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Make Your Double Front Door Burglar-Proof

December 10, 2020

Double Front Doors Add A Nice Touch To Any Orange County Home, But They Can Pose Some Security Risks.

Take These Precautions, To Keep Your Double Front Doors Secure.

Your front doors make a great first impression and can go far in boosting your curb appeal. It’s for this reason that many homeowners like to go all out with double front doors. But your front door is for more than just looks. It should also be your first line of defense against burglars. A secure front door will make for a safer home.

In Orange, California, the crime rate is lower than California at large, but burglaries are still a concern. In fact, Neighborhood Scout reports 482 burglaries and 73 robberies. No matter what the neighborhood, you’d still rest easier in Orange knowing that you have a more secure entry door…especially when it comes to double front doors. So how do you make that happen? First, let’s go over the double front door option itself.

Are Double Front Doors More or Less Secure?

Double front doors, or french doors, are installed for a number of reasons. Aesthetically, they make a dramatic statement. They’re perfect for large homes or homes with wide entryways. They can also be more convenient and accessible. However, this leads some homeowners to fear that double front doors are not as secure as single front doors. The conceit is that because the opening is in the center, it would be easier for burglars to kick in one door or the other.

However, this is largely a misconception. With the right expertise in installation and the right materials and locking mechanisms, double front doors can be just as secure or more so than single front doors. The problem often comes when these doors are not expertly installed.

The Problem With Poor Door Installation

Double front doors can be quite secure, but as with most things, it comes down to the installation. If these doors are installed incorrectly, they can be too easy to kick in. It might be that the door frame or the hinges aren’t able to securely hold them or that the doors are the wrong size for the frame. Poor installation could also mean that the door becomes worn down due to exposure from the elements, which can in time make it more vulnerable and susceptible to being kicked in.

An expert will start with the right size when it comes to the door and ensure that it’s installed evenly and properly. They will also ensure that the hinges are secure and tough and that the entire surrounding of the door is durable and able to hold up the door for years to come. That’s why it’s so important to have your entry doors installed by a professional, and to use the right professional.

Why Choose Fiberglass Double Doors?

The material you choose also makes a big difference when it comes to securing your doors from burglars. Steel is often thought to be one of the most durable materials, and certainly steel is stronger than wood entry doors; but the truth is that fiberglass has caught up to it. Not only can these doors take on the look of wood or steel doors, but Fiberglass Entry Doors are the most durable option out there. Unlike steel, fiberglass doesn’t dent, an issue that could eventually wear down a steel door. It’s also much lower maintenance so it will continue to protect your home for the longest time possible – not just in Orange County, but everywhere!

Passive and Active Doors

When you install double doors, there’s typically a passive door and an active door. The active door is the door that is most commonly used, while the passive door is least likely used. Sometimes the passive door is actually meant to stay closed while still offering the aesthetic of double doors. So if you’re worried about security, you might start by keeping the passive door locked.

This can be done with a bolt that is installed at the top or bottom of the door, locking it in place. Burglars will find it harder to kick the passive door, and the strength of the passive door will reinforce the active through door. When both doors are needed, you can simply lift the lock to the passive door and open both.

Use Security Film Over Glass Inserts

Decorative glass inserts are popular when it comes to both single and double entry doors. It both adds style to the door and sheds light on the entryway. But glass can also be cause for a security concern. Burglars will sometimes break the glass in order to unlock the door and break into the home. Security film will help to reinforce the glass, making it more difficult to break. There is no security film that is so powerful the glass will become completely unbreakable, but it will add another barrier to keep burglars out.

Longer Hinge Screws

Sometimes the problem comes down to the hinges. If the hinges are too shallow, they can easily become separated from the door when met with enough force. It helps to have hinges with extra long screws in order to securely hold the door in place. We install these on the inside of the door as well as the outside, protecting both from intruders.

The Right Locking Systems

Finally, there’s the locking system. No matter what kind of entry door you have, with the right locking system, you can rest easy, protected from burglars. We offer a wide variety of locking systems, including triple locking systems and smart locks that are designed to be unlocked only by your smartphone or some recognition of you. These are terrific options for homeowners who are worried about burglars and want to remain safe. We do still offer traditional key options for homeowners who want to stick with the classic or to double up on locking systems for even more security.

Want a truly secure double front door combination to protect your home from burglars? Stick with the best doors and the best installation through Today’s Entry Doors. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free quote. We proudly service our neighbors in Orange County.