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The Basics Of Our High-End Classic Or Traditional Entry Doors

Classic Entry Doors Have Been Around Forever.
We’ve Been Installing Them For Decades!

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we work with folks in the Orange County, CA area from all walks of life and all age groups. We’ve been doing so for decades with great success, and when it comes to Classic or Traditional Entry Doors, the vast majority of these customers are older.


Because these types of entry doors are styled to be more old school! They present a specific traditional look, and for the older generations they’re FAMILIAR. This style has been around for, well, forever.

Our customers who choose the traditional look want something subtler, without all the flamboyant or decorative bells and whistles. They want a door that matches their older-styled home and looks OUTSTANDING!

Here’s a great example from our Entry Door Galleries that we installed in the Orange, CA area.

What you have here is a classic 60×80 (double 30’’) Jeld-Wen fiberglass entry door system with a mahogany grain, factory-stained Caramel. It’s got special Q glass with a Dark Patina caming and Emtek Saratoga hardware in Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

As you can see, it’s incredibly inviting but solid, straightforward, and minimally accentuated. If you want to see what the epitome of this style looks like, here’s another center-arch design with multi-panel.

This is another Jeld-Wen model from the Aurora Estate line with mahogany skin, factory-strained Chappo. It also sports Q glass, and with Patina caming. While hard to see, it’s complemented by a ProVia DuraGuard screen in blue. We installed this for a nice family in the Westminster, CA area.

Where do you usually find these? In well-established neighborhoods. They tend to give off that ‘Welcome home!” vibe that refreshes the look of the property without drastically changing the overall aesthetic.


Ornate, but simple; refined, but elegant; softer wooden colors, but charming. You’ll typically see curved lines with raised paneling and a hint of Victorian-styling with the glass choices.

Let’s look at a third example.

This is another Fiberglass Entry Door from Masonite.

What differs is that the top half is Harlow Glass with an Antique Black caming, then a classic two-panel design takes up the bottom. The grain is oak, complemented with a factory-stained Antique Oak. We installed this for an older couple in the Laguna Hills, CA area – feel free to check out our Service Areas section to see if we install entry doors in your neck of the woods.

In Summary: Consult Your Local Entry Door Experts

Interested in updating your home with a high-quality, custom fiberglass classic or traditional door and have questions or concerns? Reach out and Contact Us! Today’s Entry Doors is the premier entry door company in all of Southern California, and we have the answers.

We’re happy to make an effort and talk with you as much as you need. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Learn About Our Craftsman Front Doors
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Learn Why Craftsman Front Doors Have Been Around Forever

The Truth About Craftsman Front Doors:
They Fit Any Orange County Home!

Craftsman entry doors have been around, well, forever… and for good reasons.

Even today, they’re a very popular entry door. We regularly help homeowners customize and then install on Orange County homes (we’re full-service). In this article, let’s spend a few minutes going over the fundamentals so you can understand why they’ll NEVER go out of style.

First, what exactly is a Craftsman Front Door? As we explain the differences, we’ll include images from our Entry Door Galleries to give you some great visuals.

Like this one!

These are front door systems you could consider ‘traditional’ that effortlessly blend with more modern looking homes. The one in the image above is a single 42×80 fiberglass model from Jeld-Wen with sleek black paint and six windows of clear glass.

  • Glass takes up the top third of the door.
  • Craftsman doors always come in one core piece (but can be made dutch).
  • Then the bottom two-thirds is a type of panel design.
  • Usually, there are two panels, but there can be only one as well.

Traditionally they were made of natural hardwoods, but many homeowners today prefer updated materials. We only install Fiberglass Entry Doors that are professionally stained or painted to look like hardwood.

Why Are They Called ‘Craftsman Doors’?

They originate from early 20th-century craftsman homes, which themselves came from the ‘Arts & Crafts’ movement rooted in old English culture of the late 19th century. They tended to be simple, made of natural materials, and were dynamically contrasted from the elaborate Victorian-style homes.


The good news is, they work with really any style of home here in the Orange County area of Southern California. It doesn’t matter whether you have a conventional-looking home or something a bit more artistic in terms of architecture and coloring.

Learn About Our Craftsman Front Doors

And, they’re quite versatile!

Most of the time, our customers go with a clean-cut shaker look with square panels and no molding (vs. raised panels), but these kinds of doors are very flexible. You can add sidelites. You can get creative with the type of glass you choose, make them dutch, and compliment them with a whole host of customizations.

For example, the one linked above with the beautiful puppy is a 36×80 model in Cordovan Red with six clear-glass windows in the door and a set of contrasting white sidelites with five windows (also clear).

Or, how about this next one that has a single operable single sidelite in a smokey blue color. We installed it in a gorgeous Huntington Beach home (explore some of our Case Studies).


So, while the overall layout of craftsman doors is going to be the same, in general, you can really mix things up with the color, paneling, glass choices, sidelites, and hardware you choose.

Bottom Line: Talk With Your Local Entry Door Experts

Interested in updating your home with a high-quality, custom fiberglass craftsman door and have questions or concerns? Reach out and Contact Us! Today’s Entry Doors is the premier entry door company in all of Southern California, and we have the answers.

We’re happy to make an effort and talk with you as much as you need. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Dig Into The Basics Of Our Premium Rustic-Style Entry Doors

Rustic Entry Doors Are A Very Specific Style
We’ve Installed In Local Homes For Decades

Here in Orange County and across most of Southern California, there are many what we like to call both “Mediterranean” or “Spanish-themed” homes with white or tan stucco siding and Spanish tile roofing.

Rustic Style is one kind of premium entry door system that works perfectly with them.

We’ve impeccably installed these systems for homeowners for decades and know them extremely well. In this article, let’s talk about the basics of rustic doors and, as we do, show you some examples from our Entry Door Galleries.

Let’s start with this one:

What you’re looking at there is a gorgeous Jeld-Wen Fiberglass Entry Door we installed in the Mission Viejo, CA area. It’s sized at 36×80, with a soft Knotty Alder grain, factory-stained Honey. As you can see, it has a Seville speakeasy grille – which is a decorative grille in front of a hatch window paired with glass you can open from the inside to look out.

  • They tend to have a stained wood look.
  • Rustic doors tend to have planked panel designs.
  • Many will be accentuated by wrought iron accessories, or clavos.

Here’s an example we installed that has both clavos and speakeasies. Some folks just want one or the other, but sporting both is also popular as well.

Those beautiful rustic double doors we installed in San Clemente are from the Jeld-Wen Aurora Estate line, also with a Knotty Alder Grain, factory-stained Caramel. The speakeasy has wrought iron grilles, then the Flat Black hardware is Emtek Greeley.

They look regal, don’t they?

Planked panels are common because they make the doors look very strong. Coupled with our added security measures and those from our high-end manufacturers, they keep would-be burglars away with ease!


Are you familiar with wrought iron? These stout designs are perfect for rustic doors. And there’s so much you can do in terms of customizations, especially when you pair them with gorgeous kinds of glass.

Here’s an easy example.

That is a Therma-Tru model, with Rustic grain, factory-stained Cherry. The glass behind that beautiful grille is Augustine, and then you’ve got the sharp Flat Black Emtek Saratoga hardware. But how about that wrought iron? Stunning. And while it’s blocked from view, their home is a perfect match.

In Conclusion: Contact Your Local Entry Door Experts

Interested in updating your home with a high-quality, custom fiberglass rustic door system and have questions or concerns? Reach out and Contact Us! Today’s Entry Doors is the premier entry door company in all of Southern California, and we have the answers.

We’re happy to make an effort and talk with you as much as you need. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Why Some Local Orange County, CA Homeowners Love Modern-Contemporary Entry Doors

One specific function our customers love about our website, and even those who don’t ultimately work with us, is our extensive Entry Door Galleries. There are hundreds of images to browse of real systems in all the most popular styles we’ve installed across the Orange County, CA area.

We also have things setup so you can Explore Entry Doors by Style, Size, and Brand to help you figure out the particulars you’re looking for.

Today, let’s look at the Contemporary style.

They’re actually a bit more popular than most people think offhand.


  • Modern or Contemporary Entry Doors tend to be smooth looking. Simple. Streamlined. Some might even say a bit stoic depending on the color you choose.
  • Speaking of which, they tend to be painted rich extraordinary colors and a big aesthetic focus are the glass inserts.
  • When you compare this style with others, you’ll notice that glass placement is distinctive. For example, you may have one thin, tall rectangular insert right next to the door handles, or a series of 5 small squares. They could go in the middle, be on the other side, and so forth.

Something important to note is that with this style, our manufacturers offer many more glass insert choices. There’s more versatility in the design than with other categories.

This means you get much more of that ‘custom’ presence.

Take A Few Minutes: Explore Some Fiberglass Double Dutch Entry Doors

Why The Quotes You Get From Us Are Just Downright Better Than Others

Explore The Differences Between French & Sliding Glass Patio Doors

For many homeowners, they choose these types of Fiberglass Doors because either it matches the decor and overall design of their home, or because they want that distinctive pop! Something truly noticeable vs. classic, rustic, etc.

While the pic from our galleries below is slightly tilted, look at how thin those glass inserts are in the middle and how the white really makes it stand out from the greenery and more beige color of the home.

It’s a great example of a modern door purposely clashing with the colors of the home to give the door a big WOW factor. It’s a mahogany-grain door, but factory-stained sable with frosted glass.

In this next example image, it’s hard to see but the glass inserts are Cross Reed privacy glass and the color of the door is called Asparagus Fern.

Again, the big idea here is flexibility with coloring and styling the glass. You use the distinction, the bold lines, and design of the inserts to create something you can’t take your eyes off of. In fact, just this one upgrade can give your home a completely new modern feel and look.

Interested In Learning More About Entry Door Styles?

We only work with and install the VERY BEST Entry Doors. Period. And after 30+ years doing nothing else, we know just about everything there is to know about these high-end fiberglass front doors.

If you’re interested in talking shop with a seasoned expert, from a company that cares more for our customers than our bottom line, Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We’re happy to take the time and walk you through the fine details. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


This Is Why We Only Ask For 10% Upfront On Our Turnkey Custom Entry Door Service & Installations

We’ll keep this particular article on the shorter side, because here’s the bottom line:

At Today’s Entry Doors we’re only going to ask you for 10% upfront.

That’s it. Period. Beginning of story…

The rest we’ll collect after everything is done and your new entry door system has been installed to absolute perfection.

Because one of the really stressful steps in dramatic home improvements and transformations…is the dreaded down payment.

We don’t like stress.

We like happy customers who are ecstatic that they chose to work with us.

Here in Southern California (we serve Orange County and directly-surrounding areas), depending on what you’re investing in, you could be asked for as much as 30%…


Maybe even 100%!

In our niche as Fiberglass Entry Door Specialists, what 10% comes to for the high-end custom systems we sell (full-service, all-inclusive) is about $5,000-$10,000 — depending on a large variety of variables.

But for our customers this equals about $500 to $1,000 down on world-class entry doors you can browse yourself by visiting our Entry Door Galleries.

Explore Some Gorgeous Dutch Doors With Stunning Sidelights

Dig Into The 5 Easy Steps For Choosing Your New Front Doors

Discover The 8 Common Types Of Entry Doors In Orange County, CA

We’ve been doing this for, well, a really long time and NOT ONCE has it come back to bite us.

In fact, we checked our records, and out of literally thousands of installs we THINK only one or two customers backed out before delivery. And these were very extenuating, rare circumstances to say the least.

Although we’ve NEVER had a customer give us the 10% down payment and then essentially ‘ghost us’ and disappear.

10% Seems Arbitrary — Why Not ZERO Down Payment?

Because we want to see some commitment. We’re careful about who we work with. We’re successful, thriving, and we have an extensive customer base after 30+ years. So, we don’t just hop at every homeowner who comes knocking (pun intended).

There’s modern supply chain issues and lead times to consider, but every one of our customers is fully-informed and knows exactly what will happen from step to step. Needless to say, we ensure their expectations are realistic — based on hard numbers, our genuine 5-star reviews, a Lifetime Warranty, and local reputation here in Orange County.

Not to mention our expertise and other elements like Our Entry Door Case Studies.

Honestly, after decades in business, we could count the amount of ‘issues’ we’ve had with customers on one hand.

We Don’t Need To Worry Or Hedge Our Bets

We ask for 10% upfront because we know nothing is going to go wrong — this is also the highest that’s allowed by the Contractors State License Board – or CSLB.

“Contractors cannot ask for a deposit of more than 10 percent of the total cost of the job or $1,000, whichever is less.”

Most contractors don’t know this, or worse…don’t care! With us, there’s no need on our end to ask for more anyway. If by chance a small issue does pop up during the process, we’re going to get it promptly and professionally handled without any hassles whatsoever.

Bottom Line: We know we’re offering the VERY BEST DOORS in the Orange County, CA area. To learn more, simply Contact Us and we’ll be happy to take the time and walk through the basics with you.


Real Door Experts: Who You Can Expect To Talk To When You Call Today’s Entry Doors

Any number of annoying things can happen when you call a home improvement company to try and chat about your options

  • You get an answering machine, not for a business, but for a ‘Chuck & His Truck’ outfit.
  • ‘Chuck’ picks up, he’s hard to hear because he’s driving and you get disconnected.
  • A secretary answers the phone who really has no concrete answers for you (no matter how simple the questions may be), but just wants to put you in touch with salespeople.
  • You end up chatting with salespeople who aren’t really product or materials experts.

Have any of these scenarios happened to you?

How frustrating!

This is one of the many core differences when you deal with Today’s Entry Doors (TED).

When you call us…

Anyone who picks up the phone is a Front Door Scientist!

That’s a promise. We can guarantee it because TED is a close-knit, family-owned, and operated business with decades…upon decades of industry experience.

Rather than having a large assortment of services, we’re specialists. ALL we do is install the finest Fiberglass Entry Doors in the world in homes across the Orange County, CA area.

We don’t have a sales team.

We also don’t use paid advertising, but depend on organic traffic from the internet and referrals.

And we don’t employ any secretaries either.

Let’s briefly go over a couple common examples.

Calls Where You Just Need The Basics

Daily, Orange County homeowners call us to see what kind of prices and value they can expect for the caliber of entryway transformations we do. For these basic inquiries, all we need is to ask you a few questions and then we can tell you everything you need to know.

It’s really that simple.

No runarounds. No getting put on hold for 10-20 minutes. No, ‘I’ll have to get back to you on that’ or sales pressures.

Just professional, straight, honest answers and information.

Learn About The Typical Size Of Entry Doors We Install In Orange County

Discover Whether Double Front Doors Are Really Worth The Investment

Dig Into Two Important Lessons We Learned From Two Important Calls

Confused Calls About Unique Door Sizes

Here in California, we have unique doors and unique door sizes. Most people aren’t aware of this until it comes time to invest in a new front door system.

For example, your double doors in CA might have a 5-foot opening — the overall size. But, in the rest of the county, it’s bigger! Maybe 5 and a half to 6-foot openings. So from an industry perspective, you have more limited options.

The issue is that major manufacturers don’t make a ton of them to try and satisfy one state, or section of the county. So folks do their homework, call around, strike out, and eventually find their way to TED where we specialize in selling and installing these exact double door sizes (only in Orange County and immediately surrounding areas).

We offer more options in this size and can walk you through every detail if need be.

How about those 42-inch Entry Doors that are so popular in Orange County, but rare around the rest of the nation? Say, 42’’ by 80’’ — a tough size. Where others offer limited options, we know a ton about them and have tons!

Speaking of which…

Calls About Front Door Customizations

Did you recently see an entry door that took your breath away? An entryway that stirred your heart and soul?

We often get calls where folks see door systems they like, but not 100%. They want to know a) what exactly they’re looking at, and b) whether they can do some customizations.

  • Maybe they adore everything but the glass.
  • Maybe each detail is perfect… except the coloring and hardware.
  • Maybe the essence of the entire doorway is right, but you’d prefer a dutch door.

Whatever the case, in our industry what you see doesn’t have to be what you get. We can help you customize everything and explain all the finer details along the way.

Calls About Our Mobile Showroom

We get a decent amount of calls about our Mobile Showroom.

It’s a rare find in the replacement entry door industry.

Many want to know, do we really have one? Yes indeed!

What is it? A moving van-type vehicle we retrofitted into a genuine mobile showroom with lots of real entry doors to explore, hardware option examples…the works.

Our customers love it because it’s got just about everything they need (plus the door expert driving it) to get a custom high-end entry door system designed, contract signed, and the project started from the convenience of home.

Bottom Line: Expect Answers & Impeccable Service

TED isn’t just your average ‘window & door’ company. We’re bonafide specialists who ONLY focus on premium fiberglass entry door systems in the Orange County, CA area.

We’re full service. We don’t stock and sell doors. And we don’t just install doors people have already bought elsewhere. If you’d like to work with door scientists to get the EXACT entryway of your dreams, all you have to do is reach out and Contact Today’s Entry Doors. You’ll know right away, you’re in good hands. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Reason Today’s Entry Doors Will Not Hire Subcontractors

The #1 Reason Today’s Entry Doors Chooses Not To Hire Or Depend On Subcontractors

We here at Today’s Entry Doors aren’t going to badmouth subcontractors.

They’re DEFINITELY not all bad, but there’s also no question that throughout the home improvement industry’s bad apples have caused them to develop somewhat of a bum rap.

But here’s why we don’t choose to hire even the best subcontractors in the Orange County, CA area to install the finest Fiberglass Entry Doors in all of Southern California:

Our crew is better.


Better for our customers and better for us.

  • Everyone at our company, especially the installation crew, are genuine well-trained entry door specialists. Not “Jacks of all trades, but masters of none” kinds of installers.
  • ALL our in-house crew does is install custom high-end entry doors for our Orange County, CA customers (and directly surrounding areas). Literally nothing else.
  • They drive our trucks, use our tools, and you can read all about our level of workmanship and results in our 5-star reviews across the board.

Why Do Our ‘Competitors’ Use Subcontractors?

We use the word ‘competitors’ lightly because we don’t really have any in Southern California. No one does entry doors like we do: full-service, turn-key.

In general, there are two core reasons window and door companies hire subcontractors.

Right off the bat lower-quality or oftentimes sloppy volume-based businesses are looking to cover their tails! They expect issues. They expect things to go wrong, because it’s impossible to ensure 100% perfection when you do business like they do. And…they aren’t providing the VERY BEST DOORS for their customers either (meaning they aren’t designed for impeccable precision and quality aesthetics).


They also hire out subcontractors because frankly, it’s FAR cheaper.

It’s expensive to keep installers around for years and years like we do. We earn the loyalty of our talented installation crew and keep them with us through a great company culture.

Our installers are easily 100% more trained than anyone else you’re likely to meet.

5 to 6 days a week, our focus is ONLY new entry door systems. Because of this, our 30+ year Proven Process is as polished as it can be.

And with others, they might just be retailing the doors then wiping their hands clean of your project. They aren’t full-service like we are, where we help you choose the style, customize it, pick all the benefits and features, and then professionally install it for you.

Do Our Installers Drive The Mobile Showroom?

No. We use our Mobile Showroom to visit your home, sit down with you, go over the options right there (without just a bunch of manufacturer brochures, but real doors, hardware samples, glass samples, etc.).

This is done by another door expert who specializes in helping our customers get the picture-perfect entry door system they’ve been dreaming of. One that matches their home, tastes, and budget down to the finest detail.

Bottom Line: Work With The Best & Get The Best… Of Everything

When we say that there’s no one else who does full-service entry doors like we do in all of Southern California, we mean it. You’ll be working with the best in the business, and installers who in all these years have never caused us to get a single complaint.

To learn more, or go through the details (our contracts are only four pages long and streamlined), we’d be happy to chat with you. Call Today’s Entry Doors and let us show you our long-standing difference.


How We Guarantee No Mistakes

This Is How Our High-Quality ‘No Mistakes’ Control Methods Ensure Your Front Door Will Be EXACTLY What You Ordered

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, new customers are often surprised by how simple and straightforward our contracts are.

The reason for this is simple: because of our quality control methods, we don’t need to add tons of fine print or legalese to try and protect our company from things going wrong.

They won’t, and they don’t. We’ve been at this for decades.

Let’s talk about some of these measures we have in place to ensure your entry door is the Very Best Door it can be.

What Happens When Custom Front Doors Arrive At Our Warehouse

After your custom entry door is built, the core slab(s) and other major parts and accessories are shipped to our warehouse here in Orange County, CA.

We typically see at least one truck a day, carrying anywhere from two to as many as ten entry door systems.

They’re specially crated together, sort of like you would see with a large piece of fine furniture. The door itself is placed inside the crate, secured and protected. Plus, for us, they’re much easier to unload off the trailer tractor this way.

Then We Begin Our Inspection Process

We make sure every entry door system that leaves our warehouse and is installed in a local home is of the highest quality. Period.

  • Reminder: To see our quality control in action, head on over and bookmark our Entry Door Galleries. We have hundreds of real project photos from across the Orange County, CA area to see for yourself.
  • We inspect each entry door for 20-30 minutes before putting them safely in our warehouse for temporary storage.
  • Our inspection process is focused on accuracy and quality.
    • Accuracy: Not only in terms of ensuring you get the exact door you paid for, but that all the technical details like swing, build, and measurements are as they should be.
    • Quality: Our standards are pretty high, but we don’t expect absolute perfection. These are premium artisan-level products almost entirely processed by hand (cut by hand, glass installed by hand, prepped and mortised by hand, painted and packaged by hand, etc.).

If you grab a giant magnifying glass, you can find all kinds of evidence of this method of hand-crafting. When you order a hand painting, do you want it to look like a machine print?


This is why the vast majority of our customers aren’t looking for perfection either. They WANT unique craftsmanship.


Sometimes there will be itsy-bitsy bubbles or tiny hard-to-see blemishes in the paint.

Sometimes there’s what we like to call ‘paw prints’ from having so many different hands on them from initial creation through the manufacturing and transportation process (easy to clean off).

Or, we might see some almost microscopic blemishes where the hinges are prepped.

Rarely is there anything seriously wrong with these Fiberglass Entry Door Systems. But, does it happen from time to time, though? Sure.

What Happens When There’s A Serious Quality Issue?

If we find a serious issue with the door or it simply doesn’t meet our standards (or your expectations), we work with the manufacturer to get the situation dealt with promptly.

In a year, however, out of hundreds and hundreds of custom entry doors, we might only have to do this once or twice. Maybe it was accidental shipping damage. Maybe there’s an issue with the glass that wasn’t spotted before shipment.

Regardless, you’re in the loop, informed, and updated every step of the way.

After your entry door passes inspection, you’ll get a friendly call from us, where we’ll work with you to schedule your installation on the first available date.

To learn more about our process directly, reach out and Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We’ll happily walk you through the details and answer your questions. Hope to hear from you soon!


This Is Why Our Contracts For Custom Entry Doors Are Only Four Pages Long & Easy To Understand

If you’ve ever dealt with an average home improvement or remodeling company, then you already know they tend to have long, complex contracts.

How long?

Usually around 10-12 pages of stuff.

What’s in there?

Fine print and plenty of legalese. And at the end of the day, most of it exists to do one thing and one thing only: provide their company with protection, should anything go wrong.


A good eight to nine pages are there solely to help shield them from financial damages, and they want your signature for THEIR peace of mind.


Well, a trio of reasons could include:

  • These are often companies based on volume, not custom superior craftsmanship.
  • Companies that’ve had some trouble in the past.
  • Companies that outsource work to subcontractors that they have less control over.

We don’t like operating like that. Never have, never will. It’s completely against Our Core Values and the foundational work ethic in which we run our company.

How It’s Different When You Work With Today’s Entry Doors

When you first see one of our contracts, you’ll notice only four pages. And, there’s some space and margin on those pages too. They’re not dense fine print.

Our contracts are short.

Our contracts are basic.

Our contracts are simple to read and understand.


The reason is simple. Our quality control methods ensure that every project with our name is of the utmost value: the entry doors themselves and our installation work.

We don’t need any filler language or legalese to protect us from things going wrong because we aren’t going to let them (see for yourself by browsing our extensive Entry Door Galleries).

Here’s what’s in our contracts:

  • What your exact door system is going to be: its build, style, accessories, etc.
  • What your door system will cost down to the penny for the full-service experience, including any Financing Information if relevant.
  • When your door is supposed to be installed.
  • The other basics of what you can expect: ETAs, permits, and so on. Let’s not forget about your Lifetime Warranty coverage.

You’re not going to find anything in there that shocks you or causes you to perk up in alarm.

No surprises.

And that brings us to another huge point…

We Also ONLY Ask For 10% Down On Custom Entry Door Projects

No more. No less. It’s another step we’ve taken so that your experience isn’t a stressful nail-biter. Instead, only 10% of your project is needed initially, which is NOT common in the industry.

How many contractors ask for 50% upfront? TONS.

How many contractors or home improvement companies ask for 100% upfront? Not as many, but it’s still relatively common.

And here’s another fact: we DON’T collect the rest of your investment until you’re completely satisfied.

Bottom Line: Transforming Your Entryway With Us Is Smooth & Transparent

Have questions and want straight, honest answers? Curious about prices when it comes to premium entryways? All you have to do is pick up your phone, tap your thumb on our number, and Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We don’t employ basic ‘custom service’ people. Every single team member here is a legitimate entry door expert!

And when the time comes, if you choose to work with us, you’ll know from beginning to end that you’re well taken care of, from a transparent, family-owned, and family-run business here in Orange County, CA. Hope to hear from you soon!


The Family Behind Today’s Entry Doors

Important Insights Into The Family Behind Today’s Entry Doors & What It Could Mean For Your New Custom Entryway

One of the most important questions we (should) ask ourselves about companies before we hire them to work on our homes is: where’s their moral compass, or where does their work ethic come from?

In this article, we’re going to give you a peek into the hard-working people behind Today’s Entry Doors (TED), a local fiberglass entry-doors-only company servicing Orange County, CA, and areas directly surrounding it.

Let’s start with their core driver of success.

Where Did The Company Get This Incredible ‘Do It Right…ALWAYS” Approach To Full-Service Entry Doors?

Now we’re talking origin story.

Larry Calhoon (Owner/Founder) would tell you it came, fundamentally, from his desire never to let his mother down. Never to disappoint her. While he was raised in a humble family without much material wealth or belongings, she always INSISTED on order, cleanliness, and resisting the urge to dawdle.

Whatever chore he took on for her, he gave it his all. Be it mowing the lawn or washing the car; it had to be high-caliber work. This meshed well with his innate and insatiable complex as an adult to hear these words after every project:

“Wow, great job!”

You can learn more by visiting our Core Values page.

Can You Tell Me A Little About The History Of The Company?

Absolutely. One thing about the Calhoon family is they’re open, transparent, and fair.

Here’s the quick bullet-point perspective:

  • TED began as ‘Today’s Windows & Doors’ back in 1998. Larry had been in construction in one form or another his entire adult life before opening up shop. He has a General Contractors license along with a D28 and C61.
  • Donna Calhoon came aboard pretty much right after they got married. At the time, she’d been working for a major multinational corporation and decided to be an integral…an INDISPENSABLE… part of their family business was a more fulfilling role.
  • Customers, especially the women (who are often the decision-makers in our line of work), absolutely adore her attitude, professionalism, and knowledge.

What’s The #1 Lesson They’ve Learned As A Family-Owned & Run Business?

Simple: you’ve GOT to have a hierarchy. There MUST be someone who has the final say, and thus far, for TED, that’s been Larry. Not in a sort of dictatorial or totalitarian sense, but to make a call when it’s clear the debating, carrying on, and dialogue (and potential dawdling!) might never end.

In both family and business life, issues need swift, decisive resolution!

When it comes to quality control and impeccable installation issues, having a designated decision-maker is part of our long-standing, Proven Process.

This is why customizing, designing, and installing entry doors with TED is so efficient. Be sure to visit our Entry Door Galleries to see hundreds of example photos of our actual projects from across the Orange County, CA area.

Speaking of which…

Why Did TED Choose Entry Doors, Not Siding, Kitchens, Or Remodeling?

In Larry’s own words:

“Choosing to specialize in ONLY entry doors came from the realization that “windows” were too easy. While installing windows, some of our past installers were caught doing side work for neighbors of our company jobs. At the time, we were predominantly doing vinyl retrofit window installations. Sharp installers could become your next competitor within a month.”

But when we look at custom, high-end entryway transformations, that’s an entirely different story. It’s artisan-level work, where basically TED has no real competition in the area.

In all of California, no one specializes in front doors as we do!

Also, it became clear that while these entry doors are gorgeous and premium across the board, you only need one specialist installer vs. 2, 3, or 4 for windows.

And the final part of that decision had to do with liability. Installing entry doors requires far less intrusion into people’s homes and therefore lowers company liability.

What’s The Secret Of TED’s Family-Business Success?

Respecting each other, and respecting your customers, no matter what.

How Long Has Garrett Calhoon, Larry & Donna’s Son, Been Involved?

Garrett has been working with the company since he was in high school.

He started as an installer doing both windows and doors. Then, after about ten years with the family company, he was involved in an accident. He needed to get away from installation work, but instead of answering phones, he decided to try meeting with people and being more involved on the sales side.

From his first sale, he’s never looked back. Today he’s a partner/owner in the business and keeps it running smoothly when Larry & Donny are away.

Wrapping Up: From Our Family To Yours, You Only Get The Best Treatment With Today’s Entry Doors

Now, you’ve got a much better idea of who the family is behind TED. So when the time comes to completely revamp and revitalize your home’s front door system, you know who to call.

We’re your local experts with decades of open, transparent history here in your community. Contact Us with any questions, concerns, or curiosities, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the details. Thanks for your time, and we hope to stop by and show you our Mobile Showroom soon!


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