6 Reasons To Choose 8 Ft Doors For Your Home

6 Reasons Why Orange County
Homeowners Should Choose
8-Foot Doors

When It Comes To Doors, Bigger Is (Almost) Always Better!

The door of a home is the first thing guests typically notice upon arrival and the last thing they notice when it’s time to leave. The front entry door is not only the gateway into the lives of your family, but it is also a great way to showcase who you are as a person.

Bold colors and contrasting intricate patterns are one way to go, and the increased size is another! 8-foot doors are becoming increasingly popular for California homeowners, and Orange County is no exception. Let’s talk about the 6 reasons you should consider 8-foot doors for your home!

1. Your Home Has Tall Ceilings (10ft+)

Homes that have a tall roof can greatly benefit from 8-foot doors when talking purely about aesthetics. Having a standard-sized door in a home with tall ceilings can seem awkward, similar to the tiny door depicted in the hit movie Alice & Wonderland. Tall doors open up the entire living space while making living areas seem larger than they are.

If your home’s ceilings are under the 10-foot mark, 8-foot doors may seem a little too large for the home. At the end of the day, the right decision is the one that makes you happy.

2. Your Home Can Accompany The Extra Width + Height

Structurally speaking, not every home is built with the intention of the homeowner choosing 8-foot doors. Before making any rash decisions, be sure to contact the original builder of your home for more in-depth information on the availability of utilizing larger doors. If your home is being built for the first time, be sure to ask about 8-foot doors.

If there is already a window, or transom, above your door it may have to be removed in order to use a larger sized door. Tall skinny doors look awkward in most homes so be sure to take this into consideration when choosing the best places for 8-foot doors.

3. Your Home Needs More Light / Ventilation

Southern Californians are lucky enough to have clear sunny skies for the majority of the calendar year. Bringing as much of this natural light into the home is a common trend for homeowners, and 8-foot doors are the perfect helpers!

Tall doors that feature large panes of glass are exceptional at bringing natural light into the home. Half doors or Dutch doors can be opened at the halfway point to allow increased airflow and ventilation for the home without having to worry about pets or children running outside.

4. You Are An Exceptionally Tall Person / Have A Tall Family

Because the average door height in most homes is 6’8”, above-average height people may find themselves having to duck down to enter certain areas of the home. 8-foot doors around the home can make you feel more comfortable and less on edge knowing at any moment you could bonk your head for the thousandth time.

5. You Want A New Look For Your Home

Utilizing 8-foot doors around the home can take up a ton of unused space. Look above each of the doors around your home. This empty space can be filled with a taller door without having to compromise the structural integrity of the home, in most cases. An 8-foot entry door can make your home seem more like an estate rather than a townhouse.

6. You Want Your Home To Stand Out

While 8-foot doors are becoming more popular each year, they are still a bit of a hidden secret. Few homeowners ever consider upgrading the size of their doors let alone understand the benefits. Your home could be the only one on the street, or even in the neighborhood, that has 8-foot doors, and this can greatly raise the curb appeal and the overall value of your home.

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