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How to Choose Front Door Glass Inserts

Not every entry door needs decorative glass inserts or even sidelights. In fact, there are many elegant and stylish front door systems that use very little glass at all.

However, if you believe, as many homeowners do, that “glass adds class” then you’ll be delighted to know about the myriad options available at Today’s Entry Doors.
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Door Security

So… How Easy Would It Be To Bust Down Your Door?

It’s not the only reason people call us for a replacement door, but security is definitely a factor for many people shopping for a new door.

Simply put, many people are concerned that their current door is not as secure as it could be.

And, sorry to say, they’re often right. In our experience the answer to “How easy would it be to bust down my door?” is…

Pretty easy.

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How to Choose Front Doors in 5 Easy Steps

Choosing a front door is one of the most fun and important home-improvement decisions you’ll make this year. The front door system you choose is an outward expression of your unique decorative taste and creative flair. 

Working with a spouse or friend to choose the front door configuration, design and options that best reflect your style can be a memorable, rewarding and even pleasurable experience!
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Our Products

Double Dutch Doors In Fiberglass

Convenient & Appealing

Fiberglass Dutch doors are extremely popular here in Southern California; especially our beach cities. You can read more about our Dutch doors here. The good thing about fiberglass doors are that they are tough, energy efficient and come with extended warranties. Double Dutch doors are convenient, appealing and offer great value.

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Why Us

Don’t Make This Mistake When Choosing A Door Company

We see this mistake over and over again: homeowners shopping for doors at big-box retailers or companies that treat doors as an afterthought. It is very limiting, and typically results in getting a door that is mediocre or disappointing.

Here’s why the results are “blah”: these companies don’t know what they don’t know. They limit you on door styles and customizations because their knowledge of what is truly available is only surface deep.

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Why Us

Why Some Door Companies Don’t Follow Through With A Quote

In some cases, it’s probably just disorganization. The truth is many home improvement “companies” are started by people who hope it will only take a truck, a mobile phone, and a business card to be successful. They’re not prepared, and it shows in their lack of follow through.

Other companies may not get back to you because their real interest is in selling much bigger jobs: replacement roofs, windows, or siding, etc. They don’t follow through if they have enough business with their more sizeable projects.

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