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Jet Tila Desperately Needed A New Front Entry Door

How We Transformed A Front Entry Door
For None Other Than Celebrity Chef Jet Tila!

Even Celebrities Get Stuck With An Ugly Entry Door

A Quick Note: This article is about a project we did for Jet Tila. If you want to watch the testimonial video he did for us with his wonderful wife, Ali, head to their Case Study.

That said, a front entryway plays a HUGE role in providing a beautiful entrance and first impressions. But when doors are outdated, dilapidated, or just plain ugly — that vibe can linger throughout the space inside.

If you’re in the process of optimizing your home, you can’t ignore them.

Every once in a while, we stumble upon entry doors that are just hideous. They either don’t match the rest of the home’s interior and exterior or are simply constructed from low-quality materials. And while we can’t convince everyone in and around Orange County to replace them, sometimes homeowners agree a change is in order!

To be clear, we don’t bother with conventional marketing or go door-to-door, but in the case of Celebrity Chef Jet Tila — we did precisely that, with a modern twist. We reached out to him on social media, offered our full-service entry door replacement services, and he got excited.

Who Is Jet Tila? 

While Jet Tila is a man of many talents and notable accomplishments, we first became aware of Jet after stumbling across his roles in various Food Network cooking shows. He came close to taking it all in Iron Chef America — one of our personal favorites.

To list all of the avenues Jet has explored would take an entire book, but needless to say, he has made quite the name for himself in the cooking and television space. Backed by his equally successful wife, Ali — they’re an unstoppable duo.

How & Why We Knew We Had To Help Jet Tila
With His Entry Door Woes

About two years ago, we were binge-watching cooking shows when a new segment started featuring famous chefs in their homes instead of big fancy studios.

The plot’s simple: a crew shows up at the front doors of famous chefs. The chefs take them through their homes to give viewers a glimpse into their personal lives, then prepare a delicious dish for everyone at home to drool over.

During Jet’s episode, we couldn’t help but chuckle when we noticed his front door was beaten down and didn’t match the luxury of the rest of the home. Knowing Jet as a man of good taste, we couldn’t fathom why his front entry door would be so bad!

So, what did we do? We hopped on social media and sent Jet a direct message jokingly saying something to the effect of:

“We gotta do something about that front door.”

To Our Surprise, He Responded! 

We didn’t think Jet would see our message as a celebrity, but he saw it and responded! Our Instagram Gallery is filled with past projects we’ve completed in the Orange County area and is perfect for giving prospective homeowners a glimpse into our workmanship.

After seeing what we were capable of and reading some of Our Stellar Reviews, Jet replied:

“Sounds great. Come out to the house and show me what’s up.”

We exchanged numbers and hopped on a call with Jet and Ali to explain who we are and our comprehensive approach to entry door remodeling. They were both unhappy with their entry door and ecstatic about the idea of swapping it with something extraordinary.

We Headed Out To Jet & Allison’s Home Right Away 

It’s not every day you get to work with a famous chef, let alone one so respectful and kind! When Jet and Ali invited us to their home to jump-start the process, we brought our Mobile Showroom out so they could get their hands on actual door samples and accessory options.

They absolutely loved it!

Jet and Ali are ordinary people who love many of the same things we do, despite being famous. We talked about our love for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and of course, food! Forming a personal relationship with our customers is something we strive to do during every project.

After going over the details and providing a quote, they were ready to move forward… that was until Jet and Ali decided to sell their home and move into a house with more privacy. So, we put things on hold for the time being.


New House: Similarly Horrible Entry Door 

Jet and Ali loved their new home away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, but they still had one pressing problem. Their ugly entry door! Even the new one was incredibly weathered and stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the home.

Instead of witnessing this for ourselves over the television again, once they were settled, they reached out to us to pick up where we left off. We jumped into the mobile showroom and headed over to the Tila household to repeat the initial design phase of their project.

They had big plans!

We made our choices, they signed the paperwork, and we were off to the races.

Ali wanted something more modern with less glass and added security. Security was also a big priority for Jet, as was having a statement-making entranceway for visitors (including any media crews). We brought in the best minds at our company and collaborated with Jeld-Wen to give the couple a one-of-a-kind “Rolls-Royce” entry door system.

And we quite like that!

Here’s The Scoop On Their New Entry Door 

Jet and Allison’s house originally had 32” Double Doors With Sidelights, that featured a classic glass panel system in a grid pattern from top to bottom, which wasn’t ideal.

  • By reducing the size of the sidelights, we created additional privacy and room for a physically larger entry door system.
  • They went with huge 42” Double Doors and zero glass panels.

The system turned out to be sturdy as a bank vault with ample Safety & Security features. But the sheer size of the door was more significant than we had worked with before, and we knew it would take a bit of finagling.

Here are the results!

Installation Day Surprises Many Of Our Customers 

When most homeowners think about replacing their front entry door, they think it’s as simple as unscrewing the old bolts and throwing a new door in place. Well, with Today’s Entry Doors — we have a seasoned, full-service, Stress-Free Process.

We provide the entire entry door system.

That means we demo down to the studs and concrete and start fresh with brand-new materials. Not a single piece of an old door is ever used in our new systems.

Since Jet and Ali went with a Jeld-Wen model, we had to adjust how we installed their new front entry door. Jeld-Wen is the only entry door manufacturer we work with that doesn’t assemble their frames on-site. Instead, they assemble and test their frames in the factory and then dissemble them for transit purposes.

We showed up and assembled their new massive entry door in their driveway on a Saturday. This isn’t uncommon because we always make exceptions to meet homeowner needs (even if they aren’t celebrities).

During the seven-hour installation, we answered all their questions. Since they found the project captivating, we also shared insights on properly installing an entry door to maximize security, value, and aesthetic appeal.

They even invited us to dinner after!

A pleasure we hope to have with many of our future customers.

You Don’t Have To Be Famous To Be Treated Like Royalty 

At Today’s Entry Doors, we treat every person who walks through our office door or calls us like royalty — no matter what. We were delighted to work with Jet and Allison to provide their home with an entry door that matched their needs and lifestyle…and success! Their story is just one of many we’re proud of as a company – visit our Case Studies page for more.

Ready to become our next success story? Call Today’s Entry Doors when your home needs a facelift! Schedule your Free Quote by calling (714) 912-1579 — the possibilities are endless.

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Why Our Prices Are Higher Than The Average Online

Why Our Prices Are So Different From The Prices
Of Entry Doors You See On The Net

Why Our Prices Are Higher Than The Average Online

If you’re an Orange County-area homeowner looking to replace your entry doors, chances are the first step you took was to jump on the internet and start comparing prices. And that’s understandable. We all need to be better at budgeting to get the best cost vs. value ratio.

After all, you never know what tomorrow will bring, so intelligently spending your money helps prevent financial distress down the road.

But did you know that cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to entry doors?

For example, consider home security. Cheap doors are EASY to get through. They’re typically lightweight, not well insulated (if at all), and their locking systems are a joke. On the other hand, our premium doors are fiberglass, reinforced with a 16-gauge steel security plate, and we use extra-long screws on every joint. And, we work with all the modern, high-tech, bank vault-like locking systems (learn more about the Safety & Security we represent).

Because of details like these, when homeowners stumble upon our company and see the prices of our doors, they’re typically a bit shocked.

They usually just spent hours gathering quotes and figures for subpar doors, only to have these numbers increase once they investigate a reputable full-service option like Today’s Entry Doors.

Let’s briefly explore how other companies can offer smaller pricetags to understand why ours are higher than big box stores.

Quality Doesn’t Come Cheap, Especially When
It Comes To Residential Entry Doors

When you start your internet search for the cheapest doors available, keywords such as “buy front doors” or “front doors for sale” are the go-to phrases. Since online marketing teams know this is the case, they can easily optimize pretty much any company’s website to draw in customers on a tight budget.

  • Not because of the quality of work or the installation.
  • Not because it’s a wise investment.
  • And definitely not because they believe their doors are the best option.

Additionally, while those cheap wooden or vinyl doors may sound good, they won’t have nearly the lifespan that fiberglass doors offer. Steel is incredibly strong, but can quickly become damaged and rusted while requiring regular maintenance throughout the year (learn more about Entry Door Materials).

When you see prices for doors online, these are guaranteed to be cookie-cutter doors in generic sizes. If your entryway is even a half inch off from the door you’re looking at online, it’ll be a giant waste of money and need replacing.

Retail doors will always be your cheapest option but not the wisest investment.

We Build Custom Doors Instead Of Offering
One-Size-Fits-All Options

Here’s the deal — we’re NOT retail.

Our doors are guaranteed to be more expensive than retail options because we work with our manufacturers to custom-build each to perfectly match your home and desires.

We don’t just stock and sell low-quality premade doors you have to install yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. During initial consultations, many homeowners are unaware we provide custom-made doors instead of one-size-fits-all options, especially when discussing pricing.

And we don’t work with other materials, just fiberglass. Because we believe fiberglass is the way to go if you’re interested in the Very Best Doors.

They’re impervious to moisture damage, highly resistant to dents and cracks, extremely energy efficient, and incredibly strong. So, our pricing includes the custom-designed and manufactured fiberglass door system and installation.

And It’s Not Just The Doors 

An entry door system consists of much more than simply the door. Accent pieces like glass panels, sidelights, transoms, and hardware are all aspects of a door system that can be customized to perfectly suit your preferences.

Retail stores are just selling doors, frames, and raw mass-produced products. If you want your home to truly stand out from the rest in the neighborhood, the only way to go is a fully custom-built entry door system.

Here’s an example of one of our custom fiberglass entry doors and accent pieces from our galleries:

In this example, this Santa Ana homeowner decided to go with a classic style Therma-Tru 6-panel single entry door accompanied on either side by 14” dual clear 5-lite SDL sidelites. If you want to increase the amount of natural light within your home, sidelites are a phenomenal option.

That door was designed to fit the homeowner’s entryway dimensions of 60” X 80” — a size that would be near impossible to find in a retail store. Additionally, we provided the smooth Indigo finish the homeowner desired along with Copper Creek Colonial hardware in Polished Brass to give the door a traditional look and feel.

It’s your home — you shouldn’t have to settle for less.


Trust The Company Who Lives And Breaths Entry Doors 

Sometimes spending the extra money for peace of mind is worth the investment in your mental health, and that’s precisely what you get when you choose Today’s Entry Doors for your entryway remodeling project.

With Countless Design Options, high-end accessories to choose from, and a streamlined no-games installation process — you can rest easy knowing your money is being well spent.

Not only do you have to worry about the installation when going the retail route, but you also have to hope and pray your door shows up in one piece! We can’t tell you how many horror stories we’ve heard from past customers about their entry retail door arriving damaged in one way or another.

On the flip side, we have Seasoned Quality-Control Measures in place to ensure your fiberglass entry door is treated like a precious commodity from the moment it arrives at our shop to when it’s installed in your home.

We’re the long-standing, family-run company to call if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop provider for everything entry door-related.

When Low-End Entry Doors Just Won’t Cut It,
Give Our Experts A Call Today

Now that we’ve outlined why our prices are higher than the average you may find online, are you ready to make the switch? Regarding ROI, fiberglass entry door systems are proven to increase the overall value of your home.

So, while you may pay more initially, you’ll reap the benefits later on down the road. Reach out, and let’s chat. Let’s schedule your Free Consultation or visit from our mobile showroom today!

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Why Our Premium Entry Doors Aren’t Impulse Buys

See Why Our ‘Work Of Art’ Entry Doors
Are A Want For Our Customers, Not A Need

Generally speaking, it’s not an emergency when folks invest in a new premium entry door system with Today’s Entry Doors here in Orange County. It’s usually not a critical situation, and there’s no rush. Should they need a quick replacement, and any door slab will do, we’re not the provider they call.

If the old door’s broken down or is no longer worthy of ongoing maintenance and you need an easy replacement, there are plenty of big box home improvement stores to visit. These places have cheap doors you can hire a local ‘Chuck and his truck’ to install or even do yourself.

We’re different. We’re the full-service provider you work with to essentially design a new custom high-end door system, have it manufactured just for your home, and then fully installed into your doorway by our team.

Why Do Our Customers Sign The Dotted Line?

For example, let’s look at the image from our Entry Door Galleries we put at the beginning of this article.

That door is gorgeous! You can’t get that retail. What you have there is a 5-foot wide and 8-foot tall (dual 30” x 96”) custom-crafted contemporary double entry door. Is it wood? That classic is fiberglass with an Oak Grain, custom glass design, and factory-painted.

Did that family in Yorba Linda, CA, just need ‘any ol’ door’ because of an emergency? Was it critical to get that level of design and workmanship? No, obviously not. Their new door system is a work of art!

So, why do our customers tend to sign the dotted line?

To Improve Their Home’s Curb Appeal

Most are choosing to invest in their home. And, we’re often doing our work while other remodeling projects through other contractors are underway: new inside entryway area work, new flooring, kitchen/bathroom remodeling, etc.

When the time has come, and you WANT to add immense value to the home… nothing improves the appeal of a property the way a new high-end entry door system will.

To Make A High-ROI Investment

Cheap replacement entry door systems don’t add much value. But, when you look at something like this, it’s a whole different story…

An operable sidelite (in this case, we call an “uneven” pair) with Rain privacy glass under the Seville wrought iron grilles, a Knotty Alder grain, factory-painted Chappo with Antiquing…what a statement! And keep in mind, there’s value in having specialists like us come in and properly install the system the RIGHT way.

When you look at national numbers, you could expect around 75-80% ROI for quality like that!

To Dramatically Improve Security

As you can imagine, cheap cookie-cutter entry doors aren’t significant hurdles for intruders. An average-sized man can kick them a couple of times, completely breaking through the frame or causing severe damage. Meanwhile, as a bonus, the systems we install are EXTRA-secure. Both because they’re fiberglass and reinforced with a 16-gauge steel security plate we designed.

They’re also secured to the sub-structure of the home, and we use extra-long screws in multiple places for each hinge. Can they have high-end bank-like locking systems as well? You bet. We have a wide selection of modern triple locking systems, the latest tech keypads, and more.

We take Entry Door Security seriously, but it’s not usually a critical issue for our customers. It’s more like a bonus.

To Increase Home Energy Efficiency

When you look at the science of energy efficiency, Fiberglass Entry Doors are among the Best Performers because they’re poor heat conductors, and we install them to perfect specifications.

  • No Wind Drafts/ Air Leaks
  • No Leaky Windows
  • No Moisture Between Glass Panes
  • No Low-Quality Materials; Only High-End Insulation

Bottom Line: We Offer Sports-Car Like Entry Door

When you NEED a car to get from A to B but aren’t looking for a luxury model, any vehicle with four wheels that will dependably start will do. But when you WANT a flashy new sports car or something lavish with luxurious value, that’s a different ball of wax.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we install sports-car level door systems. They’re wants. They have incredible benefits and value, but they’re not make-it-or-break-it purchases. Interested? Contact Us if you have questions or concerns and want to chat with a genuine specialist. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Basics Of Decorative Glass For Premium Entry Doors

Learn The Basics Of Decorative Glass
For Premium Entry Doors

We Always Help Homeowners Get The Right Glass
To Suit Their New Front Door System

Decorative glass (sometimes referred to as ‘leaded glass’) is an important topic for Orange County homeowners looking to invest in a premium new entry door system. We get asked about this topic on a very regular basis, so in this article, we’re going to look at the basics.

What Is Decorative Glass?

It means glass with some kind of design vs. basic privacy glass.

It can have multiple textures, it comes sandwiched between two panes of regular glass (making it triple-pane), and it’s combined with caming – a lined pattern – that’s either black, silver, or in some cases, gold.

Does It Dramatically Increase The Price Of The Door System?

To some degree, yes. Although it’s not necessarily on account of the decorative glass, but the amount of glass in the door in general. From there, it has to do with the type of glass. Typically, most folks keep the decorative glass on the minimal side.

Just remember, the more glass there is in the door, the more light that’s going to come through. And while it might be nice to get a lot of decorative glass, some folks have security concerns. They also don’t want the cleaning and maintenance that comes along with it.

  • Single Door: Generally $4,000-$6,000 installed. As you add more glass, you move towards the higher end of that price range.
  • Double Door: Generally $8,000-$10,000 installed. As you add more glass, you move towards the higher end of that price range.

What’s The Most Common?

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we find that half-glass options are the most common. This is usually because people want to show off as much as they can without going full-glass. The other issue is that we do a LOT of special-sized double doors (30-inches), which is somewhat unique for our area. In the rest of the country, this size is harder to come by.

Let’s look at some examples from Our Entry Door Galleries. We’ll start with a three-quarter glass door.

An Example Door With Three-Quarter Decorative Glass

What we have there are classic 8-Foot Tall Fiberglass Exterior Double Doors. They’re from Therma-Tru, they have nice smooth skin, and they’ve been factory-painted Cranberry. The glass is Saratoga with crushed nickel caming and satin nickel hardware.


Now let’s look at a Craftsman Front Door with only the top 3rd of the door sporting decorative glass. This particular model is from Jeld-Wen, with an oak texture, “X” glass design and shelf, and it’s been stained Carmel with antiquing. We installed this one in Westminster, CA.

Craftsman-Style With Top 3rd Decorative Glass

How about full decorative glass? Sure thing! Below are more classic-styled double entry doors from Therma-Tru. They also have nice smooth skin that’s been factory-painted Vineyard. The glass is fullite Blackstone glass with brushed nickel caming. We installed these in Anaheim, CA.

Full Decorative Glass Example

The last example we’ll look at is half-glass. It’s a 60”x80” double entry door system from Masonite. The glass is Harlow glass with antique black caming, an oak grain, and antique oak factory staining. We installed these doors in Laguna Hills, CA.

Example Door With Half Glass

One Important Thing To Note About Manufacturers

All entry door manufacturers have extensive catalogs with sections covering their decorative glass where they’ll go into the details, show their patterns, and discuss the type of glass and caming options. They also give you a privacy rating that’s usually on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being completely clear glass and 10 being total privacy glass.

Here’s what you need to know: those ratings can be VERY subjective. Because in any decorative glass design, it’s going to include clear bevels – square, oval, or circular glass you can see right through.

Be wary of manufacturer ratings. In our experience, if it says 9, it’s likely not a 9. But don’t be too concerned. Just look at the design and decide how private or not you think it’s going to be. When we get a chance to chat with you and help you put the full design together, we’ll ensure you get the exact amount of privacy you want.

Bottom Line: Decorative Glass Is A Great Upgrade

Decorative glass is beautiful and can really help to transform your entryway just exactly how you want it to be. If you live in or around Orange County and have questions or you’re interested, reach out and Contact Today’s Entry Doors.

We know everything there is to know, and we have decades of experience. Our friendly office staff will be happy to give you all the information you need. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Explore Some Of Our Entry Door Reviews From Orange County

Browse A Sampling Of Our Customer Reviews
From Across The Greater Orange County Area

See Why Homeowners Are Glad They Chose Us!

When it comes to home improvement in the Orange County area, contractors can tell you basically… anything. But it’s critical that you VERIFY what they’re saying, which isn’t always easy. A popular way, however, is through real authentic customer reviews!

In fact, one of the most common steps people take before contacting us here at Today’s Entry Doors is to check out our Google and Yelp reviews. We’ve racked up a few hundred so far.

In this blog, we’d like to quickly look at a handful of them on both platforms to shine a light on the specific parts of their experience with us that people find most important.

Let’s dive in!

A Sampling Of Our Google Reviews

This first one speaks about the challenges of weighing a custom, high-quality entry door system you would get from a specialist like us vs. a much less expensive, common, and cookie-cutter option from a major home improvement platform.

Review From Tom, R.

“So, it was definitely time to replace our front doors…”

We hear this a TON.

By the time many folks make the decision to upgrade their main entry door, their current door is usually out of date, in bad shape, and not as functional as they would like. Tom here searched around the major home improvement stores but discovered that 30-inch double doors aren’t considered ‘standard’ (Learn more about Entry Door Sizes).

“I started searching for other options and wasn’t real thrilled with what I was finding. I didn’t want to purchase the door from one company and then have to find another to install it.”

And that’s a major factor in this process. At Today’s Entry Doors, we’re a full-service provider. We’re going to help you choose the perfect door and then install it for you with painstaking precision. Tom and his wife decided that’s what they wanted, so they headed online to check out our reviews and liked what they saw!

“My wife and I visited their showroom in Orange and spoke to their main office person. He was very knowledgeable and patient in answering our questions. We then set up an appointment to have them come out to our home with their mobile showroom and take measurements.”

Absolutely. Everyone who works for our company, whether they’re our installer or the individual driving our Mobile Showroom and doing home consultations… is extremely well-versed in our products. Based on their choices, we set expectations at 8-12 weeks, but actually received them at our warehouse and called them after only 7.

“They came out and did the install in a few hours and did a great job. I’m pretty picky and this company was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.”

We’re not a provider of cheap entry doors or entry door systems. Part of the reason is that with us, you don’t have to worry about a bad experience, getting improper measurements, or being treated poorly. Tom and his wife felt it was definitely worth the cost to get great-looking doors with no problems whatsoever and ended up being thrilled!

Review From Victoria, B.

This review from Victoria is short and sweet but touches on all the major points. As you’ll see, she chose a Quality Dutch Door with an added screen. These are rather common here in the Orange County area. It’s gorgeous!

“Today’s Entry Doors is a 5-star company. From the initial contact, sales process, sourcing, and installation… I was extremely pleased with my experience. The value delivered is noteworthy! They effortlessly replaced my 35-year-old wood entry door with a beautiful dutch door with a retractable screen system… Today’s Entry Doors delivered on their commitment!”

Review From Humberto, C.

This review is similar to the first we shared. The family was tired of their old door in horrible shape and decided to invest in an entry door that would last and be something they could be proud of.

“This review is long overdue! Our entry door when we moved into our house was horrible. We would avoid using it because it got stuck and made so much noise we would exit and enter through the garage instead.”

What a bummer! They would even avoid using the door and really didn’t want to put money into maintenance or repairs. Another common situation we run into.

“So, I got to looking for quotes, but most of these places had mixed reviews until I came across Today’s Entry Doors. They were extremely professional from the start.”

We pride ourselves on the initial parts of how we conduct business. We don’t use pressure sales. We don’t bombard you with brochures. We don’t treat you unprofessionally. Instead, we listen CAREFULLY and then give you the information you need to make the best choice.

“It did take our door a few months to arrive, but it was definitely worth the wait. Their guy came out to install it and he was clean and organized. I’m very OCD so I can tell when work is done right. No more noises, no more hard to open and close doors! Thank you, there’s a reason why you guys have 5 stars.”

We’re OCD as well; committed to the finer details of premium entry door systems. Humberto and his family LOVED their new choice.


A Sampling Of Our Yelp Reviews

Review From Kelley, W.

After reading this, you’ll notice common themes we find in about 80% of our reviews: appreciation for our professionalism, our Long-Standing, Proven Process, and the value we represent. Not to mention timeliness.

“I can’t recommend Today’s Entry Doors highly enough! Their professionalism from start to finish was outstanding. Everything about the process from door selection to ordering, to installation was flawless. They under-promise and over-deliver. Our doors arrived about 3 weeks before anticipated. They advised that installation would take approximately 5-6 hours, but the job was completed (and completely cleaned) in just under 4 hours.”

We take keeping a tidy workspace and cleaning up after ourselves very seriously. Our installers aren’t subcontractors, they’re our in-house, highly-trained, and detail-oriented experts. The quality control methods we’ve perfected over decades ensure everything is showroom-quality.

“We have already received many compliments in the 6 days since they were installed. 5 out of 5 stars. Would recommend them!”

Review From Judith, V.

Along with timeliness and our super-popular mobile showroom, the big part of our process that Judith’s review touches on is our proactive and accommodating approach to communication.

“From start to finish Today’s Entry Doors provided excellent service, quality, and communication. They came to my home with the Mobile Showroom which allowed me to see the doors, colors, and styles up close, without leaving my street.”

We’ve had the mobile showroom for a long time. It’s great. We put it together because we wanted to make the process of choosing this caliber of entry door (and getting measurements at home) much easier.

“After the deposit was made I had regular communication by email and phone with their office. They kept me advised on door arrival estimates and amazingly my door arrived almost 2 months earlier than expected. A bonus for me!”

It’s important for you to be in the loop when lead times are what they are these days. Regardless, we aren’t going to leave you hanging or wondering what’s going on with your project.

“Then I was sent an email about what to expect on installation day. The installer came exactly on time and I had a brand new door in about 4 hours. I watched him go about his work like the pro that he is, and wow I have a fabulous-looking new Dutch door! I can’t praise Today’s Entry Doors enough for quality product and service.”

Review From Matt, K.

This last review from Matt really just emphasizes what we’ve been reading so far. And despite the longer-than-usual lead time (thanks to the country-wide events of 2020), he and his wife were extremely happy.

“We are so happy with our new double doors at our home thanks to Today’s Entry Doors! Our installer was extremely friendly and professional throughout the installation. Due to supply chain disruption, we had about a 4-month timeframe from when we ordered the doors until they arrived and were installed. They checked in with us every few weeks to provide updates and timelines, which was appreciated.”

While it might seem we only install ultra-expensive, high-end entry door systems, you might be shocked to learn we have a large variety of more affordable options as well. Not every project calls for a ‘forever home’ style door.

“Since this is not our “forever” home, we decided not to go with a high-end entry but had to replace the hideous 50-year-old doors that were still attached to the house! We received quotes from a few different companies and were very pleased with our choice. Highly recommend if you’re looking for new doors!”

You Can Find More On Our Reviews Page

In Conclusion: We Take Great Care Of Our Customers

And they definitely appreciate it! Thanks to families like these, we’ve been very fortunate and blessed with success. If you’d like to learn more about us or chat with one of our experts here in the office, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us. We’re happy to give you all the information and answers you need. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Learn About Your Basic Entry Door Hardware Options

Your Basic Entry Door Hardware Options

After All Other Door Options Have Been Made,
It’s Important To Pick The Right Set

We Help OC Homeowners Get It Just Right Every Time

Hardware… it’s one of those things that tends to come at the end of the initial design consultation. We see it all the time. Customers work with our entry door specialists to go through the (sometimes slightly exhausting) process of picking the door style, size, the glass, the coloring, sidelights, etc., and then we say,

“Well done! This is going to look outstanding. Now, how about the hardware?”

They tend to think…‘oh great, more choices!

For some people that’s exciting, but for others, not so much.

When it comes to hardware, you’ve got a wide variety with Today’s Entry Doors to find the perfect match.

Let’s take a quick look at the two brands we work with.

Hardware Manufacturer #1: Kwikset

This is what we consider our more popular or familiar brand. They tend to have the edge over our second manufacturer in terms of tech: electronic locks, smart deadbolts, great security sets for Extra Safety & Security, etc. We estimate roughly 9 of 10 of our customers each month choose them.

They can be keyed to other exterior doors, they have plenty of styles, and a cornerstone set of nine colors to choose from:

  • Venetian Bronze
  • Satin Nickel – Antique Nickel
  • Polished Chrome – Satin Chrome
  • Polished Brass – Antique Brass – Lifetime Polished Brass
  • Matte Black

Hardware Manufacturer #2: Emtek

This is what we consider our more premium brand of exterior door hardware. They aren’t ‘better’ really, just pricier and more on the high-end: they have more options (for example, 20 available finish options), and a wider selection of styles.

  • Contemporary
  • American Classic & American Designer
  • Crystal & Porcelain
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Rustic Living
  • Tuscany
  • Art Nouveau

How Do You Pick The Right Set?

In terms of choosing exterior door hardware here in the Orange County, CA area, it really depends on the style of the door and your entryway. So, for example, let’s say you’re going with a modern or Contemporary-Style Door, you might want to choose from the square/rectangular shapes with nice straight lines and a streamlined look.


Or, let’s say you’ve got a wood-looking, spanish-style Fiberglass Exterior Door. You might consider rounded hardware with curves that match the detail and the curves of the door.

There’s also color to consider. By far, our three most common finishes are:

  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Satin Nickel
  • Matte Black

Hardware really puts the icing on the cake, so to speak. For example, satin nickel makes black or dark-colored doors really pop (in a good way). With a replicated wood, or darker-stained wood door, many people go with the black or bronze.

Wrapping Up: We Help You Get Every Detail Just Right

Have more questions concerning entry door hardware, or anything else pertaining to our high-end door systems and full-service approach? Don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us Today.

Speak to real specialists with a long-standing track record of genuine ‘bend of backward’ customer service. We’re happy to give you all the time you need. Thanks so much, and we look forward to chatting with you!

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The 4 Ways You Can Configure Your Entry Door’s Swing

Explore This Advantage Of A Complete Replacement Of Your Old Pre-Hung System.

If your current front door is like most, it swings inwards. One way or another, that’s become common here in the Orange County, CA area. And when you see the average pre-hung, cookie-cutter front door, they tend to follow this norm.

There are some functional reasons. Security, for example. When a door is kicked in, it’s typically at the hinges. They can be a weak point, so general manufacturers keep them inside the home, rather than outside. Plus, with an inward swinging front door you can easily peek at anyone knocking on or approaching the door.

How about aesthetics. Some folks don’t want to take the necessary steps to hide outside hinges or harden them in a good looking way.

But when it comes time to update your front door and replace it with a gorgeous, custom, high-caliber entry door system with us… you’ve got options.

Take this example image below from one of our Entry Door Galleries. This is a 96-inch Dutch Door with smooth skin; factory-painted white. The glass is hard to see, but it’s clear.

The 4 Directions

They’re pretty basic at first glance – the swing directions are always based on the exterior view of the door, as if you’re standing outside looking in. Also, keep in mind that with outswings, “left” and “right” doesn’t mean the hinges are on the left or the right. It’s the opposite!

  1. Left hand inswing (LHIS)
  2. Left hand outswing (LHOS).
  3. Right hand inswing (RHIS).
  4. Right hand outswing (RHOS).

Here are the diagrams we use to help explain these options to people who visit our showroom or who have us send out our Mobile Showroom.

What it comes down to is the surrounding environment directly inside or outside the door. For example, perhaps you’d like to sport vines or a nice planter outside on the right. Well, then an outward swing on the left might look great – unique, classy, welcoming.

Can you imagine outward swinging doors with an entry door like this: double 30-inch entry doors that have been factory-painted vineyard, with chinchilla glass and satin nickel hardware (we installed this system in the Anaheim area).

Because we do complete full-service, A to Z installations of The Very Best Doors, we remove and manufacture the frame so we can do almost anything. And let’s not forget there are other exterior doors like side-entry doors that you may want to swing differently. 


What if inside the doorway is a laundry area and appliances? What if you want to make more room inside? What if you want it much more wide open inside the entryway? It really comes down to the layout of the house (it’s common for us to do our work while other parts of the entryway and home are being remodeled as well).

That’s a 72×80-inch double side entry door system in white, which we installed in the Trabuco Canyon area. As you can see, the hinges are on the outside, but trust us, those doors are secure. Here’s another example from a high-quality fiberglass water heater door we installed:

Bottom Line: You Get The Exact Look You Want

The good news is that when you go with premium entry doors, you get premium features and benefits. You get to have everything exactly as you want it, to match your lifestyle, the aesthetic of your home, and your security needs.

Have more questions about our process? Curious about a dutch door perhaps? Want to learn all the ins and outs of getting a new custom fiberglass entry door system. Don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact The Entry Door Experts. We’re happy to take the time and treat you right!

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Just How Secure Are New Custom Fiberglass Entry Doors?

Just How Secure Are The Entry Doors Installed By Today’s Entry Doors?

Learn How We Reinforce The Vulnerable Points To Secure Orange County Homes

When you invest in a gorgeous new custom-designed entry door, you know it’s about much more than just beauty and aesthetics. The door’s primary function is to exist as a portal that also helps SECURE your home.

This is why we ONLY install The Very Best Doors that are well-built, incredibly sturdy, long-lasting, durable, and strong for our Orange County customers (and surrounding areas).

But here’s the secret – when it comes to Fiberglass Doors or really any other residential door, security doesn’t come primarily from the lock and hardware. Those definitely help, but when someone really wants to get inside, they need to break through the points of the door where the locks meet the frame (which hopefully isn’t in a weakened state).

A few quick points on the subject you should know:

  • A home intrusion is committed every 16 seconds in the United States.
  • Around 60% of burglars use forcible entry to gain access to a home.
  • Typically, burglars spend less than 60 seconds breaking into a home.
  • The more difficult it is to gain access, the more likely a burglar is to reconsider the attack.

What About Barricades Or Braces?

They’re effective, sure, but the downside of these devices is that they can only be armed when you’re inside. They leave your home vulnerable when you’re away.

To show you an integral part of our Proven Process, below is a video we made to illustrate the extra steps we take to ensure your new high-caliber entry door is EXTRA secure. We included a full transcription below as well.

Video Transcription

“Home invasion can happen to anybody, at any time. Your front or side door could be a vulnerable point of entry. Properly installed, your door lock is only part of the answer. Usually the problem isn’t the door or the hardware, it’s the wood frame that surrounds the door. The weak points are where the locks engage the frame.”

“Today’s Entry Doors uses a proprietary installation method to enhance security at these vulnerable points. We go above and beyond just following manufacturer instructions. We reinforce those areas of concern with individual 16-guage galvanized steel plates which are in turn secured to the house framing.”


“Then, on the other side of the framing, each hinge is also reinforced by replacing two standard hinge screws with two 3-inch #10 screws. This not only adds strength, but keeps the jams from being spread apart. ”

“No other door dealer or big box goes to these extremes to secure your home. We know that buying an entry door is about security as much as it is about looks and functionality. That’s why each and every new door installed by Today’s Entry Doors will have these security enhancements.”

Wrapping Up: We Offer A Wide Selection Of Locking Systems!

Whether you need your home to become what we like to call a mini-Fort Knox, or you just want the latest tech and locking systems in place, the specialists at Today’s Entry Doors can help. Feel free to Contact Us at your earliest convenience and we’ll be happy to tell you all about the security levels of the entry door systems we install (and really anything else you want to know). We look forward to hearing from you!

Fiberglass Entry Doors
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Can You Repaint Or Restain Fiberglass Entry Doors?

Explore This Common Question We Get From Customers

Because we’re the #1 entry door specialists in the Orange County, CA, area, here at Today’s Entry Doors, we answer many good questions for homeowners.

With 30+ years in business under our belts, there’s simply no one better or more informed to call!

One of our most common questions comes from previous customers. Roughly 99% of our customers get their Fiberglass Entry Door System factory-painted or stained, but let’s be honest, we get sun exposure in our part of the country!

Note: If you decide to look through our extensive entry door galleries, you’ll see 100+ doors with various popular, unique, and personalized colors.

Folks want to know:

“How long before my entry door starts to fade?”

They want to know whether these doors (relative to natural wood systems) can be repainted or restrained for a new, refreshed look.

First, let’s talk about fading.

The Answer: It Depends. The truth is, putting a specific number on any door is incredibly tough.

  • What color is the door? Dark/lighter colors fade at different rates. Darker fades faster.
  • How much sun exposure does the door get? Morning sun? Afternoon? All-day sun?
  • Unless you have an overhang protecting the door, it will fade over time.

Once the door reaches a certain age and fading point, it’s time to get it handled by a professional. And yes, we highly recommend working with a professional and not trying to repaint or refinish the door yourself.



Professionals who can do this work for you don’t come cheap. And we understand it’s tempting to call the manufacturer and get a kit you can try yourself.

Do you have all the tools necessary to do it correctly? For example, a good sprayer? Are you schooled in the methods of prepping the door – stripping it, sanding it, etc.?

It’s a process you don’t want to just wing. We holeheartedly feel the expense is worth it to keep the very best door systems looking top-notch.

Have Questions Of Your Own? Contact The Experts

Every person who works for our company is a legitimate expert regarding premium fiberglass entry door systems from our major manufacturers (Jeld-Wun, Therma-Tru, and Masonite). We have decades of experience, and we’re happy to answer any question you might have concerning pricing, process, styling, installation, you name it!

Reach out and contact us today, and we’ll give you all the time you need. It’s our pleasure!

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How To Get More Entryway Space Without Double Doors!

Looking To Expand Your Doorway But Not Interested In
Going With Double-Entry Doors? We Have A Solution.

Anywhere from 5-10% of our customers say they would like to have more entry door space, but without resorting to huge double-entry doors.

What can we do?

Whereas most other companies in the area struggle with this kind of issue, we can quickly help you design the perfect single door with an operable sidelite (known as an uneven pair).

Let’s take a look at this image from our Entry Door Galleries:

What you have here is a smooth-skin, Therma-Tru fiberglass entry door system factory-stained blue with one extra-white operable sidelight and one inoperable sidelite (both are 5 light-SDL).

Each sidelite is one piece of solid Rain-style privacy glass, with the framing elements making it look like there are five separate windows on each.

We installed that entry door for a wonderful family out in the Diamond Bar, CA area.

Compare it to the entry door below, where a mull post exists between the door and inside sidelite. Even if the sidelight were operable, there wouldn’t be any extra space.

Let’s look at another setup that does provide more space.

As you can see, they have a stairway directly behind the front door. So, having this extra space to move in/out appliances, furniture, or other large objects makes the entire task so much easier (and safer).

That’s another Therma-Tru model, but this time the privacy glass is Chord-style (without posts for solid rather than divided light). Its got a Mahogany grain and is sporting the color Mulberry.

We installed it for another great family in the Anaheim, CA, area.

  • This is a functional theme.
  • Essentially, it’s a modified double door that acts like an uneven pair.
  • The sidelites in these doors are about a foot wide, combined with the 3-foot wide doors.
  • Everything about the setup in terms of aesthetics can be customized: glass, the doors themselves, hardware, color, etc.

One of the main issues is that in Southern California, 5-foot openings are the norm. This can be a rather tight fit for some. With these kinds of modified doors, you have the flexibility to get the type of aesthetic you want without having to resort to double-doors.

How Big Of An Investment Is This Solution?

You’ve got a wide array of choices and levels of value. On one end, there are the cheaply-made mass-produced door systems you can buy from big-box stores and hire a contractor to install.

On the other end is a premium system you get through Today’s Entry Doors.

Including our entire turnkey process, they begin at roughly $10,000.

  • First, we help you design and customize a stunning new entry door system.
  • Then, we work directly with the manufacturer to make it perfect down to the finest detail.
  • Once built, we flawlessly install it for you for true peace of mind and value.
  • Feel free to browse our Case Studies for insight into what it’s like working with us.

Interested? Reach Out And Contact Us Today

If this particular solution interests you and you live in or directly around the Orange County, CA, area, reach out and Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We’ll be happy to walk you through the particulars, answer your questions, and address any concerns you might have. You could also schedule a time for our mobile showroom to stop by!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Learn How To Easily Finance Your New Entry Door System

Here At Today’s Entry Doors, about 20% of our yearly entry door transformation projects are financed. And as such, we ensure we offer the best options we possibly can to Orange County, CA homeowners.

In today’s article, we would like to breeze through some of the basics of Our Financing to fill you in.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Who Do We Finance Through?

With our experience and rock-solid industry reputation, we could have chosen ANYONE to finance projects. Instead, we decided to make Enerbank our steadfast financing partner.

Who are they?

Enerbank is one of America’s home improvement lenders of choice and, as such, a great addition to our Proven Process.

In their own words:

“EnerBank USA is a specialized home improvement lender – experts at providing loans for home improvement projects. Since it’s our specialty, we’ve developed payment options perfectly tailored to home improvement needs. We’ve been doing this for over two decades and have approved over a million home improvement loans.”

  • They have a quick and easy application process without application fees.
  • They don’t use your home as collateral, and there are no appraisal costs.
  • They use US-based customer service reps.
  • 120-180 day credit commitments.
  • Regions Bank FDIC Member.
  • They maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What Kind Of Loans Do They Offer?

Everything from Same-As-Cash loans to reduced interest loans, zero-interest loans, traditional installment loans, and more. Most of our customers get the 12 Month Same-As-Cash loan (no interest, and almost everyone qualifies) and the 5-year loan at 6.99%.


We always walk folks through this when they visit our showroom or have us pay their home a visit in our decked-out Mobile Showroom.

Will You Help Me Through The Process?

Absolutely. We’re happy to give you as much time as you need and the good news is that our Four-Page Contracts are ultra-simple. No fine print. No surprises. No extra fees or costs you find out about later. No nonsense whatsoever.

When you stop by our showroom or have our mobile showroom visit your home, we will give you all the information you need to know whether our financing options are a good match for your budgeting needs.

Wrapping Up: Contact Us For More Information

If you would like to know more about our door manufacturers and you live in or directly around the Orange County, CA, area, reach out and Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We’ll be happy to walk you through the particulars, answer your questions, and address any concerns you might have. You could also schedule a time for our mobile showroom to stop by!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Quickly Get To Know Our Trio Of Entry Door Manufacturers

We Maintain Rock-Solid Relationships With America’s
Top 3 Entry Door Brands

At Today’s Entry Doors, we’ve been doing nothing but entry door systems for over 30 years.

We’ve seen it all. We’ve done it all. We’ve dealt with every problem. We’ve overcome every kind of challenge the industry tosses our way. This explains why we’re so picky when it comes to installing doors – they absolutely MUST be gorgeous ‘Lifetime’ fiberglass doors. 

We’re also exceedingly picky when it comes to our Entry Door Manufacturers

  • Jeld-Wen
  • Therma-Tru
  • Masonite

Let’s talk about each and why we’ve been building such strong, reliable, and efficient relationships with them over the years. 

Jeld-Wen: Their Premium Aurora Fiberglass Line

classic entry door by today's entry doors

We consider Jeld-Wen our ‘best of the best’ entry door manufacturer. Why? First and foremost, they can do a million different things with the 80+ variations in their exclusive Aurora Fiberglass Line – which we specialize in. 

It’s all we focus on within their entire catalog.

  • We feel the value and artisanship of these luxury-level entry doors are unmatched.
  • They’re the top-tier fiberglass models on the market.
  • They go the extra yard to ensure their doors are near identical to natural wood. 

Aurora doors are heavier and swing like wood doors. Their grains look and feel exactly like wood grains. Even the sound of them moving is like traditional wood doors!

We’ve got the most trained eyes for entry doors in all of Southern California, and we have a hard time distinguishing them from the real thing unless we get up close and personal. But, at the same time, you get the excellent warranty coverage it’s impossible to get with wood doors. You also get to enjoy low maintenance and lack of ongoing maintenance. 

Bottom Line

You get all the best features of a high-caliber wood entry door without actually dealing with wood! Including our other two brands, we carry full-size examples from the Aurora line in our convenient Mobile Showroom

Therma-Tru: Our Most Well-Known Manufacturer

therma tru fiberglass entry door with sidelites installed by today's entry doors

Along with our high-end option, we’ve been with Therma-Tru for decades because they’re the most well-known name in fiberglass doors. 

They’re a familiar brand with a nationwide presence; therefore, they’ve got many options (nearly every door in every size) and the most extensive catalog at reasonable prices. 

They’re one of the pioneers of the entire fiberglass door industry, so their ability to accommodate our customer’s needs is impressive. 

  • Their Classic Craft line is our 2nd most premium option. 
  • We can also help you navigate their Smooth Star and Fiber Classic lines. 
  • No matter what you need, they likely have an option that will fit the bill.
  • We tend to start our at-home consultations with their lines. 

Therma-Tru has been evolving for decades, but it’s been exciting to see them transition into one all-encompassing process and offer nationwide options like colors, builds, etc. 

Masonite: Our Go-To Supplier For Premium Dutch Doors

masonite fiberglass dutch entry door installed by Today's Entry Doors

When it comes to Masonite, they’re also a prominent brand within the industry. They do a large variety of doors, including residential, commercial, wood, interior, exterior, etc. We only work with their residential fiberglass lines.  

  • Belleville
  • Heritage
  • VistaGrande

We like them because a) they represent excellent value at reasonable prices, and b) they’re our go-to resource for personalized dutch entry doors. We use them almost exclusively for their dutch doors, thanks to their high levels of customization. 

If you’re interested, we’ll be happy to bring the mobile showroom by and introduce you to this increasingly popular style. 

Wrapping Up: Contact Us For More Information

If you would like to know more about our door manufacturers and you live in or directly around the Orange County, CA, area, reach out and Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We’ll be happy to walk you through the particulars, answer your questions, and address any concerns you might have. You could also schedule a time for our mobile showroom to stop by!  

We look forward to hearing from you soon.