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Can You Replace My Fake Door?

YES, We Replace “Fake Doors” & “False Doors” In Orange County & Surrounding Areas

If you have a “fake” entry door and you want to replace it, we can help.

A fake door (also sometimes called a false door) is typically paired with a real door to give the appearance of a double door, but actually only one of the doors is a working one. The fake door is there to be a decorative part of the opening.
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What To Expect When You Hire Today’s Entry Doors

We’re The Orange County Door Company

That Communicates Clearly During Your Entire Project

Do you know the biggest complaint homeowners have with replacement door companies and other home services contractors?

It’s not delays or ordering mistakes, frustrating as those can sometimes be.

No, what really irritates homeowners is a failure to communicate about the status of the project. There is too much silence between signing your contract and installation day.

At Today’s Entry Doors of Orange County, crystal clear communication is our calling card. We have designed a professional process to communicate with you every step of the way.

Our process also eliminates many issues before they become problems. But if they do become problems, we’re 100% transparent with you about what happened and when it will be solved.

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The 1 Thing That Makes Us Different From 90% of “Door Companies” Out There

If you search Orange County, you’ll find plenty of companies that call themselves door companies. Today’s Entry Doors is one of them, but there’s something that sets us apart. It’s that something that allows us to offer truly quality entry doors, that brings our customers back to us over and over again. But what is it? What sets us apart from a crowd of “door companies” and gives us the reputation for excellence that we’ve earned.
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Why Not To DIY Install Your Entry Door

Today, it’s easier than ever to learn a new skill. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars and putting in hours upon hours taking a class, you can find tutorials on YouTube that can teach you anything from a new hairstyle to bushcraft to, yes, DIY door installations. And this can seem tempting if you’re intimidated by the cost of a replacement entry door. The theoretical appeal of a DIY entry door installation is that you’ll only have to pay for the cost of the door itself, not the installation. It can also seem like an exciting adventure if you’re interested in becoming handier.
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happy couple during scheduled consulation with today's entry doors
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Don’t Make This Mistake When Choosing A Door Company

We see this mistake over and over again: homeowners shopping for doors at big-box retailers or companies that treat doors as an afterthought. It is very limiting, and typically results in getting a door that is mediocre or disappointing.

Here’s why the results are “blah”: these companies don’t know what they don’t know. They limit you on door styles and customizations because their knowledge of what is truly available is only surface deep.

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Why Some Door Companies Don’t Follow Through With A Quote

In some cases, it’s probably just disorganization. The truth is many home improvement “companies” are started by people who hope it will only take a truck, a mobile phone, and a business card to be successful. They’re not prepared, and it shows in their lack of follow through.

Other companies may not get back to you because their real interest is in selling much bigger jobs: replacement roofs, windows, or siding, etc. They don’t follow through if they have enough business with their more sizeable projects.

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