Black Front Doors: Stylish and Sophisticated

Black Front Dutch Door with sidelightSee whats trending for 2017!

Black front doors can be chic and stunning:

Especially when coupled with contemporary glass-work, sidelights or colorfully contrasting hardware.

Black can also project an air of sophistication and mystery…

Like James Bond’s tuxedo or a Hollywood’s celebrity’s elegant cocktail dress.

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15+ Trendy Black Front Door Ideas [Photos]

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Black is back (if it ever left).

Many homeowners are clamoring for black front doors to give their homes a classier, more distinctive appearance.

Black is, in fact, the perfect door color choice for many owners.

An upgrade that can revitalize your exterior and instantly enhance its aesthetic appeal.


Before you start painting or call the installer…

Here are some things–both interesting and practical–to remember about installing black doors in your home.

Color Theory and Personality

There’s one popular and longstanding theory that associates color (including door color) with certain personality traits.

A yellow door, for example, says that you are logical but highly imaginative.

Red indicates someone who is passionate and expressive.

A black colored door suggests that you are more reserved and contemplative, someone who possesses an extra measure of self-discipline and enjoys the finer things in life.

Feng Shui and Black Doors

Millions of people make business and personal decisions based on this age-old Chinese practice, which aims to harmoniously balance the energies within a home, office or other occupied space.

Good Feng Shui, practitioners believe, brings good luck and good fortune. Bad Feng Shui results in bad luck or personal misfortune.

Two front door-related factors that are said to influence Feng Shui are door color and the direction the door is facing.

For South-facing doors, for example, red, purple, deep orange or strong yellow are preferred.

The Feng Shui Element for the South is Fire. Balancing the ‘Fire energy’ is said to help increase residents’ energy and passion, while also attracting fame and reputation.

If the door points North, a black (or blue) colored door may help advance one’s career or increase personal wealth.

While color theory and Feng Shui are interesting and useful to many, there are also some arguably less esoteric, more practical considerations when installing a black front door in your home.

Nicks, Dings and Fading

Today’s most popular and widely used door materials are wood and fiberglass.

In black, both can show nicks and scratches more than lighter colored doors.

Both can also absorb and retain more heat, especially when facing into the hot afternoon sun.

With either material, prolonged exposure can lead to unwanted results, which, in the worst case, may include some warping or fading or disrupting the door grain.

But despite these few similarities, the best overall choice for a black front door is fiberglass.


Fiberglass outperforms wood in virtually every way, including durability, weather resistance and value.

It’s available in a wide range of contemporary door style, door color and door grain options, so you can get the unique look and feel you’re envisioning.

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