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Craftsman 42 inch entry door

Craftsman 42″ inch entry door

As many California homeowners know, entry door sizes vary greatly. You can thank the state’s home-builders for that! For some reason (call it creative license or attempted innovation), many have defied door-sizing tradition and installed an astoundingly diverse range of entry door sizes, besides the standard door size of 36-inches.

At first this may seem like no big deal. But inadvertently, builders’ have put homeowners with 42″ x 80″ entry doors, double 30 inch (5-foot wide), 8 foot entry doors; and other non-standard entry doors into a predicament that we at Today’s Entry Doors call the ‘odd-sized door dilemma:’ that is, everything about a 5-foot or 42-inch entry door is fantastic!–until you want to replace it.

Solution for the Door Size Dilemma

Like you, many owners with so-called ‘odd sized’ (5-foot wide and 42-inch) entry doors are ready to upgrade to something more elegant, modern or contemporary. You could go the depot-store route but you may encounter frustrating obstacles such as plain or limited styling and inexperienced or uninformed salespeople.  And because door makers don’t accept any depot-store modifications, it’s pretty much ‘what you see is what you get’ with the store’s door size and door frame options. By contrast, Today’s Entry Doors is a professional, distributor-recognized door system designer and installer. Though we don’t modify the entryway into which the door is placed, we can, when you buy from us, modify your door and frame, within reasonable limits, or, if needed, reconfigure the door itself to fit your entryway perfectly.  The result is a beautiful new premium-quality door system that’s as stylish and unique as its owner–you!

42 Inch Entry Doors

Thousands of California residents use a wheelchair to get around. For these folks, entry doors 42 inches wide (and wider) can help improve the quality of life by making it easier to enter and exit their home. The bonus is that a new and elegant 42″ entry door can also dramatically boost a home’s beauty and curb appeal–especially when combined with an attractive lockset, stunning sidelight or decorative glass, like those available from Today’s Entry Doors.

We wanted fiberglass because our front door gets a lot of sun and some rain. Plus I liked my over-sized door. As soon as I mentioned the size of my door, companies would say, “sorry we don’t make 42 inch doors.”
Well that all changed when we called Today’s Entry Doors. I spoke with Donna who told me for the first time, “it’s not a problem; we can get you a 42″ door.” She was so knowledgeable and took her time explaining that they have replaced 42 exterior doors in the past. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy I scheduled an appointment.
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42″x80″(3′-6″ x 6′-8″) Entry Door Image Gallery

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5 Foot Wide Entry

5 Foot Double Entry Doors
Many California homeowners have installed a 5-foot wide, double entry door system comprised of dual, 30-inch models. Besides facilitating easier furniture moving and wheelchair access, many feel the two-door, 5-foot (double 30″) configuration also provides a ‘classic’ look with more creative flair than the one-door-with-sidelights combo. If you want 5 foot entry doors, we’re the company to call.

5 Foot Wide Entry with sidelights

Apart form the Double 30 inch doors, some folks like to mix it up with a sidelight or two.

  • Single Door + 2 sidelights – The most popular combination is a single standard 36 inch door with two 10 inch sidelights.
  • Single Door + 1 Sidelight – The other option is to have a single 42 inch door with one 14 inch sidelight

Your Door Size. Your Way.

The 36-inch wide entry door is the standard door size of California home-building. The vast majority of homes have an entry door that’s 36 inches wide. If you just want to replace your 36-inch door with a new, more contemporary looking 36-inch model, Today’s Entry Doors gives you lots of choices, including a wide range of style, color, glass and hardware options.

We also offer the same variety of premium quality choices for replacing an old 5-foot entry door with a classier, more distinctive one.  But what if you want something trendier and more fashionable to fill your 5-foot entry?  Today’s Entry Doors has you covered there, too, with options that let you customize a solution that’s exclusively and creatively yours.

For example, we can help you select a beautiful, stylish 36-inch door that’s flanked by two stylish panels called ‘sidelights.’ Sidelights are usually crafted from glass, wood or fiberglass, and complement the entry in a way that enhances its overall aesthetic.

We can also help you choose a more distinctive double-door configuration based on two new, top-quality 32-inch or 36-inch wide doors.  Either way you like, we have the experience, expertise and selection to help you visualize and customize a unique ‘odd sized’ door system design.

Contact us today for more information. With more than 30 years in the business, we make door buying easy. Meanwhile, here’s more information about some odd (but popular) sizes available at Today’s Entry Doors.

Wood or Fiberglass Front Entry Doors?

If you like wood doors, as many people do, be prepared for some potential warranty double talk, and possibly installing an expensive overhang to protect your door against weather.
Wood door manufacturers often require this step before fully honoring their warranty.

If you don’t want this hassle, consider a fiberglass model from Today’s Entry Doors. Though you may have never owned or considered fiberglass, research shows it is superior to wood in most ways, including durability, weather resistance and long-term value, plus, fiberglass doors often come with a clearer, more comprehensive warranty.

Don’t let the confusing array of entry door sizes keep you from getting the single- or double-door system that’s just right for you. Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information, measuring tips, or a no-obligation, door-design consultation.

8 Foot Entry Doors

Not only do we have odd sized ‘wide doors’, there are also many odd sized ‘tall doors’ as well. At Today’s Entry Doors, we sell and install 8 Foot Entry Doors in Orange County, CA and select cities in surrounding SoCal counties.

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