8 Foot Entry Doors: Tall and Stately

8 Foot Entry Doors - 8’0” tall custom crafted double contemporary entry doors. Jeld-Wen Aurora fiberglass model 800 with custom glass. Installed in Yorba Linda, CA home.

8 Foot Double Entry Doors

SoCal homes with elevated roofs, lofty ceilings and 8-foot entry doors capture the essence of California.

The hallmark of openness, hospitality and prosperity.

But here’s the rub…

Finding perfect replacement doors AND getting them professionally installed – is not easy.

Here’s how to tackle this 96″ (8′-0″) tall door dilemma.

8 foot tall doors come in various sizes (width), styles and configurations. You’ll see;

  • 96” tall doors that come in widths (30’, 34”, 36”, 42” & 48”)
  • Configurations (Single, Double and Sidelights) and
  • Styles (Dutch, Craftsman, Rustic, Classic)

Check out the awesome 96″ doors (8′-0″tall) we’ve sold and installed right here in SoCal.

36 X 96 Exterior Doors: Single (3’0″x8’0″)

36”x80” is the standard door size in the US. Naturally Doors that are 36”x96” (3 feet wide and 8 feet tall) are the most common. If you like tall and slim – choose this option.

Not only can you use them as Front Doors; even as side or back doors, 3’0’ x 8’0’ doors look impressive. Like regular sized doors, you can have them in different styles, get them ‘Dutched’, add glass, or install a doggy door.


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8ft Entry Doors 42″ Wide: 42″x96″ (3’6″x8’0″) and 48″x96″ (4’0″x8’0″)

Single 42 inch wide and 8 ft tall doors give a more proportionate look. They look really nice in a home with a 9 foot high ceiling.

The downside is that fiberglass 42” wide doors along with the wider 48”x96” have limited choices when it comes to styles and glass options.


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8 Foot Double Entry Doors: 60″x96″ (5’0″x8’0″)

A popular double door configuration for 5 foot wide entryways that are 8 foot tall; is two 30”x96” doors. These slender double 30” fiberglass doors too come with limited styles.


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8 ft Double Entry Doors: 72″x96″ (6’0″x8’0″) and 68″x96″ (5’8″x8’0″)

A small or standard height door will look odd with a 9 foot ceiling. An average sized door in a house with soaring roof and 10’, 11’ or even 12’ ceiling will look really strange – even funny.

That’s where 5’8”x8’0 (5 feet, 8 inches wide and 8 feet tall) and 6’0x8’0 (6 feet wide and 8 feet tall) doors come to the rescue. These wider and tall doors will certainly give your home a stately look.


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8 Foot Tall Dutch Doors

8ft doors do come in Dutch Style too! Generally the top leaf is taller than the bottom leaf. That said, you can have glass inserts (4 lite, 9 lite you name it), have a Dutch shelf and even cut out a pet door for you doggy!


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8’0 Doors with sidelites – For a Lofty and Expansive Entrance

For a more impressive appearance – go for an 8 foot tall exterior door with sidelights – even add a transom. A grand entryway will definitely elevate your entrance from ordinary to extraordinary.


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8 Foot Entry Door. Jeld-Wen Aurora Fiberglass model A112 twin lite Q glass insert and patina caming.

8 Foot Entry Door. Jeld-Wen Aurora Fiberglass model A112.

Styles and Price

8 Foot Entry Doors cost more than standard 6′ 8″ tall doors.

That said:

The difference in price may not be substantial.

Apart from Dutch Doors (also Double Dutch), Eight foot High doors come in various other styles like Craftsman Style, Rustic and Classic/ Traditional.

Not only will find doors with glass inserts, you can choose fiberglass doors with various wood skins like Oak, Mahogany and Knotty-Alder.

You can even stain or paint your door.

Popular stains are Mahogany, Antique Oak, Chappo, Sable, Walnut & Mocha. Popular paint colors are Black, White and Cranberry.

We carry 8’ 0” Tall Front Doors from Jeld-wen, Therma-Tru and Plastpro.

Replacing Your 8 Foot Tall Door

If you are looking to replace your 8 foot side entry door; we can take care of that too.

We install utility doors, laundry room doors and back entry doors. We can also install your 8 ft fiberglass side entry door with a dog door.  Side doors are typically an add-on when we undertake a residential entry door project.

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