A TRULY One-Of-A-Kind Custom Door

We Installed A Truly One-Of-A-Kind Door Of Immense Proportions For A Wonderful Family In San Clemente You’ve Just GOT To See

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we ONLY do truly custom entry doors for our Orange County, CA customers…but, that doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty in common.

Size, for example.

 Before                                                                                                                        After


In terms of height, the vast majority of residential entry doors we walk through in our lives are either:

  • 6-feet-8-inches tall, which is the most common.
  • 7-feet tall, which is somewhat of an oddball size.
  • And then you’ve got your 8-foot tall doors.

It’s VERY RARE to see a door sized at a whopping 9-feet tall, but that’s exactly what the Drumwright family ordered and we came through. They had a humongous entry door area to start with, but no custom system is too complex for us… even if it needs to be big enough to drive a sedan through without a scratch.

What you’re looking at in the after photo attached to this article, is a custom Jeld-Wen Aurora fiberglass double door system.

And here’s the clincher, each door is 42-inches wide, so we’re talking 84 inches (7-feet wide) for just the doors alone!

Throughout the decades, we can say we’ve never done a double entry door of this particular dimension. Most doors in double door systems are 36-inches wide.

But it gets better. They also chose a 100% custom color, which is fine. Jeld Wen is happy to create custom colors for our customers and add an extra-unique aspect to the doors. Once you sign off on a sample, consider it done!

We know what you’re probably thinking right now…

“Being such a uniquely-sized entry door system, did it take a LOT longer to get, considering current industry lead times?”

Nope. This one didn’t take any longer than expected. Slightly longer perhaps, but not enough to notice. We have such immense amounts of experience with our manufacturers, even out-of-the-ordinary orders come through in a timely manner.

How did we do? They LOVE their new entry door system.

In fact, the Drumwright family is ecstatic with the result and the installation of this enormous double door. Their neighbors can’t help but notice, and it’s now one of the most unique doors in all of San Clemente, CA.

Do You Have An Idea For A Custom Entry Door System?

If you live in the Orange County, California area and have a unique vision for what your new entry door should look like, Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We’re happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have about the process.

We can also get you scheduled to receive a visit from our Mobile Showroom, where all the specifics and your measurements are also figured out in a quick convenient way. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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