be. It’s hard to tell the difference between the thicker and stronger skin or shell and the more dense insulation foam inside (they even sound like wooden doors).

Then just look at those sidelites and all the spectacular glass.

What an open and welcoming doorway, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s another.

Looks thick and sturdy, like solid oak. What you have in that image is a Jeld-Wen Aurora Estate Half Dutch Door with operable sidelites; Knotty Alder grain, factory-stained caramel. And it’s hard to see, but they went with rain glass because it offers more privacy for their Mission Viejo, CA home.

And one more example of a single dutch door, just for good measure.

How bright! That’s another Jeld-Wen. You’ve got two 12’’ 5-lite sidelites and a 9-lite top half with low-E glass. It’s mahogany grain skin, factory-painted Swiss Coffee. Pretty neat.

A simple example of a double dutch door would be something like this.

That one is from Masonite, with two 6-lite top halves and smooth skin; factory-painted blue. We installed that for a family in Yorba Linda, CA.

Wrapping Up: Call Anytime & Let’s Chat Dutch Doors

The numbers we’ve stated are likely to have changed by the time you’re reading this. The best bet is simply to Give Today’s Entry Doors A Call. Our customer service team is extremely friendly, and they’re absolute entry door scientists who can help you get a grip on pricing within minutes.

They’ll be happy to walk you through the basic choices and schedule you for a visit from our mobile showroom if that interests you. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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