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Here in the greater Orange County, CA area of the country, when local homeowners choose to update their home with a transformed entryway, the quote process can be FRUSTRATING!

Oh boy…but, why?

Well, there are a host of reasons. However, after decades in the business, we can say that generally speaking a big issue is how VAGUE the quotes can be…

And when a quote for a new entry door system is vague, it’s hard to know what you’ll actually end up paying.

Let’s look at some specific examples of the typical problems we’ve seen with other door quotes:

Vague Quote Problem #1 | Quoting A Door That Won’t Fit

You’d be shocked to find out how often big-box retailers will price out a door that doesn’t actually fit the opening. Talk about a headache! Then, once the error is discovered, you’ll have to get a different door that almost always costs more.

Our Solution: We send the showroom to you with our Mobile Entry Door Showroom. It’s always been a huge hit with our customers. And while you’re browsing our full-size entry doors and accessories, our specialist will take ultra-precise measurements on-site.

Vague Quote Problem #2 | Installation Not Included

Often homeowners will compare our quotes to others and think we’re over-bidding, only to discover ours includes installation while the others don’t. We believe every door quote should include the cost of installation; otherwise, it’s confusing at best and misleading at worst.

Our Solution: We’re not generalists. We ONLY work with the Very Best Entry Doors, week in and week out (30+ years). We’re turn-key – meaning we help you design the new system, help get it custom-made, and then we install everything ourselves.

Vague Quote Problem #3 | Not Accounting For The Finish You Chose

The finish is VERY important. It can make or break the aesthetic. Perhaps you want one color on the outside but another inside to match your home’s interior. Or, maybe you want something special. Regardless, no door company should quote without determining exactly what you want.

Our Solution: Simply put, we take the time. After decades and thousands of successful projects, we know not to rush the details and to go carefully step by step with folks. This way, every line of our simplified quotes makes perfect sense.

Vague Quote Problem #4 | Important Components Excluded

Here’s another instance where you might get a quote that’s not NEAR detailed enough. If your new entry door quote doesn’t include important components like hardware, glass, locking systems, etc., how could it be accurate? We’ve seen many quotes where none of these things are accounted for and see it as dishonest/manipulative.

Our Solution: Today’s Entry Doors is well-known for being an honest, transparent company that abides by a set of Core Values. We cherish them – Knowledge, Service, Integrity, and Excellence. With us, you’re never in the dark!

Vague Quote Problem #5 | Failing To Educate You On Materials

There’s a big difference in the durability of fiberglass doors (very durable) and wood doors (not durable and terrible warranty). Despite that difference, many companies will quote out a wood door as if it is comparable to fiberglass. This important distinction is not explained, leaving a homeowner with no context to judge a quote fairly.

Our Solution: We don’t hire salespeople or train anyone in any kind of pressure sales techniques. For us, it’s about education and accommodation. We’re going to ensure you’re fully informed about the benefits of fiberglass entry door systems vs. more conventional materials, and we’ll bend over backward to accommodate your needs.

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What All These Quote Problems Have In Common

There’s a common theme with all these problems: the company providing the quote has failed to nail down the details of exactly what they’re quoting.

How on earth is a homeowner supposed to rely on a quote when it’s unclear exactly what’s included? Details matter!

We find that most companies who offer doors treat it as a sideline or as just one product among many, and therefore their knowledge is limited. Instead of digging into the details and calculating a fair and transparent quote, they take shortcuts.

The result is a vague quote that’s hard to compare to anything else.

What A Quote Is Like From Today’s Entry Doors

We’re different – doors are all we do. With this exclusive focus on doors and 30+ years in business, we are very detailed, specific, and thorough with quotes.

We make sure we are always quoting you a specific door with the exact customizations you want (and a door that will fit your opening!). Installation is always included in our quote, so you can be sure you are getting fair and transparent pricing.

If we sound like your kind of company, why not request a free in-home consultation and quote? It’s risk-free, and we promise to educate you on doors with no sales pressure and no pricing games.

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