5 Step Formula For General Door Care

Follow This Easy Process To Keep Your Doors Looking Great For Longer

Most homeowners have some sort of seasonal house cleaning and maintenance regimen. A few times a year, we clean, fix, replace, or update the things around the house that go unnoticed day-to-day.

Something that many people overlook during seasonal cleaning  are the doors to their home, which ironically is one of the things in the home that we use most often. In order to ensure your doors look as good and last as long as possible, you absolutely must maintain them.

But how…?

For general door care, here is a simple 5-star formula that’s easy to remember.

Step #1: Inspect Your Door System’s Hardware

  • Is the doorknob functioning properly with good action?
  • How is the lock? Is it sticking at all?
  • Are any hinges, handles, or faceplates loose? Tighten those screws!
  • If something is broken, it’s best to get that taken care of sooner rather than later.

Step #2: Ensure The Weather Stripping Is Solid

  • You should be able to tell whether there is any air coming in through the bottom or sides.
  • Check the weather stripping for obvious wear & tear.
  • Touch up and replace any weather stripping that needs it.

Step #3: Consider Taking Care of Loose Paint & Scuff

  • Smart homeowners have pros handling touch ups with premium doors, but DYI when you can.
  • A simple stiff brush will harmlessly get rid of loose or chipping paint when appropriate. Most fiberglass doors ensure this isn’t an issue.
  • Use some basic sandpaper when appropriate to get rid of door stains and scuff marks in preparation for touching up.

Step #4: Clean Your Door

  • Use mild soap & lukewarm water to clean the door, then rinse and dry with a soft towel.
  • You may want to clean the weather stripping as well, even coat it with some wax.
  • For any door glass, consider gentle remedies like vinegar and water.

Step #5: Carefully Touch Up – Paint, Finish, or Stain

  • First and foremost, check with your local door installer (if you have one you trust like Today’s Entry Doors) and your manufacturer before doing anything drastic.
  • When appropriate, consider a new paint job, finish, or stain.
  • Provide continued extra layers of protection that help it last and last, looking great!

Again, these are very basic steps. If you spend a few minutes in our galleries, you’ll see the door systems we install are bit more than just regular big-box store doors. The care instructions are typically light, and when something more serious comes up our customers give us a call.

If It’s More Serious Call A Professional

If you’re in the Orange County, CA area and concerned about your door – perhaps it’s time for replacement doors – don’t hesitate to reach out to Today’s Entry Doors and Schedule Your Free Consultation. Whether over the phone or in person, we’re happy to help. Thanks for your time!

Looking for more Door Care Tips? Our team shared some of their secrets here.

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