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New Entry Doors With Windows in Orange County
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Why Replacing Your Doors Could Be the Best Decision You Make in 2021

Sometimes after years of seeing the same home day-in and day-out, you need a change. Maybe that change is moving to a new location and selling your current home to new homeowners. Maybe it’s just needing a new perspective on your home while you continue to live there. Either way, replacing your entry doors is one small, relatively undisruptive change that might be the best decision you make this year, changing your whole perspective of your home.

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Green painted front door to a suburban house
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Hinges, Handles, and Other Entry Door Accessories

Your entry door is made up of more than a large slab of stylish wood — or, in the case of Today’s Entry Doors, fiberglass. Just as essential are the little pieces that hold it together or add function, beauty, and security to it. Your entry door accessories are no trivial purchases. What kind of accessories and hardware do you need for your entry door? Here we’ll break down some of the options:
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Door Security

So… How Easy Would It Be To Bust Down Your Door?

It’s not the only reason people call us for a replacement door, but security is definitely a factor for many people shopping for a new door.

Simply put, many people are concerned that their current door is not as secure as it could be.

And, sorry to say, they’re often right. In our experience the answer to “How easy would it be to bust down my door?” is…

Pretty easy.

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