5 Ways To Make Front Doors Stand Out

Looking For a Front Door That Stands Out More?

Your home’s curb appeal is what draws the eye of friends, family, neighbors, and even random passersby to your home. If you plan to sell your home, great curb appeal will be influential in finding buyers. Even if you plan to make your house your forever home, good curb appeal is essential to your standing in the neighborhood and how you perceive your house.

One thing that can affect curb appeal is your front door. Located at the center of your porch, the center of your home’s front, the front door is often one of the first things people notice about your home. But how do you make your front door stand out more and in a way you want? Here are a few of our tips:

orange fiberglass door

Paint a Bold Color

There’s a reason why many front doors are painted a bold, deep red. This color draws the eye and makes a statement. Red is hard not to notice, especially against a white or brick house. While you don’t want a front door that is an eyesore, a bold color is a great way to ensure that your front door stands out and shows off some of your personal style. You don’t have to go with red or orange, of course. Sometimes a teal or a purple door can make a lovely statement. Even a stately black door can stand out, depending on the door. Regardless of your choice, a little color will make a big impact.

Choose a Unique Style

rustic double doorsIf not the color, the front door style could do a lot to help the door stand out. If you have double doors, for instance, they’re sure to make a big statement, especially with stately rustic door styles. Dutch doors — which split in half horizontally and can be half-opened — are certainly a door style that isn’t seen every day. Even a more modern door might be a good way to help your door to stand out more. Find the door style that catches your eye most and appeals to you. If it draws your eye, it will likely draw the eyes of others.

Add Aesthetic Design Touches

A door with eye-catching design touches will also make a beautiful statement. For instance, doors with windows will always stand out a little more than doors without any windows. For example, look at the above door with its long, frosted glass panel. The design of the glass adds both aesthetic and privacy. There are also sidelights on either side of the door, which can themselves be open, a feature not everyone will have seen before. Wrought iron designs over the glass or built into the glass also adds a great touch.

Again, you want to first and foremost find something that suits your tastes, but you should have no problem adding design touches that speak to your style and help your door stand out.

Go With Fiberglass Doors For a Lasting Effect

stained door with sidelights

It’s one thing for your front door to make a statement. But you also want that statement to last. When your front door is exposed to the element year after year, it can fade, warp, swell, peel, or rot — if you choose the wrong front door material. If you want a lasting effect, choose a fiberglass door. These doors have the strength of steel doors, which makes them remarkably secure and long-lasting. They can mimic the beauty — and even the feel — of wood; but unlike wood, they won’t warp, rot, or swell. They even hold paint color better than steel, so that vibrant front door will last for longer.

Keep Up With Door Maintenance

Even with a solid fiberglass door, you’ll still want to do some door maintenance to ensure your door continues to stand out. Fiberglass doors can be cleaned with a mixture of water and liquid dish detergent. You may need to occasionally stain or repaint fiberglass doors in order to keep the sheen vibrant. If your door’s hinges or door knobs are becoming worn down, you’ll want to replace those. Don’t put off any necessary repairs until they get worse.

Our beautiful premium fiberglass doors are sure to make a statement for any home, and we install every door we sell with care. Are you interested in purchasing your own front door from Today’s Entry Doors in Orange County, CA? Contact us today to learn more or to get started with a free front door estimate.

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