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The Problems That Can Arise With Poor Door Installation

To ensure that your new door is installed properly and with great efficiency, it’s important to hire a licensed and experienced company.  Many problems can arise with poor door installation and the pros at Today’s Entry Doors make sure that your new door is safe and secure and will last for a long time.  To understand why it is important to have a licensed professional install your new door, here are some problems that can arise with poor door installation.

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we install each door using our highly effective proprietary method of installation, to ensure that your door is installed securely and make sure that it is fastened to the door frame the correct way. We also have created a 16-gauge steel security plate of our own that is a reinforcement for the meeting between the lock and the door and is attached to the actual house frame.

Problems that can arise with poor installation

Issues with Security

If a door is not installed properly, it may make it much easier for intruders to enter your home. Whether the door is not flush against the door mount or the locks are not lined up correctly, this gives thieves a chance to take advantage of the situation and easily enter your home.

An Invasion of Pests

If there is an improper fit, which can happen with an unprofessional door company, air gaps may be present. If there is any air flow between the door and your home, this gives way to an invasion of pests that can infest your home. It’s important to make sure that a licensed professional is there to make sure that the door is flush and sealed and that no pests will be allowed in.

Higher Energy Bills Because of Drafts

Many customers choose to install a new door to decrease their energy bills, increase the appeal of their front porch area, and increase safety. However, if a door is not installed properly, this means that air can get in and because of this, increased air conditioning and heating may be necessary, which will increase your energy bills.

Issues With Your Door Opening & Closing

This is yet another safety issue that can cause havoc if a door is not installed properly. Does your door not fit? Was it not measured before it was installed? Perhaps, it was not customized to fit, or the measurements were off? When there is an issue with opening and closing a door, it’s important to have an expert to assess what has happened and install a door properly that is functional without issues.

Extreme Damage to the Hinges & Integrity of the Door

The more and more you use your door when it has been installed poorly, the more damage there will be to the hinges. It will also cause issues to the integrity of the door over time leading to sooner replacements and more issues with drafts, air gaps and increased pests.

Besides the many advantages of working with a licensed and knowledgeable door installer, Today’s Entry Doors has door options that include bluetooth recognition, flexible security with digital keys, one-touch entry, customization and e-notifications as well as in-home integration.

Focusing on security is one of the main reasons that Todays’ Entry Doors has been a leader in door installation and customization in Orange County, CA.  We want to make sure our customers are safe, secure, and also know that they can reach out to us with questions, concerns, and any issues that arise.

Today’s Entry Doors has a proven process that incorporates a high set of core values and ethics along with well-trained licensed professionals who ensure that your door is installed correctly.

Feel free to take a look around our gallery to start thinking about some incredible ways to make your home your own by creating the door of your dreams.

Interested in learning more about door installation and why it’s important to have a door professionally installed?   If you’re in or directly around the Orange County, CA area, feel free to reach out to schedule your free consultation here!

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6 Advantages of Custom Iron Doors

What Are The Advantages Of Adding A Custom Iron Door To Your Home?

Custom iron doors can be a dramatic and elegant way to create a beautiful and welcoming entrance to your home.  But, there are so many options and benefits to custom iron doors that you may want to learn about before you choose the best door for your home.  Today’s Entry Doors in Orange, CA can help you to choose the best custom iron door with the perfect design for your home.

Here Are Six Amazing Reasons to Choose a Custom Iron Door For Your Home

Custom Iron Doors Add Value To Your Home

Custom Iron Doors are a statement piece that adds beauty and inspiration to your home and neighborhood. If you ever plan on selling your home, there are many buyers out there that are willing to pay more for this type of upgrade and it also adds to the aesthetic of your home, creating beauty and insight into how you take care of your place.

Custom Iron Doors Are Durable & Easy to Maintain

Maintaining custom iron doors is easy because they are rust-resistant and cleaning them is as easy as soap and water. Castille soap is a great alternative to regular cleansing soap and mixing this with warm water and using a soft towel or rag to keep them looking beautiful is simple.

Custom Iron Doors Show Resilience In Severe Weather Conditions

Because custom iron doors are rust-resistant, this can help them stay in wonderful shape for many years to come. If you are in an area where there are thunderstorms or severe winds, you can trust in the fact that custom iron doors can stand up to the elements time and time again.

Custom Iron Doors Are Beautiful & Customizable

Really, custom iron doors are a statement piece to your home.  The cornerstone of where the eyes of your visitors and family members will be drawn to each and every time they visit.  The front entryway of your home is special, so why not make it as beautiful as possible?  That’s why custom iron doors are a great investment.  Not only that, but they are customizable as well.  Today’s Entry Doors offers a wide variety of customizable options when selecting your perfect custom iron door.

Custom Iron Doors Are Energy-Efficient

Yes, custom iron doors are energy-efficient! There is insulation within the door to ensure that your home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer; yet, another benefit of adding these gorgeous doors to your home. Also, the ability to be unique with your design will not decrease the amount of energy efficiency because if you add glass to your custom iron door, it will include insulated glass.

Custom Iron Doors Make Your Home More Secure

Safety is always a factor when choosing any door in your home, especially the front door. Having a custom-iron door can deter criminal activity and it can also signal to passers-by that you have an up-to-date security system and take your safety seriously. It is a lot more difficult for strangers to access your home through the front door if it is made out of custom iron.


Installation times can vary, but are typically completed within a day. The creation of your door time will also depend on the size, level of decoration and customization and any accents that you want to add.

Today’s Entry Doors have an amazing reputation that has led them to be the leading door installation company in the Orange County, CA area.  It’s so important to work with an expert that is trained and licensed and includes free consultations, a lifetime warranty, and is a company you can trust to feel safe and secure with.

Want to know more about custom iron doors?  If you’re in or directly around the Orange County, CA area, feel free to reach out, and we will come right to you! We are excited to answer all of your questions and let you know about customizable options.

You may also look at our video gallery which is filled with beautiful doors, projects, and satisfied customers. We look forward to creating the perfect door for your home!

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Entry Doors That Will Make Your Home Stand Out in 2022

Ready for your home to make a fresh and vibrant statement? A beautiful new entry door will make your home stand out in 2022, and Today’s Entry Doors can help. A small investment can make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. Not to mention the return on this investment is always over 100%. Plus, it’s a great way to make a small project make a grand statement. Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we have a beautiful assortment of unique and customizable front entry doors to help you make your home stand out in 2022.

Current Trends

How do you choose the best and most interesting options for your home? Here are some amazing possibilities trending for 2022 and can make your house the standout home in your neighborhood.

Contemporary Fiberglass Entry Doors

Think of the classic modern look. The contemporary fiberglass entry door is the perfect statement for your home if you are looking to create beautiful architectural lines and glass inserts. This creates a bold statement showing your guests that the home they are about to walk into is filled with beautiful flow, open spaces, sleek lines, and natural light.

Entry Doors with Sidelights

An entry door with a sidelight is truly unique. Now, this type of door typically has a glass insert in the main part of the door and a side glass insert that goes vertically to increase the amount of light coming into your home. This is a great choice if you want to highlight your home at night. This is also a beautiful choice if you have picture windows in the rest of your house, for it will give the illusion of the entire house being lit up and very warm and cozy inside.

Doors with Glass inserts

Once again, most doors that stand the test of time are made of fiberglass, and there is no difference here when it comes to doors with glass inserts. Adding a wood veneer and having a glass insert that has a pattern throughout it can also provide security and comfort but give a beautiful artistic feel to the exterior of your home.

Extra Wide Exterior Doors

Extra-wide exterior doors are the epitome of changing up your front entry door space. Turning your entryway into a space that feels like you are walking into the most open area is an incredible feeling. This is a great return on investment. Not only do extra wide exterior doors allow for the ease of bringing in furniture and deliveries, but it makes for a true show-stopping piece. It almost feels like you are walking into a modern museum, and if you want to make it truly fantastic, you can add a steel door for a weighted option, a beautiful wood door for a minimalist look, or go with the fiberglass option, which can keep the weight down, become any color or finish you would like, and also add in glass inserts.

Therma-Tru Doors

Therma-Tru doors are a relatively new and solid type of door which is designed for your entryway. They are incredibly secure and solid and are actually made of fiberglass. They have a polyurethane foam core and the reason they are so popular and will be once again on trend in 2022, is because they are made to withstand the elements so well. They are also customizable and because they are so solid, you can make a statement while also ensuring that your home is secure. You can find Therma-Tru Doors only at select dealers, and one place to find Therma-Tru Doors is here at Today’s Entry Doors.

Why Choose Today’s Entry Doors?

Simple.  We stand behind our promise and our products and we offer a true guarantee.  We also have our own proprietary method of installation and care about our customers.  Today’s Entry Doors goes above and beyond to satisfy our clients and we want your home to stand out.  A new door isn’t just for its’ beauty; it’s also to make sure that your family is safe and secure.  We provide a lifetime warranty to our customers for their door and the installation process.

Today’s Entry Doors has customizable options to ensure that you are safe and secure in your home.

Are you ready to have a beautiful door in 2022 that makes a statement?  If you are in the Orange County, CA area, please feel free to reach out to us and schedule your free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about choosing and installing the perfect door for your beautiful home.

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Are Exterior Dutch Doors Secure

Love the look of a dutch door, but not sure if it is secure enough to stand up to intruders and the weather? Many homeowners love the ability to allow one part of the door to be open and the other to be closed, so this is why many people question whether or not this type of door as an exterior door is a solid choice. Today’s Entry Doors is the top door replacement company in California. We have a proprietary system to install your dutch door and ensure it is secure. So, what are my choices regarding dutch doors, and are they secure?

First, What Exactly Are Dutch Doors?

Dutch Doors are a magnificent and beautiful statement for your front entryway. They have been around for centuries, so they are both traditional as well as artistic. The dutch door is secured with a latch and this will allow you to keep one door open and one door closed. This allows in a nice cool breeze in the summer and for you to watch your family outside or just feel like more of a part of nature. There is a door knob, or sometimes a lever, on the bottom half and a deadbolt on the top half. There is a choice between a single and double door as well.

Are Exterior Dutch Doors Secure?

Exterior Dutch Doors are just as secure as any other type of door. Because of our installation process, we can add deadbolts and other accessories to help with safety concerns. Because of the ability to open up different portions of dutch doors and still keep your family safe, it is always a good idea to keep the deadbolt secure, just like with any door, to ensure that strangers do not roam inside your home.

Are Dutch Doors A Good Choice For An Exterior Door?

Because of the uniqueness of the dutch door, they are a wonderful choice for an exterior door. They can also be referred to as double-hung or split doors and they can even increase the property value of your home. Having something personalized in the front entryway of your home can make the difference with curb appeal and how you feel about your home. A dutch door is a great choice for an exterior door because you have options on the amount of customization for both color, materials, as well as security and safety accessories.

Are Dutch Doors Energy-Efficient?

The materials that make up dutch doors are energy-efficient. Now, during the summer if you plan on opening the top of the door to allow in the breeze, it may save you on air conditioning costs if it is cool enough outside to keep from using the air conditioner. But, the materials themselves are made to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Are Dutch Doors in Style?

Absolutely! Dutch doors are not only trending, but they are a major statement for your home and your aesthetic. They create a true ambience that shows the history of the home, the character of your family, and also can be as bright or as traditional as you would like. Whether your home is craftsman, modern, or traditional, dutch doors can easily brighten up that front area to make your home your own.

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we have built a proprietary method of installing our doors.  Our quality process is important to us and we also guarantee your happiness.  We provide a lifetime warranty to our customers for their door and offer a 2 year warranty on labor which is twice as long as the industry standard. And because we have created our own installation method, we know that all of our installers have been educated and trained to the greatest extent to ensure our quality promise.

Today’s Entry Doors has several customizable options to ensure that you are safe and secure in your home.

Interested in installing at dutch door?  If you are in the Orange County, CA area, please feel free to reach out to us and schedule your free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about choosing and installing the perfect door for your beautiful home.

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Questions To Ask When Buying A New Entry Door

The Best Questions To Ask When Buying A New Front Door

Looking to replace your front door? There are many questions to think about before selecting the best type of door for the front entrance of your home. You may be thinking about style, color, and even a beautiful handle and door knocker, however there are some very specific and important questions to ask before you choose the right door for your home. Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we have a large selection of beautiful doors that can change the entire look of your home and make a true statement. Our door replacement company can help you make the best decision, but what are the best questions to ask when buying a new front door?


Let’s focus on style first. With so many choices, this is truly the fun and creative part of the process. You have a vision in mind but aren’t exactly sure what materials would be best. It’s great to focus on the architectural style of your home, the accenting colors, and also what materials your home is made of. Don’t forget that the types of doors we offer can be customized, so if you are looking for a solid fiberglass door with a glass insert to allow in the light, this can be accomplished. There are also architectural styles like craftsman, contemporary, and dutch doors.

Next is the color. This is one of the most exciting parts of the process. There are so many shades to choose from, and if you choose a fiberglass door, the sky’s the limit! Perhaps your personality is saying, “I want something bright and bold and modern.” Or, instead, you are looking for a traditional door with a subdued shade. Either way, Today’s Entry Doors can create this for you.


A new entry door must be secure. Part of this is the hardware you will choose for your actual door such as locks, handles, deadbolts, hinges, levers and knobs, and accessories such as doorbells and door bumpers. Because security is so important these days, you also want a solid door that can ensure your safety, keep pests out, and also be incredibly strong.


So many options, but which materials are best for my front door? Fiberglass is an excellent option because it is durable, has a wonderful warranty, and also holds up much better than wood when it comes to the elements. The best part about fiberglass is that it can be made to look exactly like wood and can be finished in so many different colors and styles. This is one of our best-selling doors at Today’s Entry Doors because of its durability and lifespan. It is secure, resists damage, and holds up well to the sun.

One of the best fiberglass doors is the Therma-Tru Doors. They hold one of the best warranties, are solid and secure, and hold up to the weather. But, where can you buy a Therma-Tru door? Here at Today’s Entry Doors! They are the top brand we have in stock for our clients because they are so energy-efficient.

It’s Your Choice

The process is a lot of fun for both our clients and our team here at Today’s Entry Doors.  We can create a pre-hung door for you or go through the entire customization process.  The choices are endless and we have extensive experience with installing doors- it’s what we do!  We stand behind our promise and all of our products offer a wonderful warranty for our customers and their doors.  Because we created our own method of installation that is proprietary to our organization, the installation process is easy and stress-free.

Today’s Entry Doors goes the extra mile to give you several customizable options to ensure that you are safe and secure in your home. Plus, be sure to check out our door gallery and see why we are the top door replacement company out there!

Interested in replacing your front entry door?   If you are in the Orange County, CA area, please feel free to reach out to us and schedule your free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about choosing and installing the perfect door for your beautiful home.

Anaheim neighborhood
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Best Door Designs For Your Anaheim Hills, CA Home

Not all of Anaheim is Disneyland. To the east is the beautiful, planned residential community of Anaheim Hills. Here, you’ll find a lush golf club, terrific schools, and plenty of hiking trails within the Cleveland National Forest or Santa Ana Foothills. This is a wonderful place for anyone to make their home, which is why many of our entry door customers hail from Anaheim Hills.

When you want to design your home to look like you, your choice in front door is a big part of that. At Today’s Entry Doors, we have a number of different door styles so you can choose the right door for you. Here are some of our favorite door styles for Anaheim Hills homes. 

Contemporary Entry Doors in Anaheim Hills

Southern Californians are expressive and artistic. They like color and flair. That’s why contemporary doors tend to suit Anaheim Hills homes so much. These doors don’t look like every other front door you might find. These are front doors that dare with bold colors, sleek styles, and light designs rather than bulky. These doors often had wide glass panels and mid-century modern designs that stand apart from the crowd…just as you might want your Anaheim Hills door to do.

Doors With Sidelights in Anaheim Hills

Like much of California, Anaheim Hills is known for its sunny summers. Why not let some of that beautiful sunshine into your entryway? Sidelights are a versatile option because any style of doors can have sidelights.They are vertical glass panels that span the height of the door. Some sidelights can be opened while some are fixed and designed only to let light in. Regardless, they look great with any Anaheim Hills door and are quickly growing in popularity.

Dutch Doors in Anaheim Hills

Dutch doors are a quirky option that’s excellent for Anaheim Hills homeowners. These doors are characterized by a horizontal split in the center of the door which allows for two movable door panels. It’s a unique look that can also be practical if you have pets or small children. On a nice, breezy day, open the top half of the door to let in some fresh air while the bottom half of the door stays closed to keep your family safely inside…and any pests outside. On the other hand, opening the bottom half of the door can serve as a doggie door so that your dog can come and go from their backyard space on a nice day.

Rustic Doors in Anaheim Hills

Anaheim Hills isn’t all fresh and modern. It also has a history, along with the rest of Anaheim, going back to the 19th century. You might want to draw inspiration on that Spanish history with a rustic entry door. These doors keep a woodgrain appearance (that’s quite convincing on their durable fiberglass surface) with a natural wood stain, often with large iron pieces such as wrought iron window designs or wrought iron nails hammered into the wood panels. These doors have a classic, natural style that is hard not to fall in love with…and might just be the perfect choice for your Anaheim Hills home.

Side Entry Doors in Anaheim Hills

We don’t just offer front doors to Anaheim Hills. The outdoors are beautiful here, and you may want to experience them from multiple angles. A side entry door can offer great access to an herb garden or flower bed, a side patio. It also makes your home more convenient the more entry doors you have. And since we apply the same level of quality, durability, and security to each door we sell and install, you aren’t losing out on any privacy or security.

Fiberglass Doors in Anaheim Hills

Whatever style of entry door you choose, make sure that you choose fiberglass for the door material. Fiberglass doors have all the durability and security of steel doors combined with the classic beauty of wood doors. That means they can look and even feel like real wood, while resisting rot, warping, and swelling. They’re solid and durable, resisting impact and possible home intruders, but they hold paint more resiliently than steel doors. These are truly the best of the best in the industry, especially premium fiberglass doors from brands like JELD-WEN, Therma-Tru, or Masonite.

Today’s Entry Doors is committed to offering premium fiberglass doors throughout Anaheim Hills and beyond. We offer entry doors in a number of styles, including all of the styles listed above; and we install every door we sell. Interested in ordering a fiberglass entry door for your own Anaheim Hills home? Contact us today to learn more or to get started with a free door estimate.

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Two Huge Reasons You Need Dutch-Style Entry Doors On Your Home

They’re Not Just For Farmhouses Anymore

When most homeowners in the Orange County area think of dutch doors, they picture idyllic scenes of farmhouses out in the central valley, but that reality is changing quickly. Old answers are solving modern problems, and the venerable dutch door is one such old answer that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the area.

If you aren’t sure of the definition, dutch doors are entry doors with two halves that swing independently. Meaning the top half of the door can be open while the bottom half still blocks the opening. There are many reasons to have a door like this on your home, but we’ll be discussing just the top two today.

1) That Orange County Breeze


We all know that between noon and 1 pm, that wonderful coastal breeze kicks in, and entry doors start flying open all over the county to let it in. And boy, does that breeze make our homes feel great inside.

But, your home is then protected either by nothing but faith in your neighbors or a flimsy screen door.

Kids can run in and out freely and in complete silence, and so can our four-footed friends – those tame or wild. This is something modern folks would file under “Bad Scenario.”

But with a dutch door, all you need to do is leave the bottom half closed and locked to enjoy the best of both worlds. You still get that wonderful breeze through your home without all that unsupervised travel in and out by small critters (two-footed or four) to interrupt your day.

And when it comes to those of the six-legged and winged variety, retractable screens are available that stay out of the way until you need them.

For even more security, you can have your dutch door split ⅔ of the way up and open only the smaller top section to the breeze.

2) The Delivery Bonanza


Our world has reached a point where not only can you get almost anything delivered in under two days, but almost everyone does so multiple times a day. While extremely convenient, this new reality has impacted neighborhood security.

Just a few years ago, if a stranger approached your home, there was a good chance that one of your neighbors would be keeping a sharp eye out for strange behavior.

Nowadays, unless that person is visibly armed, your neighbors won’t even bat an eye. Add to that the gig economy and its near non-existent standards for the people they hire to deliver their products, and you take a very real risk every time you open your door to accept a package.

Gosh, if there were only a way to accept your packages while keeping a barrier between you and the delivery driver, you’d feel much safer.

Enter the dutch door.

With a dutch door, you can open just the top to accept your deliveries while leaving the bottom firmly closed AND locked to block entry. If you so choose, you can even have a small shelf on the lower section to hold your box while you sign the receipt.

Being able to leave the bottom of your door secured vastly increases your personal security when meeting a stranger at your door, and feeling secure is a big part of being happy.

If you want to increase your sense of security while still being able to enjoy the afternoon breeze through your Orange County home, contact us at Today’s Entry Doors for a free consultation. Just wait until you see our mobile showroom!

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Can You Protect Your Entry Door From The Effects Of Direct Sunlight?

Short Answer – Not Exactly

Sunlight is one of the main reasons homeowners choose Orange County to call home. But all those gorgeous blue skies and sun-soaked days can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home.

One of the most prominent features of your home is your entry door, and keeping it from getting damaged or fading from all that sunlight is a constant challenge. While it’s impossible to stop all the damage without completely covering your door, it is possible to slow it down.

Material Matters Most

If you aren’t interested in a heavy steel door that dings every time you look at it sideways but still want a high-end door, you are left with wood or fiberglass for your door material.

We recommend fiberglass for its superior strength, durability, minimal reaction to temperature changes, and better ability (vs. wood) to withstand damage from the UV radiation from the sun.

Fiberglass will eventually fade from too much direct sunlight, but you can mitigate that effect with a fresh coat of paint every 5-7 years.

Wood, however, gets affected at the cellular level by UV radiation since it’s an organic material, which means it will slowly lose structural integrity over the years if kept in direct sunlight.

Blocking The Sunlight

Keeping direct sunlight off your entry door is always your best answer, but you need to be aware of the limitations of certain solutions, such as:

  • Building An Overhang – Placing an overhead above your entryway can help, though many aren’t terribly fond of the look of overhangs on their homes. Most overhangs, however, can’t block the sun at all stages of the day.
    At daybreak or near dusk (depending on which way your door faces), you can have up to 4 or 5 hours when the angle of the sun is low enough to shine directly onto your door.
    This can have the unfortunate result of creating a faded stripe on your door where the overhang offers the least protection.
  • Installing A Sun Panel – Installing a sun panel in the right spot on your porch could do the trick, but the aesthetic value of such panels is often fairly low. Plus, unless it can be easily removed, such a panel becomes a problem when moving large items through that door.
  • Planting A Tree – Certainly, the most aesthetically pleasing option, planting a tree with a canopy that hangs low is your best bet for total protection from the sun if placed carefully. Or you can combine a tree or overhang with a well-placed hedge that will block the low angles of the waning or rising sun.

The hard truth is that the sun is a moving target, so the chance of one answer working without help from another option is low. But the creative placement of multiple sun-blocking options can work well to offer your entryway total protection from the sun without impeding your movement.

Protecting The Material

Protecting your entry door material is a great but temporary option. No matter what you choose, the sun will always win eventually, so you need to research your product to determine how often it needs to be reapplied.

Paint does work, but sun exposure variables make it impossible for most companies to offer a warranty against fading, just that the paint won’t crack, peel or blister. And even then, they’ll only guarantee it for ten years or less.

Though a popular color choice, black paint usually won’t come with any guarantees since black soaks in all the sun’s energy, and any fading is instantly noticeable.

A way to extend the period between repaintings and improve overall protection is to use light-colored paints to bounce away as much of the sun’s energy as possible. Also, light colors don’t show fading as quickly as darker colors.

The Bottom Line

While it is impossible to eliminate the damaging effects of direct sunlight, fiberglass doors are your best bet for avoiding structural damage from the sun. Color damage, however, will always occur so long as sunlight can reach your door directly.

If you can keep your door in the shade at all times of the day, you won’t need to worry as much about color fade, but if the sun hits any part of your entry door, there will be fading. In that case, your only defense is to repaint your door periodically.

We’ve conquered much of nature’s fury against our homes, but the sun will always win in the end if you don’t keep your entryway protected through shade or painting.

If you want your entryway to have its best chance at surviving our Orange County sunlight, contact us at Today’s Entry Doors for a free consultation.

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Transform Your Home’s Entryway With Sidelights And Transoms

Add Drama And Texture To Your Home’s First Impression

The spaces above and to the sides of many Orange County area home entryways are wasted opportunities to put your stamp on your home. Those plain slabs of material might surround your door with a clean look, but what do they say about you and your family?

With so many of the homes today looking so similar, your entryway is one of your few opportunities to really make a statement about who you are. And at Today’s Entry Doors, we excel at helping you shout your truth out to the world.

What In The World Are Sidelights And Transoms?

Unless you are in the industry, your first question might be, “What in the world are you talking about?” Well, we’re happy to explain. Here are some of the terms we’ll be using throughout this short guide:

  • Sidelight – A sidelight is the area to either side of an entry door that fills the rest of the framework in the openings, usually composed of mostly glass.
  • Transom – A transom serves the same purpose as a sidelight but is located above the door to fill the upper portion of the opening in the framework and is usually all glass.
  • Active Sidelight – An active sidelight is hinged so it can swing open to create an area for a breeze without opening the door.
  • Uneven Pair – Any combination of an entry door and a sidelight that allows the sidelight to act as a passive door. They are, in essence, an uneven pair of doors with the sidelight also able to open and create a larger opening.

There is one item that absolutely must be understood before you start planning a new look for your home’s entryway.

Your entryway options are determined by the size of the framework around your opening. This means you can’t create a wider or taller framework to accommodate adding sidelights or transoms.

Whatever combination you choose, your entry door, transom, and sidelights must fit in the framework as it sits.

For example, suppose you have two 30” wide doors that are unusually tall at 96” right now. In that case, you could replace them with a single standard 36” door (at the average 80” height), a transom 16” high, and two sidelights a little under 12” each (to account for the door’s frame) for a new and exciting look.

And if you made one of the sidelights an uneven pair sidelight, you’d still have a nice wide space (47+”) to move furniture and appliances through with ease.

Explore The Possibilities

With all the options available, size, style, glass types, hinged or no, the possible combinations are nearly limitless. And with our mobile showroom, making your choice is no more difficult than a walk to your curb.


Entryway with a white door and glass transom that matches the door’s sidelights

Transoms sit above your door and travel all the way across as an integral part of the entry door system. All of our transoms are created with your choice of our many decorative panes of glass.


Dramatic double-door entryway with sidelights that match the doors’s arched glass

While paired sidelights tend to add the most impact to the look of your entryway, many homeowners have elected to install just one sidelight to the left or right of their entry door.

Sidelights are all about the glass. While cross braces can complement an architectural theme, open glass panes will make your neighbors take notice. There’s something about the clean, artistic look of decorative glass panes (especially with light shining through at night) that draws the eye.

Active Sidelights

Beautiful wooded-style door with an active sidelight on the left side

Adding a hinged side to one of your sidelights increases their utility with no effect on their aesthetic appeal. It is best to limit your entryway to only one active sidelight to prevent bowing of the pillars holding the door.

The Benefits Of Sidelights And Transoms

While sidelights and transoms offer a chance to transform the look of your home’s entryway, that isn’t all they offer.

Glass inserts let more natural light into your home without the potential security risk of a large glass panel in the door itself. Transoms are an especially secure way to let light in and are only a risk if your local thief is the acrobatic type.

Sidelights can offer more than just increased light when they are active. You can open just the sidelight to let in the cool afternoon breeze that is one of the best features of Orange County life.

And if you are worried about letting bugs into your home, we can fit retractable screens into the system to keep those noseeums outside where they belong.

Plus, with all the glass types and designs available, your sidelights and transoms can give you the amount of privacy you require. From clear glass, to decorative, to frosted or obscured, the choice is yours to make.

If you are interested in adding a little pizzazz to the entryway of your Orange County area home, contact us at Today’s Entry Doors for a free consultation.

Best Exterior Doors for Cold Climate

What Are The Best Exterior Doors For A Cold Climate?

Brrrr… who left the front door open?

Was that you?

Or, is it so chilly in this article today because your old entry door needs an upgrade?

When considering what kind of exterior door to get as a replacement, we’re here to help. After over a decade of focusing on nothing but exterior residential doors and installations, we know how important it is to consider the way the summer & winter months impact your entry doors over time.

While we don’t live in the Northern sector of Energy Star’s climate zones (in the image below), many of the benefits of exterior doors designed for cold climates are popular everywhere!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk a little about how doors are rated in terms of energy efficiency — their ability to stand as a bulwark between your indoor environment and the harsh elements outside.

A quote directly from ENERGY-STAR on this very subject:

“Many doors don’t have any glass, but even doors with lots of glass like a sliding patio door have lower glass-to-frame ratios than windows or skylights. This means doors can provide more insulation than a window or skylight can. Performance criteria for doors are based on the amount of glass they have (called glazing level) and ratings certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).”

Key Takeaway: The two most important determining factors of what makes one door better for colder climates over another are:

  1. insulation
  2. glazing/glass.

Great, are you ready to get a bit nerdy?

Here is the actual breakdown for doors on U-Factor ratings as well as Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) from Energy Star for your reference:

Pro Tip-the lower the U-Factor the better insulating the door (similar to a high R-Factor in an insulated wall).

For Southern California a low SHGC means less loss of your interior cooling from the sun’s heat.

The three tips they give homeowners to help them navigate towards entry doors for the northern climate zones are as follows:

  • Install entry doors with high-quality, multiple panes of glass. The double or triple-paned insulated glass will reduce heat loss.
  • Fiberglass doors with a tight-fit polyurethane foam core are among the most energy-efficient door materials on the market.
  • New models have tighter-fit framing systems that include quality seals and improved weather stripping.

To dig a bit deeper let’s look at a visual snippet from one of our manufacturer brochures — Therma-Tru. Below is the 2020 Energy Star Qualification Chart of three door models from their Classic-Craft, Opaque & Lip-Lite Fiberglass line.

The numbers in the graph show you what the energy efficiency ratings are like for different kinds of glass. The blue color denotes northern climate zones:

The good news is that when you work with professionals, their product specialists can walk you through this information in person based on what’s best for your home and budget.

Right now we’re just showing you some of the numbers involved.

A second example from another one of our manufacturers, Masonite, shows you the full breakdown of all the different kinds of glazing/glass in their Vista Grande line of fiberglass doors.

Don’t let the wall of figures scare you. Just keep the Energy Star climate zone ratings in mind for Northern Climates and get a rough idea for the types of glass that deliver ideal ratings. Along with mini blinds and grids, the choices are straightforward:

Note the much higher numbers for their Particleboard Core options. We do not install these, but it gives you an idea of what the efficiency ratings are for different materials.

This is why at Today’s Entry Doors, we only install the most energy-efficient fiberglass doors available for our customers. They’re the best of both worlds.

Whether you live in a cold climate or a more tropical one…our manufacturers have delivered everything you could ever need.

The Primary Benefits Of Fiberglass Doors In Cold California Winters & Across The Country

You Get To Enjoy Far Superior Insulation Value

Whether you opt for a fiberglass entry door insulated with polyurethane or particleboard, you get vetted and verified performance.

Why do they typically provide close to 5X the insulation effectiveness of solid wood or wood-core entry doors? Because of their layers:

  1. The frame of the door (stiles & rails) is specially manufactured from powerful, moisture-proof composite material. This is to erase any chance of mold, mildew, termites, and rotting.
  2. The core, which can be insulated with a variety of materials. The most common is polyurethane foam, which is better sound proofing for doors.
  3. The skin is high-impact, compression-molded fiberglass.

You Get More Cold Weather (Moisture) Resistance

How do iron or steel doors hold up in cold weather with minimal maintenance?

How about all-natural wood?

When it comes to rain, wind, and hail, the modern fiberglass doors we install are near weather-PROOF. This is due to their totally uniform design without any cracks, breaks, or seems for the weather to get into.

You Get Comparable Levels Of Strength To Wood & Steel

When you compare strength between traditional wooden doors, metal doors, and fiberglass doors you have to be specific. For example, a completely solid iron door and a wrought iron fiberglass door are different, but what can your home’s entry door frame handle?

There’s literally no limit to what money can buy, but in most residential contexts, these three materials ALL perform well. The advantages of fiberglass are that if/when their strength is truly called upon, fiberglass isn’t going to dent. It resists scratches. It doesn’t rust, rot, warp, bow, peel…and so on.

You Get Outstanding Warranty Coverage Even In Harsh Zones

At the end of the day, because of the quality of these entry door slabs and framing systems, you get the absolute best coverage possible — LIFETIME. What’s important is to work with a great installer like Today’s Entry Doors with a long history of successful service.

Wrapping Up: Well-Insulated Entry Doors With Specialized Glazing Are Ideal For Cold Climates

The only thing that can outperform those is a custom-made or tailor-made entry door. At Today’s Entry Doors, we can help you with those as well…that is if you live in our Orange County, California neck of the woods. Otherwise, now you know what kinds of doors to look for in cold climates: well-insulated with appropriate glazing, ideally multi-pane, and from one of America’s top manufacturers.

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What Is The Cost Of A Custom Dutch Door In Orange County?

Welcome Orange County, CA homeowners! Are you in search of a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, custom dutch entry door for your special entryway?

We’re Today’s Entry Doors — with over thirty years of direct industry experience.

We’re basically the ONLY game in town….if you’re the type to settle for nothing less than a full-service custom dutch door and professional installation.

The one downside is, well, we ONLY service Orange County directly and immediately surrounding areas.

That said, you’re here to learn about costs.

Let’s look at the basics and where the numbers sit right now in late 2021. Of course, these are subject to change over time, but it’s a starting point.

  • Standard Dutch Door $5,000-$7,000: For what we’ll call a standard-size dutch door that includes everything: install, the replacement door unit, the frame, the threshold elements like trim and molding, casing, and hardware, plus the factory finish and design options.
  • Standard W/O Glass $5,000-$6,000: Without glass options, you can trim the price down a bit, especially when you look at the costs of complex, artistic textured glass.
  • Standard With Glass $6,000-$7000: Once you begin adding different glass options and packages to a dutch door and frame, costs rise. It’s the same with most any door style.
  • Premium Dutch Doors $7,000+: If we start talking about double dutch or premium manufacturer options, the prices continue scaling upwards as the overall value does.

Are There Cheaper Options?

Sure. You could just order any cookie-cutter dutch door unit from any number of big-box home improvement stores or online marketplaces, then try and DIY the project (NOT recommended).

Keep in mind our prices are for the whole experience of measuring your entryway, custom designing a High-Quality Dutch Door with you, having it built by one of our select manufacturers, and then professionally installing it with absolute precision. Afterward, we’re basically your entry door partner for as long as you live in the home.

Let’s Look At Some Examples!

Absolutely. If you head on over to our Entry Door Galleries, you’ll see plenty of dutch doors we’ve installed across Orange County, CA. They’re quite popular for various reasons, but arguably above all because of their functionality and style.

Here’s a great example to start with.

That’s a custom model from Jeld-Wen’s Aurora line. Not only is something of this caliber warrantied for life, but it’s also designed to be super-heavy like an actual solid wooden door would be. It’s hard to tell the difference between the thicker and stronger skin or shell and the more dense insulation foam inside (they even sound like wooden doors).

Then just look at those sidelites and all the spectacular glass.

What an open and welcoming doorway, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s another.

Looks thick and sturdy, like solid oak. What you have in that image is a Jeld-Wen Aurora Estate Half Dutch Door with operable sidelites; Knotty Alder grain, factory-stained caramel. And it’s hard to see, but they went with rain glass because it offers more privacy for their Mission Viejo, CA home.

And one more example of a single dutch door, just for good measure.

How bright! That’s another Jeld-Wen. You’ve got two 12’’ 5-lite sidelites and a 9-lite top half with low-E glass. It’s mahogany grain skin, factory-painted Swiss Coffee. Pretty neat.

A simple example of a double dutch door would be something like this.

That one is from Masonite, with two 6-lite top halves and smooth skin; factory-painted blue. We installed that for a family in Yorba Linda, CA.

Wrapping Up: Call Anytime & Let’s Chat Dutch Doors

The numbers we’ve stated are likely to have changed by the time you’re reading this. The best bet is simply to Give Today’s Entry Doors A Call. Our customer service team is extremely friendly, and they’re absolute entry door scientists who can help you get a grip on pricing within minutes.

They’ll be happy to walk you through the basic choices and schedule you for a visit from our mobile showroom if that interests you. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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What Is The Most Secure Front Door Material?

When deciding on a new front door, security is undoubtedly high on your list of concerns — as it should be.

Unfortunately, home security is becoming more and more of a concern for, well, more and more homeowners both here, in Orange County, and across the entire nation.

It’s easy to undervalue the importance of something as simple as a door. However, your front door is your first line of defense against intruders. It’s what keeps the unwanted things out. It’s what keeps you and your family safe.

You want a door that’s not just ‘kinda secure’…but REAL SECURE

Plus, it should look absolutely incredible.

Your Choices When It Comes To Entry Doors

When it comes to entry doors, you have three core door materials to choose from:

  1. Wood
  2. Steel or Metal
  3. Fiberglass Doors

While security is certainly a factor in choosing a door, it’s not the ONLY factor. There are other things to consider like style, color, features… the list goes on.

The question really becomes, what is the best choice for YOU?

What’s the best choice for your home? Which features levels of security that make it so you sleep EXTRA-soundly at night?

The answer is going to depend on who you ask.

Our Choice For Most Secure Front Door Is…

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we have over 100 years of cumulative experience under our belts. In the decades of being Orange County’s go-to door installation company, many things have changed. But there is one thing that has stayed constant:

We only work with and install premium fiberglass front doors.

Why Do We Choose Fiberglass?

Because when you invest in a spectacular new entrance for a residential home, there’s more to consider than JUST security.

For Example:

  • Aesthetics — Bank vaults aren’t too inviting.
  • Efficiency — Saving energy is a major concern.
  • Durability — It shouldn’t dent or decay for decades.
  • Longevity — It should last a very long time.
  • Maintenance — How much do you want?
  • Coverage — You should get a Genuine Lifetime Warranty.


The fiberglass doors from our select manufacturers check all the boxes while also offering World-Class Safety & Security.

But Let’s Not Forget About Installation

If it’s not done right – things could go very wrong. It’s not uncommon for even seasoned door installers to make a mistake.

We like to think of ourselves as Entry Door Scientists”. We understand the dynamics at work when someone tries to force entry through this specific area of your home vs. a window or a different exterior door.

  • When someone breaks in through the door, it’s usually because of the door FRAME—Not the locks or the hardware.
  • Where are most locking systems attached? To the frame, which is going to be nothing more than a thin piece of wood in most cases. And it might not even be solid wood, but a composite!
  • This is why we attach the lock to not just the door frame but the actual sub-structure of your home.
  • We add a 16-gauge steel security plate we designed ourselves that’s installed as reinforcement where the lock meets the door, and then this plate is in turn attached to your house frame.
  • Then we reinforce the other side, too, using extra-long, high-quality screws in multiple places for each hinge. Not only does that make the hinge-side of the door much stronger, but it helps to keep the door jamb from being spread apart and sagging.

Other Security Features For Your Front Door:

How about triple locking systems? We can help.

How about smart locks or electronic deadbolts? Yep, we can help.

How about heavy-duty keypads instead of conventional key locks? Yes. We. Can.

When working with entry door specialists, we help you strike that perfect balance between convenience, attractiveness, and security.

Give Us A Call: We’re Happy To Answer Your Questions

Want to know more about entry door security? Want to talk about upgraded privacy features for your front door? 

If you’re in or directly around the Orange County, CA area, give us a call or submit a consultation request. We’ll answer all of your questions, walk you through every detail, and give you as much time as you need.  

Afterward, we can get you scheduled for a visit from our popular mobile showroom

We can’t wait to hear from you!