Are double front doors worth it?

Curious about double entry doors?

If we were to go out and ask Orange County, CA, homeowners how many times they’ve walked through a single entry door… they probably wouldn’t know. But, we know the answer is countless times because they’re quite standard and ultra-common, especially when looking at the construction-grade models installed when homes are built.

How about double entry doors, though?

If you have a home which has either double doors or can accommodate double doors, one of the inevitable considerations along with color, height, glass, and material is whether to invest in a new custom set.

Is it worth it?

Let’s take a look at the basics.

What Exactly Are Double Entry Doors, Anyway?

Simply put, we’re talking about entry doors with two slabs instead of one. These allow for a much wider entrance and more artistic expression — style. And, as you might expect, this means their frame is bigger and stronger. Plus, you’ve got the entire gauntlet of accessories to customize with.

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, one of the most popular double entry doors is dutch. With Double Dutch Doors, you have not two but four operable sections to your entryway. Here’s an example directly from our project galleries, along with the primary photo we attached to this article.

As you can see, double dutch doors give you a lot more control. You can have just the tops open, or maybe just one of the tops, with the bottoms firmly closed to keep kids and pets inside. Or, you can have two solid doors for a more traditional look:

What Are The Main Benefits Of Double Entry Doors?

The pros of double entry doors are easy: increased curb appeal, increased property value, a much wider entrance, and a much more dazzling focal point to your Orange County home.

No more worrying about how to get couches or the piano into your home. No more issues with minimal entry door security. No more wishing you had a fantastic and unique entry door.

What Are The Cons?

First and foremost, the initial price tag. However, these are offset by homeowner satisfaction, increased curb appeal, and home value.

Then you need to consider the wider entrance and doors.

  • How much wall space will they take up?
  • What will the implications be for your overall entryway to have a double-wide framing installed?
  • Is your home actually big enough to justify this large of an entrance?

The renovation to go from a standard single entry door to a double entry door is often a bit more complex than homeowners assume. At Today’s Entry Doors we’re known for impeccable, professional work, but we want you to know exactly what to expect.

Can You Have Transoms & Sidelites?

Absolutely. If you have a General Contractor enlarge your present opening, Today’s would be happy to quote on a door set that includes sidelights and transoms. Are you trying to get something generic from a big box store or an average window & door company?

Or, instead, are you interested in a custom, high-quality double entry door custom-made to your specific needs? There’s a world of difference. Here’s another example from our Entry Door Galleries:

Wrapping Up: Key Takeaways

Double entry doors are two-door slabs conjoined together into one magnificent entryway. While they cost more, the value they bring is considerable over their single-door counterparts. If you’re in the Orange County, CA area and you have more questions, feel free to Contact Today’s Entry Doors at your convenience.

We consider ourselves prominent door scientists, and we’re happy to take the time.

  • Double entry doors have a tremendous, dramatic impact on your home’s overall look.
  • With that much room, moving things like large furniture in and out is a breeze.
  • Double entry doors have plenty of room for gorgeous stylistic elements.
  • Like single entry, you can use glass, sidelites, and transom windows to let in more light.

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