8 Types Of Entry Doors For Your Home

Check Out These Popular Entry Door Styles In OC

Deciding to replace your entry door and choosing the right door company is half the battle when it comes to door replacement, but there are still choices you need to make. In particular, once you’ve chosen your door company, it’s time to choose what kind of entry door you want.

There are plenty of door styles out there, from contemporary to classic and everything in between. We know how important it is for you to find a front door that matches the style of your home. So let’s break down the types of entry doors available:

58-front-entry-door-classic-traditional-single-36x80-64-inch-wide-2-sidelights-fiberglass-therma-tru-s210-smooth-painted-indigo-blue-cLarge Wood Door with Glass Inserts


Think of an elegant entry door, probably stained wood, with beautiful decorative glass inserts. It has a timeless look to it. It’s the kind of entry door that could suit almost any home. They say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” for a reason. Classic entry door styles might not be new, but they’re still popular because they work. Classic doors often have glass inserts, but not necessarily. One constant, however, is raised panels within the surface of the door — traditionally six, but sometimes less depending on the size of the glass panel.

Today, however, the style has been subtly improved not so much in appearance (why improve upon perfection?) as the materials used for it. Wood has a classic elegance, but can be quite high maintenance as well as costly. But fiberglass doors can be stained to look like wood, like the fiberglass door by JELD-WEN pictured above, while in fact offering a much sturdier performance.


Large Door With Small Glass InsertsContemporary Style Entry Door - Orange


Classic styles are defined by depth, bevels, and elegant curves in the design. Contemporary doors are just the opposite. These doors are sleek, minimalist, almost flat. They are often boldly colored in reds, yellows, or greens — or even a starch black — to stand out from the rest of the house. These doors became popular with the rise of the mid-century modern style. A brightly colored door can evoke funky vibes from the 50s, 60s, or 70s. A black contemporary door will feel even more modern.

And you don’t have to lose that woodgrain look. Many contemporary doors are made with a warm woodgrain appearance with a sleek, flat look instead of the panels of a classic door. You can even find double contemporary doors for a wider entryway.


Blue Craftsman Entry Door Red Entry Door in Orange County CA


A craftsman style is somewhere in between the two. They have a simple, unpretentious design that feels homey in both modern and classic architecture. It’s a style that came into being at the same time as craftsman style homes, but it’s also often used for cozy bungalows. This style has a subtle sort of character to it. Even modern fiberglass craftsman doors can come in a warm woodgrain look, a creamy white, or a soft blue that makes you think of home. And, of course, a deep red craftsman door is a classic that still spells dream home to many today.


White Single Dutch DoorBlue Double Dutch Doors


On a lovely summer day, have you ever wanted to open the door and let in a light breeze without completely exposing your home. Even with a screen door, you allow more light into the room, but not that fresh air you want. Fortunately, it’s not just windows that can ventilate. Dutch doors are perfect for this purpose. Dutch doors are split horizontally, with the two halves of the door hanging on their own hinges. Thus you could open the top half of the door to let in some fresh air while the bottom half stays closed. This style, popularized in the Netherlands, is also sometimes called “double-hung doors,” and it’s easy to see why.


Fiberglass Iron Wrought Entry DoorIron Wrought Entry Doors

Fiberglass Iron Wrought

If you want the most elegant door possible, the answer is iron wrought doors. These can come in traditional or rustic styles, but with one distinction: they typically have a large glass pane — sometimes taking up most of the door — covered in a wrought iron grille. The grille takes on an intricate design, sometimes stylistic curves and other times the appearance of vines and leaves. It evokes the feeling of classic wrought iron gates and a gothic sort of feeling within a more modern home.


Rustic Style Entry Door in Orange CountyRustic Style Wood Entry Door in Orange County


The rustic style emphasizes the natural. Traditional rustic doors were made with authentic wood, stained to accentuate the beauty of the woodgrain rather than painted. These fell out of fashion because of the heavy maintenance that often came with keeping rustic doors from looking like a faded relic. Fiberglass entry doors have helped homeowners who appreciate that “old world charm” rekindle their love of the classic style.

These doors convincingly pass for wood doors at a distance, and even up close. They retain those rustic styles that seem to transport us to another time. But in actuality, they’re made up of durable fiberglass that can stand whatever the weather throws at them for decades to come.


White Side Entry Dutch DoorFrench Style Side Entry Doors

Side Entry Doors

Not every entry door has to be a front door. Sometimes you’d like a side entrance to your home. It’s not quite a back or patio door, but maybe it opens onto a balcony or it offers easy access from your bedroom into your outside space. Maybe the side door leads out from the dining room in the event that you’d want to eat outside for a night or entertain friends outside. The point is that you should be able to enter your home in whatever way is convenient for you. If a side entry door is something you prefer, Today’s Entry Doors has you covered with beautiful side entry door options.


Doors With Sidelights - Todays Entry DoorsTeal Entry Door with Sidelights

Doors With Sidelights

Sidelights are glass panels affixed along the side of your entry doors. Typically, there are two sidelights — one on each side. In some cases, however, you might find a door with a sidelight on only one side. This is often the case with modern entry doors. Sidelights typically come in the style of the door. The main purpose is to let in more light into the entryway, but some sidelights are made to be opened and let in some fresh air, as well.

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