5 Fresh Entry Door Styles In 2021

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal With These Trendy Door Styles

At Today’s Entry Doors, we ONLY install world-class fiberglass doors and door systems for our southern California customers. After over three decades in this wonderful business, we honestly feel we know what we’re talking about.

Do we dislike wood or steel doors? No. Not at all.

We’re just committed to installing the most-value-per-dollar doors in a way that’s far removed from the big-box store experience. Fiberglass delivers. It checks all the boxes.

The manufacturers we work hand in hand with have consistently innovated and combined all the core benefits you need in a door into one outstanding product.

  • Low maintenance
  • Stunning beauty
  • Customizable Options
  • Strong & Secure
  • Energy Efficient
  • Lifetime Warranty

That being said, we’re going to show you 5 fiberglass door styles that will make your home stand out in 2021 and beyond (hence that Lifetime Warranty). Let’s dive right in and use real examples.

Note: Each subtitle is linked to our matching door styling pages. Also, the images you see are from our long list of successful project Galleries, which is why they’re numbered. We have hundreds and hundreds of these gorgeous images. Enjoy!

#1) Graceful Dutch Doors

graceful dutch entry door

Looking to add serious character to the entry area of your home? Dutch Doors come through with flying colors in all directions, especially when you add some custom operable sidelights. They give off an inviting country-style vibe, but these days you can curate to your heart’s content.

Let the air in, take in the view, and get packages while keeping pets and children inside without opening the door!

#2) Elegant Craftsman Front Doors

blue elegant craftsman entry door

While this style has been around for over a century, it still holds the elure of clean simple design with hardcore durability.

They just keep coming back into style again and again, but the underlying technology and manufacturing continues to push the envelope jam-packing them with features. Also, they’re still a stalwart choice for historic Craftsman & Bungalow homes.

#3) Contemporary-Expressive Entry Doors

blue contemporary entry door

What does contemporary home decor and design mean to you?

We just love how our owner puts it,

For people under 40, this style may seem anything but ‘contemporary.’ But for those who want something fun and expressive, the straight lines and unpretentious design of contemporary doors will feel like a cool 1950s throwback.

What’s important is, should this be the style your heart and home yearns for, you’ll need an Orange County door installer who knows it well and can help you make it fit.

You might not enjoy the color/style of this door and how it meshes with the exterior of the home, but the owners absolutely love the statement it’s making!

#4) Warm & Inviting Classic Entry Doors

white, warm and inviting entry door with a classic style

Here again, what does a ‘classic’ door mean for your home? Does the door in our associated image above come off as old school? It’s warm and inviting. It’s familiar. Classic doors are typically more conservative in design at first glance – but these doors always make it feel like you’re truly coming home.

Most of our customers here in the Orange County, CA area choose classic looks when they want to touch up their door and give it a completely new presence (in the neighborhood) without going in a new aesthetic direction.

These days, fiberglass door systems make it so even the most vintage-looking door is a 21st-century wonder.

#5) Charming Rustic Entry Doors

charming rustic entry door


Don’t let the title of rustic fool you, because these residential fiberglass doors are anything but old n’ rusty. You aren’t going to have to fret about an insanely-short warranty/service life or tons of maintenance. What’s the first word that pops into your mind when you look at the example door from this category in the picture above?

Strong. Stout. Tough! And yes, that’s a beautiful fiberglass door with long-lasting quality, old-world design and charm, and FAR less demands in the maintenance department.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired, because really any of these styles will make your home stand out in 2021 and beyond. Again, and this can’t be emphasized enough, what really helps is working with a company who specializes in NOTHING but doors. We’ve been doing so for 30+ years here in the Orange County area. Reach out to the professionals and ensure your new replacement doors are outstanding. Thanks for your time.

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