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Entry Or Exterior Door Dimensions Orange County
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What are the typical exterior door dimensions?

The Typical Exterior Door Dimensions In Orange County, CA

Hi there, are you gearing up to get a new exterior door for your Orange County, CA home?

Getting familiar with some of the basics, like typical sizes and dimensions?


When you invest in a high-quality, custom entry door, there are many important considerations and factors.

Style, for one. Coloring. Glass. In-swing or out. And so on. And once all these different options are made, you need to know the dimensions of your current doorway and potentially the bigger, bolder doorway you’re expanding into.

You need to start measuring!

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we send our popular Mobile Showroom to your home and take absolutely perfect measurements. With these and your choices, we guarantee a picture-perfect, magazine-quality match.

Let’s talk about standard sizes.

Here are the links to four pages on our site that help people look at typical exterior door dimensions. On each page is an assortment of images of real doors from our installation galleries.

These are impressive. Do you recall the last time you walked up to a home with a pair of 8-feet-tall, 30-inch double doors?

They make you say, “Wow!”

That particular double entry door is an antiqued 60’’ x 80’’ Jeld-Wen fiberglass model with a Knotty Alder grain; factory-stained Cashmere. The hardware you see is rubbed-oil bronze from Erntek Wilmington.

We installed that entry door for a nice family in Anaheim Hills.

These are very common across the Orange County, CA area. We know because we’ve got 30 solid years of experience working here with folks just like you.

This is a beautiful Therma-Tru Classic Craft 36’’ x 80’’ fiberglass front door with a mahogany grain; factory-stained Cherry. The glass is Lucerna with black nickel caming and then there’s the oil-rubbed bronze hardware.

These are also quite common in our area of the country, because of how well they mesh with the types of homes folks appreciate here. Just look at what can be done in terms of functionality.

This is a custom 42’’ x 80’’ Jeld-Wen Aurora Estate fiberglass half door, with operable sidelites and Rain glass. Again you’ve got the stoic Knotty Alder grain; factory-stained Caramel.

We installed this in Mission Viejo.

Honestly, these tall doors have become more and more popular in Orange County as time goes on. The only reason we can think of that’s making them so popular is none other than how impressive they are. And how stout as well!

Talk about strong frames in combination with modern fiberglass and strong security measures!

How cool is this door? How awesome is that doggy door?

It’s a 96’’ fiberglass Dutch Door with smooth skin and clear glass; factory-painted white. We installed this for a lovely family in Newport Beach.

Need a front or exterior door with truly unique or ultra-rare measurements in the Orange County, CA area? We’re the company to call!

No, really. We’re the only ones we know of who can get something custom of this caliber done.

Don’t let the picture fool you; these are huge doors! Not only are they 9 x 7, but the coloring is 100% custom as well. It’s a Jeld-Wen we installed for a really nice family in San Clemente.

Wrapping Up

Are you interested in learning more beyond the typical exterior door dimensions? Contact Today’s Entry Doors, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

We know everything there is to know about upgrading the entryway of your Orange County, CA home. And we’ll be happy to schedule a visit from our Mobile Showroom. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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How To Accurately Measure A Door

Get the Size of Your Front Door Just Right By Learning How to Accurately Measure a Door

Whenever you order a new door, you’ll be asked to provide the door company accurate measurements so they can get the size of the new door and frame right for your home. At Today’s Entry Doors, we replace the entire door system, so you don’t have to worry about fitting the frame to the door, but you will need to get the measurements right for the entry space as a whole. This is precise work, but fortunately we’re experts when it comes to door sizing. We can help with this step-by-step guide for how to measure a door accurately.

Step One: Measure the Width of the Door

Start by measuring the width of the door in three places: top, middle, and bottom. The widest measurement taken is typically in the middle and will count as the width of the door. Don’t worry about measuring the frame in this or any other steps. Once you’ve sent us the measurements for the door, we’ll fit the frame to it based on that.

Step Two: Measure the Height of the Door

Next, you’ll want to measure the height of the door. Measure on both sides for full accuracy. This will allow you to double check your work as well as get the full sense of the door before you send those dimensions to the door company.

Step Three: Measure the Depth of the Door

Finally, you want to get a sense of how thick the door is. Measure the edge of the door depthwise in order to get a sense of how thick your door is.

Step Four: Look at Standard Door Sizes

Once you have your measurements, compare them to standard US door sizes. It should be a fitting match. The most common front door size in the US is 36 inches wide, 80 inches tall and 1 3/4 inches thick. However, some doors can be 84” or even 96” tall, so it really depends on the size of your door frame. Make sure the size you order matches before you order the door.

Step Five: Double Check Before Installation

Again, the size of your door should be precise. You don’t want to damage the door or door frame by trying to fit an ill-fitted door onto your home. Make sure you measure your door again before it’s installed to make sure it’s exactly what the measurement advertised. It might be worth it to double-check your measurements of your door frame, as well, before the installation begins.

Step Six: Count on a Professional

Because every little detail matters when it comes to replacement door installations and measurements, it can be easy to get one of the details a little bit off and to pay dearly for it. Door installation itself can also be a more careful, more time-consuming process than you might expect. That’s why for many homeowners, it’s better to leave the measurements and door installation to a professional. Even if you feel confident in your ability to install your new front door, a professional will save you the effort so you can relax and simply enjoy your new front door.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we’re experts when it comes to premium fiberglass doors. We take care with every measurement, lock, jamb, and hinge. The best news is we install every door we sell, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. Are you interested in one of our fiberglass entry doors, whether front, back, or side doors? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today to learn more or to get started by scheduling a free entry door consultation. Also, check back to our blog for more information about door choice and installation.

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Glass Exterior Doors: Are They Safe?

Glass Exterior Doors Make a Stunning Statement — But Are They Safe?

Whether you’re going for a classic or contemporary look, glass exterior doors are a beautiful addition to your home. They make your front door stand out, and your curb appeal shine. From the inside, they allow the entryway to be flooded with natural light. They’re certain to be a boon from an aesthetic perspective, but the nature of the glass surface does present an important concern for many homeowners: that of safety. How safe are these glass exterior doors, and is there a way to make them safer? In today’s blog, let’s discuss everything you need to know about glass exterior doors.
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Pros And Cons Of Glass Exterior Doors

Is a glass exterior door the right choice for your home? With so many different styles, you’re certain to find something that suits your home’s design, but glass doors might not be for everyone. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you make your choice:


  • Optimized sunlight through the entryway, an otherwise often dimly lit space.
  • Lower maintenance — it doesn’t require painting or staining.
  • Comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any home.
  • Boosts your curb appeal and makes your home feel more open and airy.
  • Offers more extended views of your outdoors.


  • Not as private as solid doors.
  • Less energy-efficient than a solid fiberglass door.
  • Can potentially be less safe than solid doors.

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Types Of Glass Exterior Doors

Tempered glass must be used when it comes to glass exterior doors. Tempered glass has been treated in order to be up to five times stronger than average glass. It also shatters into smaller squares rather than sharp jagged edges. With that said, there are several different types of glass exterior doors or entry doors that can use glass. This includes:

French Doors

French doors have the most open and airy feeling when it comes to glass exterior doors. These are often double doors with panes of glass that take up most of the door. These doors may have grids to break up the glass or may remain open. When these are front doors, they often have glass that is fogged, frosted, or designed in such a way that it is less transparent. This way, you can enjoy the light without sacrificing so much privacy.

Wrought Iron Doors

This is less to do with the glass itself and more to do with the decor that surrounds the glass. In this case, you’ll find a door that has glass — whether it be a small portion or most of the door. A wrought iron design runs across the glass, which adds style and fortification to the glass.

Doors With Windows

In some cases, the glass will not span the majority of the door but rather a small section towards the top. Some doors will have windows of sorts. These are typically fixed windows with frosted, decorative glass or even stained glass. They come in all shapes and sizes but are typically installed some distance from the handle and lock.

Doors With Sidelights

Sometimes glass is a part of the overall entrance, but not necessarily a part of the door itself. Sidelights are long vertical panels that span the height of the door and allow light into the entryway without actually compromising your privacy.

Glass Exterior Doors And Safety

So now, of course, the question is: are glass doors safe? While it can vary depending on the way the doors are manufactured, glass exterior doors tend to be safer than one might think.

For one thing, tempered glass is — as stated above — considerably stronger than standard glass. It also doesn’t shatter the same way and is often tested for impact resistance before it is released as a glass exterior door. Glass panes built within doors are also sometimes fortified by grids or wrought iron or even the fiberglass of the door material itself.

In terms of privacy, frosted or decorative glass can help. This glass is often not as transparent as other types of glass. It lets in light, but not necessarily any clear view of what’s on the other side. Of course, this also limits your view of the outdoors, but it can help to keep the privacy you love while still having a glass exterior door.

Glass doors are already popular when it comes to patio doors, which often run along a track and have a bar lock in order to remain secure. These doors are already thicker than typical window glass. There is some risk, as there is with anything else, but so long as the manufacturing takes security into account, your glass entry door can still be a relatively safe option for your home.

Are you interested in the various door options? Today’s Entry Doors can help you find the perfect fiberglass entry doors, whether with glass or not. Contact us today to learn more about our doors or to get started with a free estimate.

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