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The Truth About Buying Doors From a Home Improvement Big Box Store

If you need to change something about your home, often the first instinct is to go to a home improvement big box store for the fix. It might be a coat of paint, a 2×4, shelves that you put together on your own, or even an entry door.

There’s a convenience and comfort to these stores. They’re located close by, and they have such a wide assortment that you expect they’ll probably have what you need. Plus, these doors are often cheap, relatively speaking. If you’re not being picky, what’s the problem?

But buying from a home improvement big box store could mean you’re missing out. You may not be able to enjoy the best choice for your doors that you could find somewhere else.

Lack of Quality

You might be wowed by the low prices of doors that you can buy off the shelf from big box stores, but there’s a reason those doors are so cheap. Often, they’re not built to last. You’ll pay several hundred dollars to have the door installed, plus another few hundred dollars to have it finished, but in a few years, you’ll likely have to replace it all over again. In the end, you won’t be able to really save money by going with a big box store door…because you’ll have to keep buying it all over again.

Lack of Expertise

You can find just about everything in those big box stores, and you’ll find employees who might know a little bit about all of it. There’s the saying “jack of all trades, master of none” for a reason. But when you buy a door for your home — especially your entry door — you don’t want to be guided by someone who only knows a little bit about the matter. You want to talk to a real expert about the best option for a home with two dogs and three young kids. You want someone who can go over all the door manufacturers and help you find the one for you, not someone just trying to make the sale and make it to their next break.

No Customization

When you order a door from a door store such as Today’s Entry Doors, you can make special requests in terms of customization. For instance, you might want to add a door knocker or you might want glass inserts. Today’s Entry Doors can do this for you with ease so that you end up with a door that truly meets your expectations.

Not so when you go with a big box store. The business model for these doors is that you pull them off the shelf, take them home as is, and have them installed or install them yourself. If you have any customization ideas, you’re out of luck.

Separate Installation Service

The cost on the tag for the door is the cost to purchase the door itself. To have it installed will often cost twice as much. This leads many homeowners to purchase a door from a big box store and then attempt to install it themselves. DIY door installation can lead to a world of headache and trouble. If you damage the door during the installation, you’ll have to get another door and start over. If you hurt yourself during the job, you won’t have any kind of insurance to lessen the cost of any medical bills. Plus, it could mean taking time off from work or time with your family in order to install the door.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we install all the doors we sell ourselves. You can sit back and trust our expertise and professionalism as we remove your old door and add the new door perfectly installed so you can enjoy it for decades to come.

Tricky Delivery Schedule

Did you pick something out in the store and now you’re waiting for it to be delivered? You could be waiting for a while. Big box stores frequently overbook delivery drivers, so that sometimes the item that was meant to be delivered on a particular day ends up taking another day before it arrives. When it’s something as important as the need for a new door for your home, you don’t want to have to wait for a late delivery. You want to have it installed as soon as possible. 

You Do Your Own Painting

When you order a door from a big box store, you better be prepared to paint or stain the door yourself. These doors don’t come pre-painted, which is part of the reason they’re able to be so affordable. That also adds a further cost on the customer as they’ll have to buy their own paint and primer or wood finish. If you plan to install the door you order from a big box store yourself, this will add to the time that the project takes before completion.

No Lifetime Warranty

Entry doors from big box stores often don’t come with a lifetime warranty included, or much of a warranty at all. When they do offer a warranty, it’s for the product, not for the installation itself. Fortunately, when you buy from a door store like Today’s Entry Doors, that’s not the case. We offer not only a lifetime warranty on the product but a 2-year labor warranty so that whether the problem is to do with the material or a result of our hard work, you won’t have to pay extra.

So What’s the Answer?

Okay, so if not a big box store, then where? The answer is to find a store that only handles doors. At Today’s Entry Door, you can’t find cans of paint, 2x4s, or a keymaking machine. Instead, you’ll find beautiful entry doors from well-reputed manufacturers. Here you’ll find the expertise and convenience you need to find the perfect entry door for your home. And we install every door we sell ourselves.

Ready for your entry door installation? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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Can a New Entry Door Increase Your Home’s Value?

Your curb appeal has a major impact on your home value. After all, it’s your curb appeal that makes the first impression of your home upon homebuyers. If your curb appeal makes a bad first impression, many homebuyers aren’t willing to look any further. And one of the most essential elements of your curb appeal is your entry door. So if you want a way to increase your home value, a new entry door might be an effective way to do it. 

Energy Efficiency

Your entry door is an opening into your home, so energy efficiency is an important factor when it comes to your entry door. An older entry door might let in too many drafts or allow for too much heat loss. A new entry door will be better sealed and thus more energy efficient. This will help to lower the energy bills in your home as well as help your home to feel more comfortable, which in turn makes it more appealing to potential homebuyers.


There are, in fact, trends when it comes to entry doors, and they may have changed since your last entry door was purchased. A new entry door with sleek lines or bold colors that fits with the current trends will likely appeal more to homebuyers, thereby increasing your curb appeal and home value. Even door materials change in trends. In recent years, fiberglass doors have become more popular for their ability to mimic the look of wood while being much more sturdy than wood in actuality.

Small Change, Big Impact

Replacing your entry doors is just one way you can increase your home value, but it’s one of the easiest ways to do so. It’s less disruptive than updating your appliances or major remodeling projects like opening up your floor plan. But because it makes such a difference to your curb appeal, your entry door replacement can make a major impact on your home. This is a great way to boost your home value if you’re on a budget or on a short timeframe. 

A new entry door might be just what you need to change your perspective on your home, as well as boost your home value to prepare your home for the next homeowners. Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information about our high quality fiberglass doors or to get started with a free quote.

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New Doors and Energy Efficiency — What Orange County Homeowners Need To Know

When you hear the term “energy efficient,” you might think of an electric car. Within your home, you might think of your windows or even your AC unit. But there are many features to your home that could be energy efficient. Your entry doors, as openings into your home can certainly be energy efficient…and should be. The energy efficiency of your doors is one of the most important factors when it comes to your entry doors. So what do you need to know when it comes to your new doors?

Heat Loss and Air Leakage

If your doors aren’t well sealed, they might fall prey to heat loss or air leakage. This can leave a drafty feeling in your entryway, especially during the winter. It can also lead to the space feeling stuffy in the summer, without proper circulation of air conditioning due to air leakage. You can test the energy efficiency of your door by holding a candle near the sill. If the flame pulls in one direction or another, that means that more air is passing through than should be.

Traits Of An Energy Efficient Door

Any new door should include a door sweep, which is a length of weather stripping at the bottom of the door that helps to seal the door and protect your home from outdoor elements. This sits snugly between the door sill and the door frame to boost energy efficiency. It should also be waterproof so that it can withstand whatever the weather might throw at it.

Why Fiberglass For Energy Efficiency

Wood doors are known for their natural thermal performance, but they can also be very high maintenance. Without constant care, wood doors can be worn down by water permeation and can begin to swell, warp, and rot. All of these elements are dangerous for your home for a number of reasons, but they’re certainly not energy efficient. Fiberglass doors can mimic the look of wood, even tricking the eye of homeowners. But they’re also far more durable and weather resistant than wood entry doors. Fiberglass is known for its energy efficiency, making it a favorite for homeowners looking for energy efficient doors.

Do you need a boost in energy efficiency? New doors might help. Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information or to get started with a free consultation.

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Why Replacing Your Doors Could Be the Best Decision You Make in 2020

Sometimes after years of seeing the same home day-in and day-out, you need a change. Maybe that change is moving to a new location and selling your current home to new homeowners. Maybe it’s just needing a new perspective on your home while you continue to live there. Either way, replacing your entry doors is one small, relatively undisruptive change that might be the best decision you make this year, changing your whole perspective of your home.

Super-Charged Security

Everyone wants to feel safe within their own home. Unfortunately, as entry doors age, the security benefits you once might have enjoyed can start to fade. The material might weaken, and the hinges might rust or become loose. A new entry door will boost your security by virtue of it being new and more durable. It also might be made with a more durable material than your previous door. For instance, fiberglass doors are often preferred over wood doors these days because of the unbeatable strength of fiberglass without losing the beauty of a wood-like appearance.

Better Energy Efficiency

Have you been noticing a draft in your entryway, or maybe that your home seems to be losing heat on winter nights when you have the furnace running? This kind of heat loss could cause a spike in your heating bills and could make your home less comfortable. A new, energy efficient door such as a fiberglass entry door could boost your energy efficiency, stopping heat loss and lowering the cost of your heating bills as well as your home’s carbon footprint.

Increased Durability

Your entry doors have an interesting role for your home. They’re both the main opening into the home as well as part of the wall. So in addition to allowing you and your guests in and out of your home, your entry doors also help to protect your home from the elements. Year after year, they stand against rain, wind, snow and debris. But if your door is old and faded, it may not be holding up to the elements very well. A new entry door can help to continue protecting your home from adverse weather as well as any force impacts. 


Is replacing your door the right call for you in 2020? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today to learn more about our beautiful fiberglass doors or to get started with a free consultation.

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Hinges, Handles, and Other Entry Door Accessories

Your entry door is made up of more than a large slab of stylish wood — or, in the case of Today’s Entry Doors, fiberglass. Just as essential are the little pieces that hold it together or add function, beauty, and security to it. Your entry door accessories are no trivial purchases. What kind of accessories and hardware do you need for your entry door? Here we’ll break down some of the options:
3.5 Door Hinge


Your hinges are literally what holds the door together. Hinges determine whether it’s an inswing or outswing door. When it comes to exterior entry doors, inswing doors tend to be what’s seen most prevalently. However, outswing doors are harder to kick in, as well as more airtight than inswing entry doors. Your hinges might come in silver, bronze, gold, or even a painted color.
Entry Door Handle & Lock Set

Handles and Locks

Do you want to turn a soft, round knob when you open your door or do you want something with a more convenient, elongated handle? What kind of security are you looking for when it comes to locking systems? Do you want deadbolts? These are all important questions when it comes to your entry door. Your handles and locks determine how you will be able to use your door, and how you can protect it from intruders.

Bells and Knockers

Dark Bronze 4 Inch Door Knocker
With the invention of doorbells that can ring at the touch of one finger, door knockers can seem obsolete. Many homeowners, however, prefer them for stylistic purposes. A classic ornate door knocker or something modern and funky can add character to your door. Others also don’t enjoy the sound of the doorbell. On the other hand, some homeowners prefer the simplicity of a doorbell.

Glass Inserts

Glass inserts add style to your door as well as shedding light on your entryway. The glass is often decorative, with beveled edges and customizations based on the client’s personal style. Glass inserts aren’t a necessity when it comes to your entry door, but many homeowners prefer it for the elegance and lighting that comes with it. Glass inserts can come in all shapes and sizes, some taking up most of the structure of the door, while others offer only a small window.

Know what you want to decorate your entry door? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information or to get started ordering the right entry door for you.

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Why Fiberglass Is the Best Material For Entry Doors

In eras past, wood entry doors were considered to be the best option. In fact, for some time, wood entry doors were essentially the only option. They were thick, warm, elegant, and had a great natural thermal performance, especially for homes before heating and air conditioning became available.

But as we’ve advanced and new door materials have become available, wood doors have begun to fall out of popularity. Wood doors are still among the most costly materials available, and they can rack up long-term costs, as well. Because wood doors are particularly susceptible to water and moisture permeation, they need to be frequently stained and finished, making them high maintenance. If your wood door swells, rots, or warps, it needs to be replaced. It can all be a frustrating process.

Steel doors were created as an alternative, but an imperfect one. While steel is much more weather resistant, it can dent and ding. Paint can begin to flake off or bubble. That’s why fiberglass entry doors have emerged as the ideal door material. Fiberglass doors are as strong or stronger than competing materials, with stunning beauty and durability to last for decades.

What makes fiberglass entry doors the best option?

Low Maintenance

Fiberglass is as low maintenance as it gets when it comes to entry doors. Think about all the elements that your doors stand up to year round: storms, debris, and of course everyday use. While actual wood doors can swell, rot, or warp and steel doors can dent, fiberglass doors withstands all of this and more. These doors can last up to two decades without the need for new paint or repairs. This makes them an excellent option for busy homeowners, or simply homeowners who don’t want to be bothered with the time and stress for too much home maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Fiberglass doors also dominate the industry when it comes to energy efficiency. Some fiberglass entry doors can have as much as an R-10 insulation rating. These doors are sturdier than steel and wood doors and have a terrific thermal performance, so they’re better able to keep conditioned or heated air in and outside air out. This is significant for your home as it will help your entryway to be more comfortable, but it will also reduce your heating and cooling bills. It will even help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Scratch and Dent Proof

Steel doors are a preferable option to wood doors for many reasons. They’re able to stand up to moisture and they don’t rot, warp, or swell. But steel doors aren’t perfect. Under the impact of debris or force, steel doors can scratch and dent. This can build up eventually and leave the door looking rather worn and dinged up. Fiberglass doors are the best option when it comes to resisting scratches and dents. This will help the door to look fresh for years to come, with little maintenance as we stated above.

Style Options

Many homeowners are reluctant to move on from wood entry doors because they feel they’ll lose out on style. That’s simply not true. Fiberglass is able to take on the appearance of a wood door, so convincingly that it passes for a wood door even while it’s being used. Fiberglass comes in various grains, color options, and styles.  If you want an elegant door that stands out and boosts your curb appeal, fiberglass once again presents itself as the best option.


Fiberglass doors are hardy. They’re as strong as steel and wood, and they look great while they’re holding up to the elements. But your entry door protects you from more than just the elements. It also protects you from home invasion. Fiberglass entry doors are among the most difficult doors to kick in. At Today’s Entry Doors, we even reinforce our door frames with a 16-gauge steel plate so that even the door frame is not utilized as a weak point through which to kick in the door.

A True Wood Alternative

As we mentioned when discussing style options, fiberglass doors can be given the appearance of authentic woodgrain. Fiberglass is a composite material made up of fiber-reinforced plastic, and it can be made to have the look and feel of wood doors. It can even mimic the sound of wood doors. Have you become accustomed to the homey thud as you shut a wood door behind you. There’s something strong and comforting about the sound. The good news is that fiberglass doors can be made to have a similar sound when you shut them behind you.

For a Lifetime

Fiberglass doors won’t need to be replaced in the next few years due to being worn down. These doors are built to last as long as entry doors can last. It’s for this reason that Today’s Entry Doors is able to offer a lifetime warranty on our fiberglass doors. And it’s not just the doors in which we feel confident. We also offer a 2 year labor guarantee, so that if anything goes wrong due to the installation over the course of two years, we’ll come out and fix it free of charge.


Despite the fact that wood doors are so high maintenance and are losing their popularity to steel and fiberglass doors, they’re still the most expensive door material available out there. Fiberglass doors are more expensive than steel doors upfront but less expensive than wood doors. And given the lack of maintenance and upkeep needed for fiberglass doors, the long-term costs are practically a steal compared to the other options.

Whatever the category, fiberglass doors shine through. Want to learn more about how fiberglass entry doors are the best choice for your home? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information or to get started with your own fiberglass door through a free consultation.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing an Entry Door in Orange County

The entry doors for your home are some of the most important exterior elements you’ll need to invest in. They can boost the curb appeal as well as the security of your home, and even your energy efficiency. So it’s important to make a careful choice so you can be confident that it’s the right one. Making a careful choice requires research. Here’s what you need to know before purchasing an entry door for your Orange County home.

Door Terminology

One of the issues with making any home improvement purchase is that you may find yourself surrounded by lingo and terminology you’ve never heard before, and it may be hard to keep up. Here are a few entry door terms to keep in mind:

  • Casing and trim: the molding surrounding your entry door.
  • Inswing/outswing: entry doors that swing inward or outward, based on hinges.
  • Left-handed/right-handed: left-handed doors are hinged on the left, while right-handed doors are hinged on the right, viewed from the exterior of your home.
  • Lite: any glass contained within the entry door.
  • Jamb: the frame that surrounds your door.

Styles and Materials

There are a number of door styles out there. Some homeowners prefer an arched top while others prefer a strict rectangular shape. For some, the larger the lite the better. Others prefer very little or even no lite to their entry doors. Materials are also important to consider. Wood doors are beautiful and elegant, but also high maintenance as they can be vulnerable to swelling and rotting. Steel doors sometimes have issues with paint peeling, but they’re considerably more durable.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we believe fiberglass doors offer the winning combination for entry doors. They’re as durable as steel but don’t dent and can even take on the look of wood doors. They’re also energy efficient, helping to lower your heating and cooling bills in your home.


Before you make any decision for your Orange County entry door, you need to consider your budget. Entry doors will vary in cost based on material and size. But you should think of long-term cost as well as the upfront cost. Fiberglass doors may be more expensive than steel doors, for instance (though not more expensive than high-end wood doors), but tend to last longer and need less maintenance. You can also make your budget more manageable by choosing an entry door company that offers financing.

Need help to find the perfect entry door for your home? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information or a free quote on one of our fiberglass entry doors.

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French Patio Doors vs. Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Patio doors are a great way to combine your indoor and outdoor space with ease and to allow natural sunlight to flood into your home. They can add a beautiful, contemporary touch to the home. But which patio door is right for you? The two most popular styles are French patio doors and sliding glass doors. In today’s blog, let’s break down the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is the right option for your Orange County home.

French Patio Doors

French patio doors are hinged double doors, typically mostly made up of glass panes. These doors have a more traditional look perfect for cottage or rustic home design, though they can be made to look contemporary as well. They can be made to swing out or swing in, depending on where you need the most space.

French Patio Door pros include:

  • Allows for more sunlight while still keeping with a traditional interior design.
  • Great for ventilation as they can be opened wide.
  • Easily customizable and coming in a number of styles.

French Patio Door cons include:

  • More expensive than sliding glass doors.
  • Requires more space than sliding glass doors.
  • Not as energy efficient as sliding glass doors.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio doors are a combination between doors and large windows. They are large panes of glass with narrow frames that run on a track, moving from left to right. Typically, they can be opened on either side, and they allow the maximum amount of sunlight into the space.

Sliding Glass Patio Door pros include:

  • Great for contemporary homes due to the sleek, modern nature.
  • Does not open in or out, allowing for the optimization of space.
  • Narrow frames allow more sunlight in and boosts energy efficiency.

Sliding Glass Patio Door cons include:

  • Unless vinyl can be awfully expensive.
  • Might not match style of home.
  • Only 1 of the doors opens

Which type of patio door is the right option for your Orange County home? The important thing is to have a great door company do help you find the right door and to install it. Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information or a free estimate.

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Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring a Door Company

You know that you need an entry door — whether your first entry door for a remodel project or a new door to replace an old, worn entry door. You might even know what kind of entry door you want. Fiberglass tends to be one of the most durable, efficient options available right now. The next decision is which door company to hire. Unfortunately, many Orange County homeowners slip up on this step and come to regret it. Here are a few mistakes to avoid as a homeowner hiring a door company:Read more

Screen Door Installation in Orange County
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We Can Install Screen Doors For Our Customers

With 2 Great Options, You Choose The Style
That Best Suits Your Budget And Taste

We’re often asked if we sell and install screen doors and the answer is a definite YES. We have 2 great styles we offer to our customers.

(Important Note: We do NOT offer screen door sales or installation as a standalone service. We only sell and install them for customers also purchasing an entry door).

The screen door options below give homeowners the ability to match their screen door to their needs based on style preference, pets, small children and how secure you want your screen door to be.
Read more