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Some Door Installers Won’t Touch Dutch Doors

July 31, 2020

Dutch Doors Are Popular Choice In California, But They Require More Expertise Than Most Contractors Have  

Dutch doors are undeniably beautiful and stylish.

They’re also a particularly popular choice in California, including here in Orange County.

Given all that, you’d think most door companies would be eager to sell and install a popular door style that homeowners actually want.

But the truth is many will actually try to steer customers away from Dutch Doors.


The 3 Reasons Many Door Companies Will Try To Talk You Out Of A Dutch Door

#1 Dutch Doors require more expertise and attention to detail to find the right one and place the order correctly. A Dutch Door has to be ordered from a distributor with instructions to modify it. To find a door that matches what a homeowner wants and get it ordered correctly requires more effort and expertise than a typical door company has. The plain fact is that many door installers simply don’t have the depth of knowledge required.

#2 You need to be a true expert to install one properly. This is a huge issue and probably the biggest reason most door installers don’t want you to buy a Dutch Door. If you buy it, they have to install it. And to hang a Dutch Door correctly takes a lot of experience and door installation know-how. Poor installation will lead to a Dutch Door that sags soon after it is installed.

#3 It will alter the warranty. This actually is a legitimate concern, but an honest door company will explain clearly how cutting a door to make it a Dutch Door will modify the warranty and will explain the right solutions for protecting your door from the elements.

Here’s the most important thing for homeowners to understand: NONE of these are a good enough reason not to get a Dutch Door if that’s what you want. The problem isn’t the Dutch Doors; the problem is with door companies that don’t know enough about them.

2 Common Things Door Installation Companies Will Say About Dutch Doors That Are False Or Misleading

“Dutch Doors are not secure enough” This is a highly misleading statement. Since a Dutch Door is cut in the middle, it might at first seem plausible that it would be insecure. But the truth is that as long as you are properly installing a Dutch bolt on a “rabbeted” Dutch Door, it is no less secure than a standard fiberglass door. Any difference in security between a standard door and a Dutch Door is so insignificant that either the door company doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or they are trying to talk you out of it for other reasons.

“We can install it for you, but we’ll have to come back to make annual adjustments and we’ll charge you for that.” There is no reason that a properly installed Dutch Door should require regular adjustments to keep from sagging! A door that needs annual adjustments only means that it wasn’t installed properly. If any of our doors – Dutch or otherwise – have a problem due to workmanship, we fix it without charge.

Okay… So Why Do Homeowners Love Dutch Doors So Much?

 Now that we’ve dispensed with the false arguments against Dutch Doors, let’s talk about why so many homeowners want one.

Dutch Doors are popular in California. Different geographic regions have different signature styles, and Dutch Doors are more common here than in many parts of the country. And the more people that see them, the more people that want them.

Dutch Doors are convenient. Being able to open just the top part of the door to receive packages while not unlocking your whole door can be more convenient and feel more secure.

Dutch doors allow for more ventilation. Being able to open the top half of the door can allow for more ventilation. (And yes, we have screens that will work well with a Dutch Door).

THE BIGGEST AND BEST REASON… DUTCH DOORS LOOK AWESOME AND MAKE A STATEMENT!Every other reason takes a back seat to this one: Dutch Doors look great. Even though they’re more popular in California, they still are different enough here to stand out – especially if you find the right company to help match you with a door you’ll love.

Here’s how fantastic Dutch Doors can look when done right:

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So… Should You Call Today’s Entry Doors If You Want A Dutch Door?

Here’s a list of why homeowners call Today’s Entry Doors for Dutch Doors:

#1. We’ve been in business for 30+ years and doors are all we do.

The truth about most door companies is that they are usually a contractor who installs doors as one small part of their business, or they are a big-box retailer that has sub-contractors doing installation. There is no focus on doors and no depth of knowledge. We’re different – doors are all we do, and we are true experts.

#2. It’s not just that we can offer Dutch Doors, it’s the number of different options we can show you.

We have so many different ways to combine door options for you.

Double Dutch Doors? Yes, we can do that.

A Dutch Door with an active sidelight? Sure thing.

A Dutch Door with a single sidelight or one on each side of the door? Yes, all those can be done, too.

While we don’t remodel the door opening itself, we can find so many configurations for your current opening that you’ll never feel stuck with something you don’t love.

#3. We’ll never try to sell you on “annual adjustments.”

When we install a door, we do it right – Dutch Doors or any other kind of entry door. Any company that tells you that they’ll need to come back to make annual adjustments because it is a Dutch Door doesn’t know how to install one – period.

#4. We give you all the facts about warranties and Dutch Doors.

Yes, the truth is that modifying a door to make it a Dutch Door does alter the warranty. We’ll not only explain why and what that means, we’ll also explain the commonsense measures you need in place to protect your door (like having a protective overhang).

#5. We give you an honest ‘you-won’t-have-to-lift-a-finger’ quote.

We find that many door companies give a quote that is incomplete, making it impossible to do an apples-to-apples comparison. Many times crucial things like the cost of installation are left out of the original quote.

When Today’s Entry Doors give you a quote on a Dutch Door – or any other door for that matter – you can be sure it includes everything. It is the installed price that won’t require you to lift a finger.

Would you like a free in-home consultation and quote on a Dutch Door? It’s risk-free and we promise to give you a true price that includes everything.

Go here to contact us for a free door quote in Orange County and surrounding communities.