Best Materials For Southern California Doors

Picking The Right Material For Your Southern California Door Is Important For Energy Efficiency And More

Southern California is a coveted place to live throughout the country. Warm, sunny, and glamorous, it’s no wonder that so many people flock to Orange County and the surrounding areas. It’s also no wonder that they want their home to express themselves, their style, and their way of living when they settle in Southern California.

Your entry door can be an expression of your home’s style, especially when you work with a premium entry door company like Today’s Entry Doors, who offers a wide range of entry door styles. But you don’t just want your doors to look great when they’re installed. You want them to stay looking great. That’s why it’s important to think about your door’s materials, as well. You’ll need to consider your climate in order to choose the right door material, and then compare the door materials available to you.

The climate in Southern California

The climate in Southern California is famous. Warm all year round, and the chances of snow in the winter are nearly impossible. Winters are, instead, mild “light jacket” weather, with rain being more likely than anything else. While summers might be dry, they are also humid. This, combined with rainy winters, might lead to swelling or rot of certain door materials. The extreme heat can cause paint to bubble or peel…if you choose the wrong entry door material. That’s why it’s important to research all the popular entry door materials before you make your choice.

Wood Doors in Southern California

There’s nothing more classic than an authentic wood door, and you’ll find many in Southern California. These doors are beautiful, whether painted or stained to retain the natural color of the wood. They’re thick and have great thermal performance, which can come in handy in the winter. But they do have a major downside: they require hefty maintenance. Wood doors, after exposure to the elements, can take in water and become swollen, rotten, or warped. Owners of wood doors will have to frequently repaint or stain their doors in order to keep them looking fresh and protected from humid or wet days. Wood can also attract termites when not well cared for.

Steel Doors in Southern California

Steel doors are another popular choice for Southern California homes. They’ve long been posited as an alternative to wood because they won’t warp, swell, or rot. They’re also incredibly strong, which can be a good security measure. And while steel doors used to feel bland and industrial, these days they can be quite stylish. However, steel doors require their own level of maintenance. While they can’t rot, warp, or swell, they can rust if not properly cared for. Steel doors also tend to suffer most from peeling paint over time.

Fiberglass Doors in Southern California

Personally, we consider fiberglass doors to be the very best door material available, not just in Southern California but everywhere. These doors combine the best of wood and steel doors. They can look and even feel like wood doors, which gives them all the beauty you’d hope for with the classic option. However, unlike wood, they won’t swell, rot, or warp. They’re far lower maintenance and mostly just require occasional cleaning. They are remarkably strong and durable, comparable to steel doors, which can protect your home from a possible home invasion. But they beat steel doors out in terms of style and, again, maintenance.

This is especially true when you choose to work with premium fiberglass door manufacturers, which Today’s Entry Doors does. We offer fiberglass doors from Therma-Tru, JELD-WEN, and Masonite, some of the most respected manufacturers in the business.

Hardware Materials for Southern California Doors

When we talk about door materials, we’re mostly talking about the body of the door. But your door is also made up of hardware. Hinges, locks, and doorknobs, all of which play a big role in protecting your home from a home invasion. Today’s Entry Doors takes care to ensure these are also well-constructed.

One of our best security measures is our 16-gauge steel security plate. This security plate is installed at the place where the lock meets the door and is attached to the structure of your home, making it much more difficult to break through. We use extra-long screws for your door hinges in order to fortify them. Beyond that, we have a range of locking options, from triple locking systems to classic and even some smart lock options.

We know how important it is that your Southern California entry doors be made well for the security of your home as well as your curb appeal. That’s why we offer only the best — fiberglass doors. Done the research and decided you want a fiberglass door of your own? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today to learn more about our doors or to schedule a free consultation to get started.

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