10 Stunning Craftsman Front Door Designs to Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1. Introduction

There truly isn’t much more beautiful than the sight of old, rich wood, so, in the case of this beautifully carved Craftsman front door, the more wood, the better. Painted wood will provide durability over time and can be used indoors or outdoors. For homes with traditional aesthetics, a custom stained exterior wood door acts as a time-honored entry point and adds a sense of classic charm to the home, reminiscent of the Old West. With its rich brown patina, this Craftsman door is a nod to Craftsman and Prairie architecture and provides the perfect wood for anyone who likes clean, simple looks.

One of the easiest ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home is by adding a new front door. If the front door you have now has seen better days, or if you no longer love the style, consider upgrading to a Craftsman front door. There are ten styles to choose from, from modern and simple to more traditional, with glass panels and carving details. Each Craftsman front door comes in a variety of finishes and can be further customized by adding sidelights, a transom, or additional decorative elements.

While there are many different architectural styles that have long been recognized and appreciated for their timeless appeal, few, if any, offer the unique blend of style, history, tradition, and beauty as a home in the Craftsman style. Although this is not nearly a complete list, consider the following ten reasons why a home in the Craftsman style could be the perfect choice for you – 10 Craftsman Home Ideas For Your Next Holiday.

1.1. Importance of Front Door Design

Craftsman doors have been popular both for traditional and modern homes due to their simple and chic design. These main entrance doors are known for their solid construction, energy-efficiency, and space efficiency. You also have a variety of wood species to choose from such as mahogany, alder, and oak. Craftsman Door’s construction actually consists of simplicity and durability outlined by the design itself. The minimalistic appearance of this model is characteristic of clean lines and a straightforward silhouette producing a bold blend of beauty above practical needs. The mentioned decorative and distinct architectural appearance of the door is the clue; it has kept creating the warm, elegant, spacious, and inviting ambiance of contemporary, traditional, and farmhouse-style homes.

The front door is the focal point of your house and the first thing that your neighbors, guests, and passersby see when they look at your property. That is why it is important to choose a front door design that complements the style of your home, as well as its color and material elements. One of the most beautifully crafted doors you can get to elevate your home’s stretch appeal is a Craftsman front door. This design boasts clean lines, bold and beautiful hardware, and a simple but unarguably charming appearance that can enhance the visual interest of any building. Focusing on emulation of a quality and traditional design, the Craftsman door comes with a unique appeal of its own. Look at this stunning door model complied below!

2. Traditional Craftsman Designs

Southern home, Rural Hill Retreat, and Tatum Brown Custom Homes, Craftsman Cottage. It doesn’t get more traditional than this. This is one of the most sought after craftsman front door designs and it is also one of the most beautiful ones. This is the door which can be found on The Burrows by Southern Homes. Also, at the Southern Home Awards, The House of the Year was awarded to Rural Hill Retreat, and you can see that the only thing that parts the inductor from the part is an open lot. The first mention is the Tatum Brown Custom Homes – Craftsman Cottage. It is an inviting and very simple door, and it is able to give it a distinct and lovely look to the whole house.

One of the main characteristics of craftsman homes is to combine elegance with simplicity. Most of the time, they are built using wood and stone, with simple, linear designs. One of the ways to bring those characteristics to your house is by choosing a traditional craftsman front door, with square edges and large rectangular lights. It is a charming way to create an inviting message to those entering the house and elevating its entire curb appeal.

2.1. Classic Wood Doors

The earliest Ripple Grille, also known as Stripped Door, was simple, rectangular and flat, and three or more layers of wood strips set in partial grooves in the door’s face form a series of stacked diamonds or grid patterns, similar to details on Stickley furniture. By World War I, rather than covering the entire face of the door, the grille would have become a narrower, elongated detail. By the 1920s, when the Craftsman style had become more vernacular and less associated with the American Arts and Crafts Movement, the Ripple Grille was simpler, flatter, and the detailing had become even more delicate. Craftsmen could embellish the door with a cambered or angled upper rail that would have variously boasted elongated rectangular panes and a brisk combination of elongated panes and artistic detailing. Such casual, familiar house front doors were likely inspired by a simple, partly glazed, heavy, varnished wood door that protected Stickley’s readers from New England’s coldest months.

Craftsman homes rely on artisanally crafted front doors to pique interest and invite visitors. As these homes were first gaining popularity amid the Arts and Crafts Movement, they’re often influenced by the elegant simplicity of traditional cabins or Swiss chalets. Early photos of the homes that established the Craftsman style demonstrate that many homeowners chose to replace an existing, traditional wood door with one fashioned with more delicate detailing, inspired by the architecture of the great American Arts and Crafts Movement.

2.2. Stained Glass Accents

“Stained glass can bring in so much warmth and color to otherwise boring panels in a door. This craftsman front door is painted red, and topped with two Rejuvenation sconces and a Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. pendant. The panels are Southern Gothic stained glass inserts from New Hudson Facades on the sides. This creates a craftsman front door design for the ages. Unlike traditional doors, this stained glass front door is easy to customize, using the company’s easy online design interface. When finished, the craftsman door can be picked up or delivered directly to the contractor or homeowner with no hassle!”

“Craftsman details and millwork are very popular in home design right now. It doesn’t matter whether your home is new, or is over 100 years old, it can still benefit from the warm and cozy feeling that craftsman details provide. Since a craftsman-style front door serves as a big first impression to any home, upgrading to a craftsman front door can boost your home’s curb appeal in a huge way.

“Stained glass is often associated with Victorian homes. However, this craftsman front door made by Amberwood Doors features it as the focal point of its craftsman-style front door. That doesn’t make the door look dated, or out of place in a modern home. Instead, it becomes a unique feature that makes your home stand out even more. The choice of bold red stain color for the front door creates a focal point, making it impossible to not notice.

2.3. Craftsman Hardware Details

In some cases, door hardware is categorized by the latch used to open and close the door. This is an important consideration when discussing door details with your contractor. Common latch types include: a passage latch set for hallways and closets; a privacy latch for bedrooms, bath or dressing room; or the key locks used on entry doors. When adding, replacing or upgrading door hardware, select latches that fit the dimensions of your door panel. If you’re lucky enough to be installing a new set of doors, review dimensions of standard door panels and verify if they fit ANSI 2 1/8 or ANSI 2 3/4 in. non-ferrous latches. Flat backset latches have a small dimension allowing more clearance for moldings and door trim. Some latches can be adapted to fit any door panel; ask about specific needs, dimensions or custom fitting when ordering door hardware from your supplier.

Even if your home isn’t a faithful Craftsman reproduction, consider restored antique or period hardware for your new or replacement door. Aged hardware integrates new doors into older homes or adds a sense of history to newer homes. Hardware finish, size, texture, and shape influence your curb’s appeal. There are many high-quality new products on the market that offer authenticity with weather-resistant features, finishes, and recycled or repurposed materials.

Craftsman hardware details – Original Craftsman front doors featured a variety of hand-made hardware. Centerset knobs in heavy brass or iron, hammer marks from the blacksmith, and hand-hammered studs around the base unit added charm and warmth. The finishes lent character to the décor and the era.

3. Modern Craftsman Designs

These are stunning examples of our Traditional Craftsman designs that feature a pair of exquisitely stylized, two-thirds-light overlays. This is a classic Craftsman design from the iconic Arts and Crafts era that includes two, two-thirds-light overlays featuring a pair of vertically-oriented, small-pane glass lights guarded by crisply wrought, rectilinear muntins. Our subdued Transitional designs are created for a Craftsman-Modern-style fusion. Our sleek designs feature your choice of simple, four-panel or six-panel lites inside, outside, or both inside and outside, giving them a clean, comfortable look for your modern-historic or craftsman-hybrid style. These modern wood designs feature large areas of wood grains that extend from the top to the bottom of each door panel. Typical features of diagonal grained oak doors include uniformly high-quality, tight, vertical grain sloping grains that form distinctive, Vs and chevrons. As an optional step-up, our radially sawn fir panels will feature cat’spaw and vertical grain patterns that form an arch. Our modern craftsman doors are also available in our rift white oak and teak woods. Now that we’ve presented our Modern craftsman designs above, we would not forget the equally stunning modern front door. These custom designed glass and wood front doors are a great place to start to bring your architectural vision to the front of your house. For instance, if you’re not sure how to combine different window types, our architectural designers can provide a number of complementary glass lites to go with your craftsman wood door below. Here is a custom 20-light glass and wood door to express your unique aesthetics. 8-light craftsman glass and wood door. Enjoy the stylish simplicity of our graceful wooden front doors. With their square face and accent moulding, these doors are carefully designed and hand-made with top quality materials. Add a touch of cold metal with our gorgeous, custom 8-light teak doors. Get the curiosity of your distinguished clients with a custom front door that contains an array of glass lites from top to bottom.

The ultimate guide: 10 stunning Craftsman front door designs to elevate your home’s curb appeal. Our latest guide showcases ten of our favorite Craftsman designs, from traditional to contemporary. Modern Craftsman designs, with plain and simple glass lites and sleek, streamlined accent moulding to complement your home’s modern aesthetic. The helpful designs feature a single set of thick square face mouldings and a choice of a flat panel with a single vertical wood grain or two horizontal panel lines. Modern Craftsman front door of glass and wood. Traditional Craftsman designs with exquisitely stylized glass and raised mouldings. The authentic designs feature your choice of twelve, small-pane, two-thirds-lit glass options and a flat panel with one thick vertical wood grain. Craftsman front doors featuring vertically-oriented glass. Your choice of glass includes our clear, opaque, textured, and leaded glass and your choice of a wide range of standard and custom designs. Our Traditional Craftsman designs with traditional style face and accent mouldings, perfectly capturing the timeless appeal of the Arts and Crafts era. The accurate designs feature your choice of two, raised panel configurations, and two, two-thirds-light overlays featuring a pair of vertically-oriented, small-pane lights atop a large flat panel.

3.1. Contemporary Glass Doors

Here is priority modern style silhouette which offers a functional feeling over formality, offers warm sunlight and extra safety to your home. This stunning entrance creates a warm and welcoming appearance, ensures protection, and adds serious curb appeal to your residence. It provides algorithms based on the unique architectural design and aesthetic projection of contemporary and transitional homes. And, they are also available in fibreglass which is long-lasting, easy-to-maintain, and offers a lovely solid look.

When you think of Craftsman style, the first thing that comes to mind are traditionally styled doors with tenons, grids and thick moldings. However, today, contemporary twisted designs along with modern advancements have given glass panels at the front of the home a sudden rise in appeal. Well, what if you can get the best of both these words? Try a contemporary door design that integrates crisp, clear glass! There are several doors with geometric glass shapes and craftsman styled accents, such as mullions and grid patterns, that cater to modern door settings and add a classic or Craftsman style twist to entries.

3.2. Sleek Metal Finishes

You may also love the look and feel of minimalist, low-profile door handles, and requests from door providers should be welcomed. Often, the door is an artsy centrepiece, mainly due to the custom iron or steel designs that dominate. These doors are meticulously made, welded together by master artisans in Mexico. These artisans merge their generational skills to produce these affordable yet genuinely luxurious, customized front doors. Durability and unique custom ability are bundled in a competitive price. Brushed steel and glass door designs are perfect for the modern home that wants a sleek detail sure to catch the eyes of those who pass by. The idea of a door brushed with steel evokes that image of safety and security while embracing the glass metal designs that embrace the inner arboretum within.

One of the standout ways you can use metal on your front door is through a combination of sleek, thin design and natural look materials. Look for steel or iron doors that feature glass panels to offer a glimpse inside or that show off your door’s design and be sure to carefully consider the tone of the metal and just how much coverage you want to ensure your new door complements your home’s existing materials. With the door itself almost vanishing thanks to the almost entirely open see-through design, it gives an airy and luxury feel to any front door by adding a touch of sophistication without drowning out any of the door’s natural light ejection.

4. Unique Features to Consider

When thinking about elements that you may want to add, it would be helpful first to familiarize yourself with the elements one might see on actual Craftsman homes of the period between approximately 1905 (or ten years before that) and 1930ish. Here is a dynamic list of the most common built-in features. Interiors include box-beam ceilings, built-in benches and china hutches, board-and-batten wainscoting and high-back settles still used in Victorian halls and colonial revival interiors. The exteriors include wide eaves with exposed rafter tails, front or side gabled brackets, porch supports on the piers, stone or brick porch supports and retaining walls, belt roofs, exposed rafters and dentil trim.

Choosing details that express your home’s personality is what allows your Craftsman style to be one that doesn’t show up in a cookie-cutter simply because it’s the same house plan you’ve seen many times. And those details are one reason this style is one that people remember and come back to. You don’t have to be perfect or have everything just like the Craftsman style of 100 or so years ago. Those who built the classics used mass-produced millwork and sometimes ground the beveled surfaces of exterior columns to simplify their design. They can appreciate individual creativity and compromise with our sometimes thermal-insulated and plastic-coated products.

4.1. Custom Carvings

Carrying over an element from the past, carvings work particularly well in conjunction with the simple lines, square-edge sticking, and v-groove panels of rustic craftsman designs. If you have been dreaming of a simply exquisite old-world entry door that mirrors the beauty of wood crafters and the blend of old-world tradition, recycled material, and modern inspiration, custom carvings at Nick’s Building Supply can make this a reality. Exquisite carvings and sculptures are appropriate for any style of home — whether a historic, classically styled San Francisco home or a more modern San Jose Los Gatos Craftsman — a custom San Francisco Architecture Entry Door defines you and your residence.

Custom carvings are embellishments with a timeless nostalgic look that adds character and charming details to craftsman wood doors. Carvings are primarily applied on upper wall sections and margin liners. Some of the most requested carvings include floral designs, acanthus leaves, scrolls, and rosettes. Surprisingly, these decorative carve-outs cost as much as or even less than lathe-cut designs. On average, carvings add from 30% to 100% to a standard price, and all the carvings we make at Nick’s Building Supply are hand-carved.

4.2. Colorful Paint Options

Black Door with Gold: Black Wednesday is not only a shopping day but also a black door day. The clean look of a black door with gold, or bronze, accessories and window panels is stunning. A little gold or bronze brings out the warmth of the black and tones down the strictness of the solid statement.

Lavender: You don’t see any lavender doors too often. We love this lavender because of how great it stands against stone houses or tan buildings. The contrast is a classic western hue, and it adds balance to your entrance that a single-color wood stain can’t.

Lake Blue: Lake Blue is a classic color for your Craftsman door. It charms people and invites a glance into your home.

Cross Hatch: A cross hatch or fishing net pattern is accomplished by painting two colors over each other in a diamond and then square pattern. If you are looking to bring your home some geometric movement, this is the pattern for you.

Colorful paint options: The original houses that featured Craftsman front door designs usually had natural wood finishes like walnut and mahogany. Today, the most popular option is a single color painted on the door, which can be great because it makes the coloring job a lot easier for you. However, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, don’t be afraid to go for a more colorful option.

Absolutely thrilled to unveil marvels? Step inside and uncover what truly distinguishes us!

Upgrade Your Home’s Style: Why a Craftsman Front Door Is a Must-Have Investment


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