30″x80″ Exterior Double Doors | 5 Foot Entry

It’s often said that bigger is better. We believe this is true for 30″ x 80″ Exterior Double Doors;

They are also called  double 30 inch exterior doors.

Double Entry Doors Dutch

Here’s the deal:

Extra wide 5 foot doors allow for a much more accommodating front entry.

It’s easier to bring furniture and other large articles through.

No worries of damaging the doorway.

On hot summer days, a double door is perfect for opening up.

Let the fresh cool breeze sweep through your home.

Add in some elegant matching double screen doors and you can be sure to keep out any bugs and pests.

It gets better:

Do you love entertaining guests with barbecues or house parties?

Then, imagine greeting your guests as they enter your home through impressive 8-foot-tall, 30-inch double doors…

Have a look at some awesome Double Entry Door Systems (California Doors), we’ve installed in Orange County, CA.

Photo Gallery: 30"x80" Double (5 Foot) Entry Doors

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In addition to logistical benefits, double entry doors are eye-catching and beautiful.

Nothing makes for a bigger, grander, or more IMPRESSIVE fashion statement…

… Than a set of premium double front entry doors.

Many homeowners feel that they contribute to sense of Old World elegance and charm.

Over time, however, as a style-conscious owner, you may wonder:

Should I keep my two door-double 30″x80″ configuration and update it?”


“Convert to a more modern looking single door and…

…accent it with some new modern sidelights?”

If you’re thinking of redoing your entryway:

Give us a call.

We’ll answer any questions you have about door styles or door sizes and…

…provide friendly, expert advice on getting exactly the configuration you want.

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You might be wondering:

“What are the most popular double door sizes?”

Well the most popular are double 30 x 80 inch exterior doors for 5-foot-wide entryways.

But that’s just part of the story…

We’ve compiled this handy Double Exterior Doors Guide.

It not only talks about 30 Inch Exterior Double Doors (aka 60 inch double entry door or 5 Foot Doors)

But also explains the various double door sizes, styles, brands and top sellers.

We are sure it will make your door buying decision easier.

Is My Home a Good Fit for Double 30"x80" Entry Doors?

Modern 60"x80" (double 30") Jeld-Wen A21M Fiberglass Double entry door. Jeld-Wen A21M Fiberglass. Mahogany skin, stained Sable. Frosted Glass. Installed in Capistrano Beach, CA.
Modern 2×30″x80″ doors in a 5 foot wide entryway. Jeld-Wen A21M Fiberglass. Mahogany grain, factory stained Sable. Frosted glass. Emtek Ares hardware in Oil Rubbed Bronze. Installed in Capistrano Beach, CA.[/caption] Not all homes are a great fit for double 30"x80" exterior doors.


In our many years of entryway design, we have found that double doors look best on single story or ranch style homes.


From a design standpoint, you want the added spaciousness and presence of a grand entryway, but still within proper proportion to the size of your home.

A home with a wide front profile is a perfect candidate for double doors.


If your home already has at least a 5-foot-wide door opening, then you are ready to accommodate a double door without any needed modifications to your entryway size.


If you’ve got 9-foot-high ceilings, then you probably already have 8-foot-tall double doors.

8 Foot Entry Doors - 8’0” tall custom crafted double contemporary entry doors. Jeld-Wen Aurora fiberglass model 800 with custom glass. Installed in Yorba Linda, CA home.
8 Foot Double Entry Doors

Surely you agree:

Taller doors create a very gracious and spacious entryway.

They inspire admiration from all who enter your home.

So call us if you ever need to replace your double entry door.

Most popular Double Door styles

Classic 72"x96" 8 Foot Tall Traditional ProVia Signet 002C-449, (2-36x96) Double Entry Doors. Cherry grain stained American Cherry. Installed in Irvine, CA.

Double 30” door style options can be limited.

Fair enough.

But, if you have a larger entryway say Double 32”; then you have more options.

The best is if you have an entrance at least 72” wide and…

…can accommodate Double 36” Doors

Then you are in an excellent position to add some unique style to your home.

Think about it…

You now have a wider palette to work with.

You also an abundance of design choices (36” x 80” is THE standard size door).

Without further ado;

Here are our top 3 selling double entryway door styles:

Double Dutch doors are one of the most popular choices for home owners.

They look stunning as well as offer a new layer of functionality over traditional doors.

Dutch doors are designed to be split horizontally.

This means you can literally open just half of your door.

It’s the perfect solution to keep an eye on your kids and your dog from biting the mailman.

You can still enjoy the benefits of a cool breeze airing through your home.

But wait there’s more:

Our double door style options don’t stop with basic styles, however.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we allow you to work with our design team to create a fun and fashionable double front entryway tailored to your precise desires.

What does this mean for you?

Imagine being able to custom pick your desired colors and hardware for your new fiberglass double doors?

We give you the power to customize your doors down to the specific color, style, hardware, and glass options.

Our color options, for example, are very diverse.

You can choose to go with a sleek simple single color look like double black doors


Have one color for the exterior facing side of your doors and a different color for the interior facing side of your doors.

This is known as a ‘Split Finish’.

Go ahead. Treat yourself.

If you appreciate style and love having fun making your home stand out above the rest:

Then, we are here to help you design and install the perfect double entry doors for your home.

What’s the Best Double Door Investment?

“So how can I invest in an Entry Door that’s stylish, yet durable?”

Fiberglass vs Wood Doors: Fiberglass Entry Door installed at Yorba Linda, CA home.

One very common door material is wood.

Wooden doors are often desired because of their diverse beauty and warmth.

But here’s the kicker:

Time can take its toll.

Wooden Entry Doors are subject to fading, cracking, warping, and peeling.

Sadly, Exterior Wood Doors come with extremely limited warranties.

You might be wondering:

“So how can I invest in an Entry Door that’s stylish, yet durable?”

Well, we have Good news!

There’s Fiberglass Entry Doors to the rescue.

Fiberglass doors won’t crack, fade, peel, or warp, and;

Fiberglass is extremely durable against sun exposure, dry weather, and moisture.

As if that’s not enough:

They come with outstanding extended warranties to protect your investment.

What’s the bottom line?

Fiberglass technology offers a solution to all of the common door problems, and:

Still offer select styles to make your home ultra-stylish.

Extra Wide Door Sizes - 30", 32", 34" & 36" Double Doors

Interior view of Double Dutch Doors With Split Finish. Two 34 inch doors with half glass, 9 lite clear dual panes. Plastpro Model DRS40. Copper Creek hardware. Installed in Newport Beach, CA home
Interior view of Double Dutch Doors With Split Finish. Two 34 inch doors with half glass, 9 lite clear dual panes. Plastpro Model DRS40. Copper Creek hardware. Installed in Newport Beach, CA home

Size is typically determined as Width x Height.

For standard height double doors, width is typically more important than height.

A double 30” door that’s Standard height 80” tall will be 2 x 30”x 80” (or 5’-0” x 6’-8”).

Most 5-foot-wide entryways are best fitted with our double 30 inch exterior doors (2 single doors that are each 30 inches wide).

What’s more, if your entryway is wider, we offer double 32 inch doors.

The 30” and 32” wide doors are our most popular dimensions.

You might be wondering:

“Well, I have an Extra-Wide Entrance”

No problem!

We sell and install Extra Wide Entrances that can have 34” and even 36 inch wide double doors.

Here’s a handy chart showing different double door sizes.

Exterior Double Door Size Chart (Pre-hung)

# of doors Width 80″ (6′-8″) Height

96″ (8′-0″) Height


30″ (5′-0″) 2 x 30″ x 80″ (5′-0″ x 6′-8″) 2 x 30″ x 96″ (5′-0″ x 8′-0″)


32″ (5′-4″) 2 x 32″ x 80″ (5′-4″ x 6′-8″) 2 x 32″ x 96″ (5′-4″ x 8′-0″)


34″ (5′-8″) 2 x 34″ x 80″ (5′-8″ x 6′-8″) 2 x 34″ x 96″ (5′-8″ x 8′-0″)


36″ (6′-0″) 2 x 36″ x 80″ (6′-0″ x 6′-8″) 2 x 36″ x 96″ (6′-0″ x 8′-0″)

Double Door Swing and Handing

Determining the direction of door swing (in /out) and handing (right hand/ left hand) is a no brainer, right?


These are the two areas that confuse people most.


The handing can be judged different depending if you are standing inside your house or outside your house.

The swing and handing determines the placement of the double door hardware (hinges and lockset – especially door levers) as well as easy access to light switches.

You might be wondering:

“How do I correctly determine the door handing and swing?”

Here’s how:

Stand outside your homes’ entrance.

If the hinge on the active door is on your left – it’s a Left-hand in swing (LHIS) door

If the hinge on the active door is on your right – it’s a Right hand in swing (RHIS) door

Here’s an image showing correct handing;
Door Handing Guide Double Doors. How to check handing and swing.

Are you are still confused? No problem.

Our helpful consultants at Today’s Entry Doors will determine the correct swing and handing of your door, when we arrive at your home at no extra charge. 

Double Front Doors With Sidelights

Traditional 72 Inches Wide Exterior Double Doors (72"x80") with 2 Sidelights. Jeld-Wen A401 Fiberglass. Oak Grain Stained Chappo. Half C Glass with Patina Caming. Installed in Irvine, CA.
Classic styled Jeld-Wen A401 Double doors with double side lights. Size 72"x80" Fiberglass. Oak grain, factory stained Chappo. C glass with Dark Patina caming. Emtek Imperial hardware in Pewter. Installed in Irvine, CA.

Want to make your home look brighter or entryway even grander?

Double doors with added customization like glass inserts and sidelights can bring in more light and color to the home.

Do you keep a landscaped front yard with flowers and trees?

Then the diffused light coming through your entryway glass offers a warm connection to your beautiful front yard even when you are inside.

Glass inserts are panels that are inserted in your door slab.

There are 4 popular glass insert options (based on area of glass) you may want installed with your doors.

Traditional Fiberglass Wrought Iron Double Entry Door size 2-36x80 with 2 Sidelights. Total size of entrance 114"x80". Therma-Tru FCM115. Mahogany Grain, Stained Mahogany. Solstice Glass with Wrought Iron Grille. Installed in Whittier, CA.
Therma-Tru FCM115 Fiberglass Double Front Doors with Sidelights. Mahogany grain, factory stained Mahogany. Solstice glass with wrought iron. Emtek Brighton hardware in Flat Black. Installed in Whittier, CA.


  • Quarter Lite – A glass insert in the top quarter of the door
  • Half Lite – A glass insert that is ½ the height of your doors
  • Three Quarter Lite – A glass insert that is ¾ the height of your doors
  • Full Lite – A glass insert that extends the full height of your doors

Sidelites are slim vertical windows that flank either side of the entry door.

Similar to door glass inserts, sidelites too can have ¼, ½, ¾ and Full lite options.

As if that’s not enough:

Another very impressive option is to have a transom lite.

A transom lite is horizontally oriented glass insert much like a sidelight that spans the top width of your double doorway.

It’s part of the entry door system and may span the entire frame including both double doors and the two sidelites.

Transoms definitely elevate your entryway into one that’s grand and stately.

You may already have an old transom that needs replacing.

Call us now.

You tell us about your dream doors, sidelights and transoms with matching glass styles.

We’ll provide you with in-home design consultation

Together, let’s design and craft a commanding yet fashionable entrance that will add instant curb appeal to your home!

But that’s just part of the story…

Do you want to keep your double doors open and also keep pesky insects out?

No Problem.

You can install Double Screen Doors.

Double Screen Doors

Screen doors (like their cousin Storm Doors back East,) are very nice when you want to open up the doors and allow air to flow in, but keep out annoying pests and mosquitoes.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we offer matching double screen door designs to compliment your main entryway doors.

ClearView Retractable Screen Door

That being said;

You may ask:

“OK, so what are the top door brands?”

The Leading Fiberglass Double Door Brands in the Nation

At Today’s Entry Doors, we on a mission to provide you entry doors that showcase the latest fashions as well as of premium quality.

We have spent years curating the best door designs from the nations most trusted and skilled door manufacturers.

Here are the top brands we recommend:

You might be wondering:

“What’s so special about these brands?”

Well. Throughout our many years in the front door business, we have been very pleased with the quality and distinctive style options made available to us and our clients by these brands.

In addition, each brand offers incredible warranties on their products.

We feel good about passing these warranties on to our clients like you so that we know your investment is protected for years to come.

Convert Single to Double 30 Inch Doors?

Do you have a single door entryway that you want to convert into a 60-inch (double 30 inch doors) entryway?

You might be thinking:

“How do I convert my door?”

“What’s the minimum space I need?”

“What reconfiguration options do I have?”

In our experience:

Typically, a 5-foot entryway with a standard 36-inch door and two 12-inch sidelights (like the one shown below) can accommodate double 30-inch doors.

White Entry Door with 2-Sidelights. Traditional Style Single 36x80 door in 5 Foot Wide Entry. Therma-Tru S982 Fiberglass. Smooth Skin Painted Classic White. Saratoga Glass with Brushed Nickel Caming. Installed in Orange CA
60"x80" entryway configured to include 36"x80" Door and 2 sidelights. Traditional Style Fiberglass Therma-Tru S982 Fiberglass. Smooth skin, factory painted Classic White. Saratoga glass with Brushed Nickel caming. Emtek Ares hardware in Satin Nickel. Installed in Orange, CA.

You can also reconfigure a single 42-inch door with one sidelight into a double door system (if room permits).

If you need help, give us a call.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we have our own expert crew of skilled craftsman that can convert your entryway for you.

We never hire third party contractors.

Want to know the best part?

All construction work is backed by a 2-year installation warranty.

We always strive to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the flawless installation and function of your new doors.

Fair enough?

Call us now for a FREE in home estimate.

“Our entry door security solutions are unobtrusive, elegant and strong.”

Now, you might now be wondering:

“Are Double doors secure?”

Exterior Double Door Security

You may be concerned about the question of securing double doors against break-ins.

Good news!

There are plenty of security options for double doors.


Similar to the usual door security hardware – locks, latch and deadbolts; double doors can have:

  1. An astragal to hold the inactive door. An astragal is an integral part of the passive door that runs vertically the full height of your door. It not only helps keep out the elements (draft stopper), but also adds an extra layer of security to your double doors by protecting the lock hardware
  2. Slide bolts in inactive door. This keeps the Inactive door in a locked position. Slide bolts come standard in all our double door installations.

Or, if you need extra security:

  1. Upgrade to a multi point locking system (to latch top, middle and bottom of inactive door). The multi-point locking system offers 3 to 5 points of locking. This is an optional feature.
  2. As an added security feature, we install a 16-gauge steel security bracket/ brace to reinforce your door jamb. The security plate reinforces the top flush bolt in all inactive doors (top part is weak in tall doors).

The security bracket is Today’s Entry Doors proprietary security solution. We provide this in addition to the standard security features that come with our doors from the manufacturer.

Simply stated:

Our entry door security solutions are unobtrusive, elegant and strong.

You do not need unwieldy (or unsightly) security bars, guards or barricades.

What are Passive Doors and Dummy Hardware?

You may come across some funny sounding door terms.

Here are some terms unique to double door systems:

  • Leaf/ Leaves: Refer to individual swinging unit (door) in a double door system. Double Dutch doors can have 4 leaves.
  • Astragal: Nope, not a planet hopping girl. Part of the passive door that adds an extra layer of security. It also holds the slide bolts and weatherstripping.
  • Passive Doors/ Inactive Doors: In a double door system, the door that is kept closed/ least opened is called a passive or inactive door.
  • Dummy Hardware: Inactive hardware that’s installed in a passive door for aesthetic purposes. Dummy Cylinders and Dummy Handle sets are typical examples.

That being said:

Are You Ready to Design an Awe Inspiring Fiberglass Double Entryway?

Active and Inactive (Dummy) Entry Door Terms. Dutch Door Active Top Leaf, Active Bottom Leaf, Inactive Door, Active hardware - Standard Tubular handleset with thumb latch, Deadbolt (double bore), Dummy Handleset, Dummy Cylinder and Astragal

You have learned a little about your options with double entryway doors.

You are now ready to get started designing doors for your home.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we’ll make your door design process fun and convenient.

We even offer a mobile showroom that allows us to come to you.

We’ll show up with our latest designs and a design specialist to assist you in finding the perfect look and feel for your home.

Give us a call or request a design consultation today!

We are happy and excited to get you started.

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